I Want to Remove my Breast Implants - Boston, MA

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I want to remove my breast implants. I have been...

I want to remove my breast implants. I have been doing some research and that's what I want. I got them put in 3 1/2 years ago and as soon as I got them done I knew I wanted them out. I thought I would change my mind over time but I still feel the same. I'm looking into a surgeon here in Massachusetts or Rhode Island as I got my implants put in in Florida. I have been looking for a doctor here but I'm not sure. I'm about to schedule a consultation. I'm afraid of being too soggy or feeling the capsule in a weird way. I was a 34B and I'm a full 34D. I wonder if It wouldn't be too bad after removal. Obviously I will need to wait until my consult, but I was wondering if anyone had any input/advice. Thanks :)

I got my consult appointment march 11!

I got an appointment for an explant. Since I got my implants in Florida I just asked my friend who got them done here in MA. I did look around but it is easy to trust somewhere your best friend went to and all went great for her. So we'll see....maybe I'll be ex planting sooner than later. It's been on my mind since I got them in but I suddenly decided to look into it, I found this website, and I'm suddenly determined! Let's see what the dr says about my concerns.

Here is a few pictures of my implants

New wireless & regular bra

I bought done wireless bras and one wire bra for motivation. I'm really planning on having procedure as soon as possible after my consultation march 11th. I know I'm going ahead of myself but I was a 34B before slightly big but A cup was too small so I figured I'd be a B. Worst case I saved receipt. I also know that I won't be using them soon especially wire one but I'm just so excited about my real little boobs that I'm going ahead of myself. What can I say. Hooray! My best friend is keeping all my 34D bras. She made out. They are all from VS. :)

Just some more info

So I just wanted to add some more details. I unintentionally go to the point so here go the details...I have two children that I had before placing my implants so I don't have any issues with breast feeding. I actually never breast fed because nothing was coming out :( so I didn't go through the phases boobs go through when feeding. I got mine placed under the muscle, summer of 2010. I got 350cc on one side and 330cc on the other. I never felt much pain it was rather pressure for me. My incisions never stung but they itched. I had regretted my surgery within 24 hrs of implant. I couldn't really do anything. I was in Florida because I found a cheaper rate and I have family there so I figured why not. My PS did a GREAT job, I just didn't want those foreign objects in my body. I figured, give it time and I may change my mind. At first I liked how they looked of course, but never the feeling to this day. I went from a 34B to a 34D. I have had implant removal in the back of my mind the whole time. It wasn't until this website that I decided I needed to do what I've been wanting to do, explant. So, I looked around for surgeons but remembered my best friend went to a surgeon close to home it's about a 40 min drive vs I flew to Florida etc. So I found my PS through her. She gave me all the details and I will be seeing him for my consultation March 11! I can't wait. I've read other stories here, how long they waited etc. I'm just so motivated by this website I want to get this done sooner than later. All the great success stories and nice little boobs motivate me to get my little bound back and stop keeping it in the back of my mind. Just do it. I've been wanting to, why not now? I'm so excited, I don't even have a surgery date but I've already gotten bras. I know I'm totally going ahead of myself but hey, I'm excited. I saved receipt in case I could always exchange. If all goes well and I can book within two weeks I will! I will keep everyone posted with what I find out at consultation. My primary concerns were sagging and pocket created for implant. But thanks to all the people who have posted here I've found some answers. Thank you all. Let's see what happens at consultation and go from there.
P.s. I'm do determined I even have the funds all set and paying up in the spot if it feels right.


Sorry there are some typos on previous updates. I can't edit or haven't figured it out. Sorry. This process for me has been going soooo fast. It's like all the thinking buildup about wanting to remove my implants for the past 3 1/2 years has exploded and I'm not wasting any more time.

Consult changed for a week sooner...March the 4th not the 11th

I was able to reschedule my consult for sooner. For the date they originally given to me. I was able to shift my schedule and see them sooner. I will post once I've gone to consult. I did ask many questions and they were VERY NICE over the phone. I explained that if consult went well I'd like to do explant as soon as possible. Soooo they are totally working with me. With two kids and finishing my bachelors degree I want to take advantage of the week I have off so I'd have a week and two weekends to heal before I go back to school. My kids would be in school while I am home healing. Now I forgot to ask them about drainage. Why do some people get tubes and not others? Anyone know?

Picture before augmentation

I found this picture from before my breast augmentation. I had some cleavage though not much. I can't wait for implant removal and being able to have my child lay on my chest without discomfort. There's just so many reasons I want them out its hard to think about it right now and list them.


Here's the picture I forgot to add it before.

Update on consult and I booked surgery!!

Ok...so my consult was rather boring! I waited a while BUT the ps was nice, he wasn't tryng to sell me anything. He answered my questions without me even asking. The sagging possibility and pocket. So he said that based on exam I will bounce right back. He said my nipples were positioned such that I wouldn't even need a lift and that I didn't go huge from what I was. I already had some cleavage. I thankfully don't have capsular contraction upon exam. I thought possible since they were hurting a bit but no...I'm good. It went smoothly and to the point. I scheduled removal for MONDAY!!! March 10th. I'm nervous, anxious, scared, etc. He said its different from implant because it's just removal. He will make incision smaller than what I have. And then deflate and remove. He also said it would only be half hour to remove them. They observe for 20 min and then I'm out. He said I could just war sports bra and since he's using surgi glue I can take a shower the next day. I didn't have surgi glue the first time so it'll because different experience. They gave me a packet to read and will call me on Friday for time to go in. I'm excited but super nervous.

