I did it! 68 year old with 32 year old silicone under the muscle! Gone! Very Happy!

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I have at least one implant leaking and probably...

I have at least one implant leaking and probably both. I slipped on the ice and injured myself, allowing for an MRI to see if I had done damage. Yes, for sure I had silicone leaking from the implant into the capsule. Makes sense at this point to allow Dow to pay for me to remain healthy. I cannot say that I have had any problems up until this point but you just never know. I just think that at 69 years of age (in a few months) and having had my silicone implants for 32 years, it makes sense to err on the side of caution.

A few days have gone by since making my decision,...

A few days have gone by since making my decision, meeting and choosing Dr. Darrow, and setting my appointment. I am actually feeling quite calm and good about what I am doing. I actually think that most of it comes from having decided to go with Dr. Darrow as my surgeon. The fact that he was very thorough with his explanation of what to expect, and allowed us to ask any and all questions that we had, was extremely important. He never made me feel that I was taking up too much of his time or that my questions were unimportant. I think he has a good reputation because he has totally earned it.

Woke up today a little scared for some reason -...

Woke up today a little scared for some reason - can't put my finger on it really, just kind of down and nervous I guess. Implant removal in just about a month. I think I'm worried about a million little things. Will the anesthesia make me sick? Will I be able to function normally in just a few days? What will my breasts look like? I can't afford a lift, but maybe I really, really should have a lift? After the surgery, is there anything I can do to make the end result better? Does it have to do with wrapping them tightly? Does it have to do with the type of sports bra? I could not find one that zipped up the front, hope hooks in the front are ok? My mind is racing all over the place like a crazy person! My boobs are taking over my life!

Well 19 days to go and I have to say that the...

Well 19 days to go and I have to say that the wonderful women on this site have been my life savers. My husband is absolutely wonderful too about letting me go on and on and on - to a point. And, I can't hear too many times that he will love me no matter what my boobs look like, but, men will never understand our need to absolutely talk something to death as a way of dealing with it. At 68 years old, and having had my breasts look a certain way for 32 of those years, I think I do have a right to some serious obsessing about my upcoming journey! Anyway, I have contacted my doctor's office and Helen (the wonderful contact person) has answered each and every question just as I expected she would. I must be there at 6:45 am for surgery at 7:30 am. No need to bring a bra - they will put one on me to go home in. Five to six days before Dr. Darrow will need to see me unless something concerns me. And, yes wifi available for hubby while he waits for me. Guess I'm all set. I do read that most of us are pleading for the Fluffing Fairy to visit asap but guess that cannot be scheduled! All kidding aside my desire is simply to maintain the good health that I have been blessed with and since I now know that I have at least one ruptured implant, and probably two - it just plain makes sense to get them out of my body. I really have no idea how long the leaking has been going on as I think it's from the age of them and not from fly through the air that I took in February. Anyway, right now it appears that the silicone is contained within the capsule - but no one knows whether it will always stay there or move further. So, out with them!

Well, had my pre-op bloodwork, ekg and exam by my...

Well, had my pre-op bloodwork, ekg and exam by my own physician yesterday and I am fully cleared to go ahead with my explant on the 25th. My doctor is very supportive of my choice as she studied the MRI of the "leaking bag of silicone" and agreed that there was no way it should stay in my body. I have also been in contact with the office of the PS and every concern and question has been answered for me without hesitation. My only problems are the ones that I create in my own head and I try to chase them away and replace them with good thoughts. I told my husband this morning that I have a recurring image of my nipples pointing at my toes! His answer was, we can get that fixed if you want, or better yet, put on a nice bra and a pretty shirt and we go on to more important things in life! Hmmm, kind of a man's view of things I guess - but I liked his attitude! Ok, I'm good to go I think!

Ok, 5 days to go! I feel as though I should be...

