Custom Facial Implants: Chin Jaw, Cheek, Rhinoplasty, Fat Removal - Boston, MA

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The care and results I received were OUTSTANDING....

The care and results I received were OUTSTANDING. I asked for a BIG change and that's what I got--only it still looks natural. It's only been a little over a month since the procedure but I already feel more confident. I can not recommend the doctor highly enough for anyone looking for a big change.

Updates from Norgano (norgano)

Since it's been a number of months and I've recieved email saying that people are looking at this review, I wanted to give a couple pictures so people could see before and after. a couple of the before pictures is of when I was thinner but obviously the bone structure would be the same.

Before pictures: Me in the blue shirt with no beard, in the green tunic, and smiling in blue holding the bamboo flute.

After pictures: all of the others

It was customized porous silicone implants that were used on me by the way.

As you can see, the difference is HUGE. However, my only regret is I wish I had gone EVEN bigger with the jaw in terms of wider and taller even though it was still a big difference. That being said, I'm 90% or more happy and I give that an A for sure. Its also possible that for my jaw muscle structure, even larger jaw implant could have been risky to my musculature shrug. I don't know!

I'm very happy though :)


Here is a copy of the final plans for my implants. As you can see: BIG but I would have gone even bigger on wideness of jaw but I still had a HUGE improvement. Feel free to print/use as reference if you're going for same kind of angular thing.

Update photos from June and July 2015

Here are a couple Photos from June and July of 2015. I still would have gone wider with lower back jaw and nose isn't perfect (though GREATLY improved and upper portion is perfect) but I'm extremely happy with the whole thing overall and additional surgery would not be worth it.

Skull with no implants picture

Here we go. Surprised I forgot to put these up initially. You may need to ctrl scroll to zoom in a bit since theyre all on one.

Recent picture

shows off implants and fat removal in recent pic

Update in the new year.

Two pictures from January 2016. Here's what I look like right now.

Another before picture

This shows my old nose pretty well

Received a question I'll answer publicly so others can benefit 1

First of all I have to say, the results are brilliant and you look gorgeous. The after-pics speak for itself, but I was wondering how you experienced the whole procedure? For example: Were you nervous before the surgery? How did you feel after it? Swelling? Pain? How does it feel to have these implants? Do you have to take care? Does it feel natural? I'm just asking, because I also want to get jaw- and chin-implants, but I'm kind of scared. So it would be very helpfull if you could give me a piece of advise.
1. Thank you for the kind and nice compliments. Makes me feel nice :)
2. I was terrified before the surgery. Panic attacks, constant anxiety, it was horrible. I just kept going with it though. I figured it was now or never. After surgery I felt instant relief despite the pain. Nervous would be total understatement. I was terrified for every reason you can imagine someone would be terrified.
3. There was lots of swelling and pain for a long time and you need to follow instructions exactly and have someone look after you for next several days and read every piece of literature they give you and you'll be fine. Drink Muscle Milk protein shake while recovering and just rest with head elevated. Do all the hygiene sutff they say including mouth wash day of and night before. Pain meds make it pretty fine though.
4. I don't know if they feel natural though but I love them. I love touching them I love their shape. They both feel natural and unnatural at once. Now, they're just as much part of me as any other bone. I feel more complete with them. Hard to explain. Check rest of comments for more questions and answers that might help you.

Advice would be: Follow all instructions. Have someone look after you. Take all meds. Be patient with pain and swelling. They're not permanent. But I have a few things that didn't completely let up until like a year later. It's a long process but I was happy with it right away. Aesthetically, I wish I had gone slightly bigger. I'm a big change kind of guy and that is more risky but I think big implants just look better. Who knows, if I went bigger they may have looked fake so I don't know.

You're rolling the dice in a lot of ways. You should be scared, but if you decide to do it, you should also be excited. If you do it, do it smart and do all your research.

March 30 2016 Jaw is tilted toward camera so you can really see jawline well

Still doing fine (well... in regards to the surgery hehe)

Some folks were looking for an update. I'm doing fine. No issues with the surgery or implants apart from what I've already mentioned. Again, for a lot of folks looking for these kinds of things, definitely read through the comments since a lot of great questions are answered there more than in my initial post. It looks like they let you add a video so if this works, you'll see here a short video I made a few days ago--like 7 seconds long, meant to be silly for my friends but I'll share it here as well.

Oh, one thing I will say I've noticed is that because there are little ridges in my mouth that wern't there before because of dissolvable stitches, I've noticed I need to be more careful and use mouthwash more thoroughly so it gets "behind them" so to speak. I even had a mouth infection I needed antibiotics for on my back gum because my mouthwash wasn't getting back there good enough and I have a bad habit of eating at night. So yeah, take care of your mouth and dental hygiene and rinse thoroughly :)
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yaremchuk is calm, knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly--a SKILLED surgeon. The customized facial implants he designed are brilliant. My face looks stronger, more masculine, more handsome, more angular--all of the things I wanted. Recovery is tough and painful when doing so many surgeries at once like I did. I recommend making sure you follow all instructions and have someone care for you for a few days. Also take all necessary medicines. It's only been a little over a month but I could not be happier with the results. For a big facial change including implants and rhinoplasty, THERE IS NO ONE BETTER. I did many procedures at a time wanting a large "overhaul" of my face: rhinoplasty, customized jaw/cheek/chin implants and cheek fat removal. The recovery was painful from so many however I had good care. The results are INCREDIBLE. I'm extremely happy with this surgeon and the care he gave me. He was also the only surgeon who was able to do it when other surgeons insisted that fat grafting or bone cutting was necessary--Yaremchuk was able to do it with customized implants. I can't recommend him highly enough. UPDATE: September 2017. It's now been over a couple years since my complex surgery with Dr. Y and I frankly don't think Yelp should be in the business of reviewing surgeons to begin with, especially since they allow for ads that look like reviews. But I want to say how much I stand by with what I wrote. If you're not sure if I'm a real person, CONTACT ME. I can tell you full details of why I'm EXTREMELY happy with the surgery that he performed and the care I receieved from him and his cash. Is the overall outcome absolutely perfect? Certainly not. But is it amazing, wonderful, and life-changingly positive for me? ABSOLUTELY YES! Here is my full Real Self review for proof of who I am, the surgery performed, and details including many updated pictures and before pictures as well. I can't speak to or for everyone's experience and I don't know which reviews out there for a given surgeon are real, reliable, exaggerated, or accurate, but I can tell you that mine was fantastic and more than what I could have hoped for.…

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