Time to Remove my Implants.....second Set of Implants Causing Pain - Boston, MA

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In 2004 I had saline implants put in at the age of...

In 2004 I had saline implants put in at the age of 24! I went from a 32 a to a 32full b/small c. They were 275 filled to 300. I had no problems with them and the doctor (Lenny Roudner in Miami) did a fantastic job.

Over the next ten years I had three kids and nursed them all for about a year. My right breast started to become laterally displaced and was losing volume. I contacted my original surgeon and he was going to be out of the country for three months. Because my one implant was getting smaller and smaller I made the stupid decision to find another surgeon in Miami.

I told this doctor (self titled "boob god") numerous times I wanted to be the same size just needed the fallen boob back in place. He said I needed to do a benelli lift on one side to fix the problem. I woke up with 397 silicone implants that were way too big with terrible rippling. After numerous complaints my surgeon told me to get a life and never contact him or the office again.

My right breast was numb for about 6 months after the surgery and all of a sudden it became very painful. My skin felt as if it was on fire and my breast was throbbing all the time. My right arm was going numb and my right hand would get freezing cold.

I finally found a new surgeon who has been wonderful. Dr Darrow in Boston came highly recommended for his talent and bedside manner. He told me it seemed as if I have nerve damage and the best chance of being pain free was to remove the implants all together. It has been an emotional journey but I am ready to have my Life back and never to worry about my breasts again! I'll keep you all posted and will upload pics soon!!!!

Got them out today!

I had my explant done today and it went vey well. I have very little squishy wrinkly boobs but I'm hoping things tighten up and smooth out!!!

Not looking so good

I was supposed to have my first post op appointment with my doctor today but he got stuck in surgery. His assistant assured me he would call me tonight but I haven't heard from him yet. I am left with ZERO boobs. I have nothing in my upper pole and a puddle of skin under my nipple. Everything feels very mushy and loose. I am keeping my chin up as I know it can take months to heal and worse case I can have a lift to tighten up my skin. Of all the pics I've seen online my breasts look among the worse! Yikes!!!!

It has been a while since I have updated!

It has been a few weeks since my explant. I will post pictures soon. The first two weeks things looked terrible but they have started to take on a bit of a shape although I am still extremely flat chested! I don't mind having no boobs I just want the skin to tighten up a bit. My right breat is still in pain and I was really hoping this would have gone away:( The pain in my arm that was shooting down to my hands is gone so because of that alone the surgery was worth it. Dr. Darrow said we need to wait to the 4-6 month mark to get an idea of what things will look like in the long run and decide if we want to proceed with anymore procedures! He is very conservative and I love that about him. I have found a few bras that work very well for me. So all in all I am happy with the outcome even though they look like a national geographic ad! If this pain goes away completely I will be THRILLED!!!!!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Darrow was very kind and understanding at our consult. He explained everything about the explant surgery and has answered all questions I have. I have emailed him a handful of times and he always gets right back to me. He has put me as ease and I'm looking forward to the actual surgery.

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