Ok, 5 days to go! I feel as though I should be doing something in preparation! I've purchased bras; a compression one from Isavela, a couple of soft cotton comfy ones from Walmart, and my PS sends me home in one of some kind. I have asked questions of the wonderful woman at the PS office and she has answered me. I have had all of my pre op stuff done and had the call from the nurse in Boston. This is kind of the calm before the storm I guess - although I really don't want a storm! Fortunately we have an RV and there is a nice RV Park about 30 min. from my surgery so we are going down the day before and get ourselves set up there. My surgery appt is for 7:30 am and the drive from home can take up to 3 hrs. so this will make more sense. Thankfully Spring type weather finally came so that we can do this - I just have to put things into it from having been stored all winter. Have a feeling it will be in my best interest to buy lots of easy stuff like soups and micro wave meals. My husband is wonderful but he is not a cook - at all. Anyway it will work well to be there for a few days, and I think it gives him a level of comfort just in case anything happened that required the doctors attention right after the surgery. I am looking forward to be on the "other side" with so many of you. This site is such a blessing and I find that I spend more and more time on it as the time draws near; it has some type of calming effect - friends that understand.

Packing and getting ready for the trip tomorrow. ...

Packing and getting ready for the trip tomorrow. A little nervous but I'm sure like all of you (esp you young gals with kids) I am busy, busy trying to do everything now, think of everything now, so that I don't leave too much for my wonderful hubby to do. Know I'll be fine but not as familiar with Boston as I wish I was. I am going to start out way early from where we are staying in Foxboro Thursday morning - can you even imagine if we got caught up in some huge traffic jam and I was late. OMG I don't think I'll think too much about that one LOL!

I will post photos tomorrow I promise! This gets...

I will post photos tomorrow I promise! This gets a little hectic, emptying drains, keeping your household running smooth but trying not to do too much along with messaging and talking to close family and friends who really do care. Anyway, my surgery went well, no sickness and a very good result for an old girl! I did not have a lift but I feel that my doctor did an excellent job and fortunately due to menopause I guess, and a 15 lb weight gain over 32 years I do have a good amount of breast tissue. I could do without the extra on my hips but that's another project. I did worry a bit about nausea but I switched to a liquid diet a full day before and of course not even a sip of water after midnight, so maybe that all worked for me. Dr. Darrow did exactly the job he promised me he would do and I am very pleased. I will have more details after next Thursday when I get drains and stitches out but my understanding is that the left implant that was leaking came out nicely in the capsule, while the right one gave him a hard time as it needed a lot of work to separate capsule from tissue. Anyway everyone was very, very nice to me-Dr. Darrow prescribed sufficient meds to keep me comfortable and I have to say I'm a happy camper!

Well I am on day 3 and feel excellent - I...

Well I am on day 3 and feel excellent - I remembered to take 2 of my pain meds last night so I really slept well. Not sure where I got this much breast tissue from but I suppose some of it is swelling. My left side is really larger and hanging down quite a bit more than the right. The left was the one I knew had ruptured so maybe that accounts for the larger size. I'll be happier if they both look like the right but I'm happy already and will take whatever I get, at least the darn silicone is gone! I have to say that I love the compression bra. I know some gals are uncomfortable in them but mine makes me feel kind of secure and pulled together if that makes any sense. I am also glad that I bought the extra one as the one the doctor put on me at surgery got rather "yucky" and needed a wash. Since you are suppose to wash them by hand and let them air dry, a second one was a blessing. I looked up the one he put on me and it is only $38.00. I would highly recommend it if you are shopping for such a thing; it's quite sturdy and has those neat loops for your lovely drain bottles. Anyway girls, this is the way to go - get those implants out of your bodies - you surely don't need them. I am happy, happy, and don't be scared it's all good! Thank you all who went before me and cheered me on - each and every one of you is very special to me.

Four days under my belt, and each day better than...

