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As a teen, I was told my chin would be coming in...

As a teen, I was told my chin would be coming in short and we should consider surgery. We never did, and I sort of regretted it as I got older. I was able to hide it mostly under a small beard, but I wondered often if it'd make me happier and more confident to have an implant.

Hard to say right now if it was the right choice. I will say it was a lot more pain than I expected, and right now I look pretty terrible. I can have a sense of humor about it because I know the swelling will go down, but I worry because I saw other reviews where they had great looking results immediately after.

Day 3 post-op

Less pain, but very swollen still. Swollen more on left side than right. Little worried that I am healing unevenly.

side views

very swollen still, but some comparison pics

day 4

finally feeling pretty normal. still more pain, swelling on the left side than the right side. if both sides healed as easily as the right i'd be in an even better place right now. i can, at least, comfortably turn my neck back and forth though!

able to eat with some trouble. i think most of my issues are really from the intra-oral technique moreso than the implant itself. i can def feel the tightness from the stitches, and if i had it to do over again i might push for the under the chin route.

that said, i am beginning to see the result, and i have to admit it looks good. i'm seeing bruising finally (i figure that is a good sign! i am healing!) and i can talk without much difficulty (though def a funny accent from my fat lip)

you can see in the side photos i still have some swelling under my chin as well, making me look a bit like i have a double chin :) i think thatll pass!

day 5

don't feel super different from day 4. i'm still worried about the differential in healing between the two sides. my right side feels basically normal and only a little tender to the touch. the left side is much more swollen (including quite a fat lip still!), more bruised, and quite painful if i touch where i figure the leftmost wing of the implant sits.

i figure healing can happen asymmetrically like this so i am not super worried. i just hope the swelling goes down enough that when i go back to work i won't be obviously healing. i'll be going back in on thursday so cross your fingers for me (my hands are busy holding an ice pack!)

day 6

sorry for no side shots. but at least i took some photos actually in the sun, not with my laptop, so. :)

as you'll see, still more swollen on the left than right, and my fat lip stubbornly remains a bit fat.

other than some tenderness (and a persisting worry that the swelling is actually a misalignment, can't help that paranoia) the only real bummer is still some trouble eating. i'm fine as long as i can cut and fork it into my mouth though.

according to my partner i sound normal, but i feel as if my voice has a tiny little lisp from the tightness.

feeling good overall

day 7

no real change today from yesterday, other than further healing of my lip and inside of my mouth.

i'll be seeing spiegel again today which i am thankful for, because i am increasingly concerned about the asymmetry. i'm not convinced it's just the swelling on the left side, i'm actually worried because i think the left side (my left, itll be on the right in the pictures) looks better than the right!

it feels a little as if the implant is slid further back on the righthand side than the lefthand one, which is why my jawline is less pronounced on that side. i'll give an update once i see spiegel.

should i have gone bigger?

still a bit of pain on and off, just on the left side :c

i definitely think the new chin looks nice, and is an improvement. but i wonder if i should've gone bigger than i did, as i feel like my cheeks still look a bit round. i feel as if i could look a bit more masculine. :/

what do you all think?

about 3 weeks post op

About pain free now. Only tiny bit of tenderness on left wing of implant and tightness where the incision was.

I definitely think I look better with the implant, but I still feel disappointed. I think though I was rational about what the result would be, in my heart I still hoped it could go further. So it's a case of unreasonable expectations.

Anyway, it's a definite improvement, but I look at truly masculine or rugged faces and see that my face is still dominated more by my chubby cheeks than a strong jawline. I wonder if a buccal fat pad reduction would help, though I've heard it's not so good for you as you age. (But B.G. (Age 28) on http://www.swansoncenter.com/content/ideal-face/procedures/chin-and-jawline-enhancement/patient-photographs.asp makes me wonder if that'd improve my result.)

direct before and after

I guess my feeling at the moment is given how small a change I really see, I am not sure if the pain and expense was worth it. I think if the implant had been bigger, or I had much more modest expectations of the result, I'd say it was worth it. So, your mileage my vary. :)

some regret

i def think compared to what i looked like before, it must logically look better, but tbh, i dont feel much better looking

i guess my real goal was to feel good about my jawline and i still dont really

i wish i couldve gone bigger with my implant

subtle double chin

i feel guilty about being ungrateful, so i haven't updated on here in months and months. what mostly bothers me is i have a bit of a double chin now. you can see it in the profile pics, and though it is perhaps relatively subtle, it bums me out. i think i look good when i smile, but otherwise, not very good. i'm going in to see dr. spiegel at some point soon, and i'll report on how that goes.

i am generally speaking not repulsed or bitter or anything about my outcome. but with the double chin effect im not sure i look any better than i did before, so i hope some improvement can be made that'll make me happier.
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Spiegel was really great. I love his staff, too. I do think they could've gone over aftercare stuff with me a bit more. I really didn't anticipate how much pain I'd be in the first night.

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