Explant today

So...today at 10 am I get explanted. I'm nervous, excited they are coming out, but NERVOUS. Here is the last view.

They are out!

Surgery went well. I was surprisingly alert and fine after bring put down. I walked out on my own two feet I declined the wheel chair ride. Then I went out to late lunch with my friend at a Mexican restaurant. My noobs look pretty good. No drains, no pain meds. I wasn't even given antibiotics. I have purple surgi glue under the tape. I can lift my arms unlike when I got the implants. I can do so much as far as moving arms around goes. No driving for 24 hrs. What else?? I'm feeling great! Going to take a nap. Feeling tired that's all.


Pardon the typos

The day after surgery. Officially over 24hrs

Today I feel good. A little sensitive but nothing major. I took Motrin for the incision on/off pain. I drove my kids to school and now I'm picking them up. I avent had major issues. The dr didn't say anything about not lifting but I'm not lifting anything over 10lbs in case. At least for a week or two. Cooked, picked up, I didn't sweep that takes too much movement so I figured be safe than sorry. I did small cleaning nothing crazy. I did have a hard time getting my pup in crate and I hurt my right side a little. I'm fine so far.

My PS web page

I had someone ask about my PS. Here is the website:

Feeling down

I took the tape off that was over the surgi glue as instructed by the doctor. The scar I had before was so light that you literally had to find it! The glue is purple so that may contribute to it looking worst than it is. So, I'm feeling down about that and I when I lifted right grease to see the tape with a mirror, I did feel that hollow space I was afraid of but people would say they didn't ever experience and the doctor said he's never heard of that either. So, when I lifted my boob, it was like I could move it and I can hear that space (the pocket) it was a bit weird. I am a bit sore, even around the boobs because I think from having implants for three years stretching out that it's just a bit uncomfortable/sensitive. Kind of when I was pregnant and had the baby and all of a sudden I had a hollow jiggly belly. That's how I feel. Like my belly was sensitive and hollow. That's all I can compare it to. So I've worn three different sports bras and I just feeling so uncomfortable because of the incision area. I had one here at home and it was a bit loose so I bought one and it's a little tight, if not it's too loose, what do I do?? If it's too tight it's uncomfortable and when too loose they jiggle and feel uncomfortable because of the skin sensitivity. I started using bio oil since before explant. I have been using still but not on incision area. So the pink bra, it got uncomfortable. It was wireless but I was just not comfortable. I think it's all the sensitivity? I don't known…maybe when the sensitivity goes away I can feel better. I can even live with the hollow space if the sensitivity can just please go away. I may be being a little impatient but if I had a good sports bra I may be happier. Just feeling down, and I knew one boob was bigger than the other but WOW I can see it really good now so it bothers me a bit. BUT NOTHING LIKE BEING NATURAL AGAIN! Ahhh incision heal, sensitivity go away. I'm feeling groggy.

not grease

not grease I meant boob, when I lifted my right boob…typos…sorry forgive the other typos

Thank you

Thanks to all the people who have commented and helped me through this process.

Bali bra

So I finally found a comfortable bra for after explant! Bali flexible sports bra with adjustment at back like a regular bra but full coverage, kind of like a tank top upper part. It doesn't hurt my incision or irritate it like others do. The ps said wear whatever was comfortable and after wearing the wireless bra I was more sore so this bra is AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I will now be comfortable with two of them until I feel comfortable to wear a regular bra. The bali one is good for tshirts later or gym. I found it at Macy's. It was $40 second one $16. I got both :) well two colors turquoise and beige. I won't go crazy buying all the colors since I know I'll prob not wear them much after. My ps didn't say to be tightly wrapped or anything so this bra is working comfort wonders. Soooo....today is post op day 5 or 6 if counting procedure day. I had it done roughly 11-11:30 and was home by 2pm. I went close to home so that was good. I had them done 2hours awY when I got the implants that was a hassle, long boring ride. So on Monday I will post more pictures and let you guys know how my appointment went. I see my ps on Monday. Have a great weekend Guys :) oh btw my left side is more sensitive and has a weird click sound than the right. I wonder if it's that I'm right handed so my left doesn't get much "doing". Um and I was allergic to something at surgery because I still have a rash by my ribs, neck (clavicle area), and shoulders. Been putting anti itch creme. Ok have a great weekend :)

Picture day right free surgery

Her is another picture of day of surgery :)

Almost a week post op :)

This morning looking more symmetrical :)

1 week post op appt

My post op appointment today went well. I have been healing well. The visit was rather quick. I guess because things went so well and I only had a simple removal with an even smaller incision than augmentation. I am also on no prescribed pain meds or antibiotics (take Motrin as needed none today). So he looked and felt, it's all good :) feeling much better too. This is not even close to getting the augmentation. Healing is much nicer!

Post op a week and two days :)

Here are a few pics. Including my surgi glue shot. When it comes out I'm sure it won't be bad at all though it looks scary now. I'm definitely bouncing right back just like my ps said rather quickly. Feeling good. I can't wait to sleep on my belly I can't stress it enough, I'm not a back sleeper :/ I've tried the side but it's still uncomfortable. It hurts a but to go on my side. Between gravity and incision getting crunched it's not a comfortable pose yet. For only a week and two days post op though I'm very happy :)
Fall River Plastic Surgeon

My PS is in Fall River MA. He did an excellent job explanting. Smaller incision than I originally had, didn't try to sell me anything, and answered all my questions before I even asked. It's almost like he knew what my concerns would be by choosing to explant. He was very nice, sincere, and wasn't going around the bush trying to sell ANYTHING. He's very honest his office is so nicely decorated too. Oh...he looks like Jim Carey!!!

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