Four days under my belt, and each day better than the last. I even took a shower for myself this morning, yay! My left boob (the oversized one) is putting out a lot of fluid, so hope it's because it has a desire to look more like the right one!! My young granddaughters are coming to visit me today and their mom told them that I injured myself and had to have a surgery. Actually this explant journey kind of started out that way - glad she didn't open up the topic of implants with them. I know they love me and I DEFINITELY do not want them to think that it is a good thing to do to their body. I will take some pics tomorrow when I am here by myself!

Ok, on day 5, and each day gets better and better!...

Ok, on day 5, and each day gets better and better! I am still emptying drains so obviously I still need them although I would feel almost normal if they could be gone. The compression bra is not so bothersome as the drains and I have no idea how long I will be wearing it. Maybe one of you who went before me could shed some light on that. I am anxious to hear from Dr. Darrow exactly how the surgery went and what I can expect in the way of permanent results (if he can tell me; maybe he can't). I was so "out of it" when he was explaining things to me that day that he might as well have been talking to my schnauzer!

I am on my 6th day after removal and it sounds...

I am on my 6th day after removal and it sounds pretty silly but I swear I feel swishing or gurgling in my left breast. I can almost hear it! Do you think it's possible that air gets into the empty implant pocket or something?? I see my doctor on Thursday so will find out from him (and there is no pain involved). Well I can give everyone a laugh anyway - my breast is talking to me! LOL!

Appointment with Dr. Darrow today and have been...

Appointment with Dr. Darrow today and have been trying to make a list of questions so that I don't leave Boston and wish I had asked this or that. Thinking my drains should come out today but if he says no, then he know best. My surgery was one week ago this morning and I feel awesome! Happy, thinner, and my left boob has stopped talking to me! I just want to drive and do things for myself - my hubby is a doll but he won't let me do ANYTHING until the doctor says I can (so hoping that will happen this afternoon). Don't know if the left is starting to look more like the right or not - I tried to stop looking so often and obsessing. I would not change one thing that I did so why drive myself crazy! To all of you women who went before me - thank you for being brave and posting your thoughts and photos, they all helped. For those of you going after me - march on with your heads held high - you are doing the right thing. I will be posting more info and photos too. I think the photos help others to know what to expect and what not to expect. Of course it would be nice to select pictures of a look that we like and then hope to look just like that. Hmmm does not exactly work that way darn it!

At my one week examination Dr. Darrow said...

At my one week examination Dr. Darrow said everything was excellent and I was pretty much free to resume normal life. I still don't do things that just aren't smart - like lifting anything heavy of course. Just driving and doing my own grocery shopping is so good. I wanted to know if both implants were ruptured and he showed me the pictures. The left side that had taken an impact was actually not as badly ruptured as the right. The right side was pretty much a mess and gave the doctor a challenge. That is the reason I chose him as he had the experience I suspected I needed to get all silicone out. The left came out in one piece; the right did not, but he did remove all silicone and all capsule, just in a less tidy way! I was very pleased that he was very willing to let me see the pictures. It was very important to me for some reason - kind of a closure to the whole issue if that doesn't sound too silly. With that I thanked everyone, hugs, handshakes and do not go back until October unless I sense any kind of problem. The next topic of confusion is bras. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my existing bras fit! Beautifully! Comfortably! No poofy pillow things on top or stuff squishing out the sides! I almost gave them away, never thought they would fit - 34D. Can't wear them now of course as they are underwire - not smart to have them rubbing. My doctor said that I could really wear any bra I wanted to and it might make some sense to wear something soft and loose to let the "hung up" breast try to come down. Not sure right now what I want to do. The compression bras still feel good to me and I'm not convinced that "things" shouldn't be held up in place during the rest of the healing period. I'm still sorting that out. Doesn't that pocket need to stick itself back together, and wouldn't it make sense to have everything held up where you want it to be while it's in the "sticking itself back together stage"? I have tried researching this but there are many theories - would you ladies please comment if you have any thoughts on this. Well that's basically my story - I will continue to hang around here as you have all become my good friends. I posted a lot of pics as I thought they might be helpful to others as I am one of the more senior members of this club. It's all good girls - get those implants out! The discomfort is minor in the scheme of things!

