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Hi! i'm 34 years old. i have had one child (14...

hi! i'm 34 years old. i have had one child (14 years ago) and i have wanted to have breast surgery for the past 10 years. i dislike the deflated look of the upper part of my breast. i dont hate them, i just want to love them. i am now debt free and saved up enough money to get it done! i think!

several times a day i go from "yes i want this" to "i dont need this"
i know i want to have the surgery but i like to be fully informed, and research only leaves me doubtful. i guess i mainly wonder how many people, that have breasts like mine, are unhappy.

ive talked to the PS office and expect to pay about 7500 for silicone implants. i didnt ask how much a lift would be. does any one know a round about cost? my counsultation is in 3 days! i will ask and update then.
i live in Maine and will be driving 2.5 hours south to Boston for surgery. there isn't an abundance of PS here in Maine. I considered going to NH for surgery, but i think Boston would offer more doctors with more experience considering im black.

im still in between deciding about a breast lift
saline vs silicone
textured vs smooth.
i also wonder about nipple sensation, post op auto immune reactions, and how many people need revision.
any help would be great :)
i measured myself and believe i am a 34b. i wear a padded 34c to give the illusion of bigger breasts. i would like full c's with some clevege.

In the waiting room right now!! Drove 3 hours in...

In the waiting room right now!! Drove 3 hours in the snow. Time to consult and see just what the doctor thinks is right for me :) wish me luck xoxo

So I went for my consult today. It was great :) ...

So I went for my consult today. It was great :) my ps was very straight forward and comforting. I asked about 110 questions, and he did not hesitate to answer them. I didn't at all feel rushed or like my questions were silly. (Even though I know ale of my questions WERE silly)
We decided on 350 gel unders.
I chose gel because I want them to feel as real as possible. I dislike the thought of the extra rippling with the saline. I hear this can be avoided by slightly overfilling the implant, which to me sounds off. If you have to "overfill " it just get a bigger size right? But then here comes the rippling again. Also, I
know the saline get folded, placed, then filled. For some crazy reason I find comfort in the thought of a closed implant without another step added to the surgery that may carry possible risk for infection. I like thinking they will feel like my own.
I will be going with 350's. This is against my girlfriends wishes for 300's. We are both afraid anything more then 350 would be too much. I'm not looking for a huge change in size. Just more clevege, and better proportion
Right now I'm about a b+ a full c is the goal.
I will not be having a lift as anticipated. I wanted a lift and at the same tome I dreaded the thought of having one. I wanted one because for the $$ being spent I want my nipples to salute the sun! They still point straight so doc thinks I can avoid the lift. Also the extra surgery could be avoided if I find
myself happy with the results of just having the ba.
I'm happy to have a conservative ps. He never tried to upsell me on a lift, tt. lipo, or anything else I'm sure would help me lol.

he tells me to have realistic expectations and I will be happy with my results.

Sientra brand implants... any one use these?

Sientra brand implants... any one use these?

Ok! this is my last weekend without boobies!! i...

ok! this is my last weekend without boobies!! i will be spending my time cleaning up my house, preparing meals for the next week, and making sure i have everything i need for a speedy recovery.
i would love is someone could tell me if i should buy some arnica. also i have been to walmart, sears, and target and can not seem to find an adequate front closure bra. its too late to order one online so i think i may have to go to macys or jcpenny.
im worried that i may have chosen a size to small. i will be getting 350cc silicone moderate profile implants under the muscle. i want a full c. my ps said 250cc's would give me 1 cup size so we'll see. i cant wait to wear all my old clothes and see how much better they look with my new and improved breasts!!
ive been so obsessed and crazy over this whole thing for so long and i cant believe its right around the corner.
i thank ALL the ladies on this site who have supported, and shared their stories. this website has been a godsend to me and so many others.
anyone having surgery on 3-25-13 let me know! we can be boobie buddies!! we can cross over to the other side together lol. and for all those ladies who have already achieved boobage YAY!!!! im so happy for you and so thankful to have you as mentors and teachers. your guidance is appreciated.
im nervous about the boobie blues. im already feeling like im wasting money that could be spent on my kids or my girlfriend. its been years since i have taken a full week of from work and i feel like im being so selfish. either way im going for it!

Just wanted to add a few more before photos to my...

just wanted to add a few more before photos to my profile for future reference. hope these help anyone else considering surgery decide what to do. i will not be having a lift at this time. if im not fully happy with my ba i may consider one in the future.
again im 5'7" 150 lbs 32 saggy b lol. hoping to be a 34 full c :D
getting 350cc gel unders, inframammary incision :D
39 more hours hehehe

Well I'm here. Patiently waiting. My psych is an...

Well I'm here. Patiently waiting. My psych is an hour behind. That only bothers me because I have a 2.5 hour drive home. At this point id rather be at dennys or ihop. I have a headache because I couldn't drink my coffee. I'm not I'm the best of moods :(
Still anxiously awaiting some clevege

I went for my post op today. Im 4 days post ba......

I went for my post op today. Im 4 days post ba... im so thoroughly overjoyed with my result! The first few days were a challenge. The hardest thing was getting up and down from my seat without using my arms.
When i felt good enough to be up and out of the house, i was so happy. Heres a mistake i made. I would fold my arms under my breasts for support, then turn and step out of the car with all my weight on my right leg. Bad decision... my right hip was in pain for 2 days! As if i needed that. My bathroom is upstairs so i was not happy. Im not sure if i was in much pain because i was in and out of sleepiness from the percocets. The valium definitely helped the tightness. Im elated with my result. My ps was professional, engaging and personable. He never made me feel uncomfortable. I dont know what my final outcome will be after they d&f. Hopefully they dont change too much. These are breasts i can easily get used to. ;D
I will add more photos soon
Boston Plastic Surgeon

so far Helen at the office has been a peach. Whenever i call she is polite, and very willing to help. Because i have to travel 2.5 hours to get there i appreciate how accomodative she has been with scheduling times for me. I also have restrictions as far as getting time off from work and i have two kids in school and daycare so she has been nothing but sweet. hoping it stays that way!

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