Almost 3 wks post op and feeling very good. Just...

Almost 3 wks post op and feeling very good. Just a little soreness now and then but nothing that is intolerable. I will probably not be posting much as it is time to get back to some projects that have really taken a back burner during this journey. Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness. Even if you only posted a quick word at a time when I was anxious or scared, it was appreciated. I'm sure I will be popping in once in a while as you have all become my "breast friends" and I care very much how you are doing. It surely is good to get this chapter behind us!

4 Weeks Post Op!

Cannot believe a month has gone by. I am very happy, soreness is minor, go ahead and do this if you are on the fence and can't make up your mind. The big benefit too is that you will be "smaller" and be able to look the way you want in your clothes!!

Exactly 5 weeks post op

Happy as can be! Very little soreness at this point - have actually moved from the compression bras to a Champion zip front sports bra. This bra has helped my incisions heal I believe, as the band does not cut in under the boobs - no rubbing on that tender area - yay! Next move will actually be back in to my own bras as soon as there is NO soreness - not rushing that step though. I have taken another photo but I don't think there has been a lot of change since my last one and probably I will stay about the same, I am thinking. Thank you as always - this group is just the best! Never a mean word to anyone on here; it really restores your faith in people. Many of us (most of us) had these implants put in because we were trying to overcome a "problem" of some kind. How wonderful to come this far, make the decision to stand tall and be ourselves, and then have an entire community of wonderful women here embrace us and hold our hand as we take this walk so that we never feel alone or scared. It doesn't get any better, thank you everyone!

Warning - Disgusting Photo of 32 yr old Silicone Implants

I had asked my surgeon for this photo and just received it from him. Who would want these left inside their body. Obviously the one on the right was a challenge for him to remove. I am very, very happy with the Explant that he did.

Just "love" sports bras since my explant!

I started with the Champion zip front after the compression bra stage and just have to say that I can't find any "regular" bras that compare to the comfort and support. I have now changed to the one in my latest picture that is underwire and gets me away from the flattened look. I ended up with one breast larger than the other and although it does not bother me (I think because the rupture was worse in the right side my PS had to take some tissue to get silicone out) it does make it hard to find a regular bra that fits correctly. The cups on the sports bras are stretchy and snuggly fit both sides, bigger or smaller it does not matter! I was left with a fair amount of breast tissue (not sure where it all came from), so the very light weight little stretchy bras don't give me enough support. Wish they did, I think they are adorable and so feminine! I am on a bit of a search for something a little "sexy" if you know what I mean, however these girls are still kind of in the "jelly" stage and feel best supported. If any of you come across a bra with the support and stretchiness of a sports bra, but something more feminine, please let me know. I can't seem to stop searching the bra department of every store I go into! In the meantime, it's sports bras for me I guess.

5 Months Post Op

Life gets better and better! Absolutely no pain and quite honestly I forget that I ever had implants. My favorite bra is still the Champion 6209 underwire sports bra as pictured in my last photos. It gives me the look that I want under my clothes and I have purchased them in black, beige and white. If anyone is on the fence about whether or not to get their fake bags removed - go for it! We are beautiful the way we are!

I did as much research as I possibly could and my husband also went with me to meet Dr. Darrow. I feel that I have the very best Surgeon here in Massachusetts to do my explant. He is very well known and respected, and took time to make me feel comfortable. I appreciated having a good understanding of the process that he would use, and I know that my husband appreciated it as well. He removes the implants "en bloc", which was most important as far as I was concerned. We liked him very, very much. Helen who does all of the contact and scheduling is just a pleasure to talk to; very, very nice and understanding. I have to say that I am really not nervous - it's time. My implants are only 165cc so am hoping that I will look acceptable without a lift, as it is not in the cards for me at the present time.

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