31, 5'5" 115 Lbs, 339cc moderate round silicone Subfascial, hoping for natural look - Boston, MA

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I am really just in the beginning stages of this...

I am really just in the beginning stages of this whole thing. Like a lot of people on here, I am very small chested, have always wanted boobs but its just not going to happen naturally. I could wait to see if they grow when I have kids, but I feel like they will just be deflated if I breastfeed, or go away if I dont! I have a consultation with a surgeon on Monday and I can't wait to get this thing started! I think I want about 325 ccs, silicone, subfascial, but I will totally trust what the doctor thinks. I'll give updates on here since so many others are helping me! :)

Right now I'm a 32a (if that) and I'm hoping for a natural look that fits my frame. I just want to feel comfortable in my own body (and in bras and bathing suits) and feel like I have a woman's figure. You all know what I mean! Here are some wish boobs I've gathered over the past few weeks of stalking RealSelf :)


I can't believe I'm sharing these, but here we go! First time I ever took photos of my own boobs lol, but I know other people's before's helped me a lot too. Again, about 115 pounds, 5'5" and a 32 a (maybe)


So I had my consultation today, and I didn't even want to mull it over, I just booked my surgery for April 21st! I'm so excited/nervous/scared/excited! I can't believe that in 3 months I'm going to have boobs. I've literally been waiting for this since I was 13.

Originally I was thinking somewhere between 250-350 ccs and leaning towards smaller, but I tried on a few different sizers and REALLY liked the 350cc. It just felt like it fit my body and evened out my whole frame. After measuring my chest we decided on the 339 cc moderate profile smooth round.

My surgeon prefers to place implants subfascial, which basically means over but under the fascia which, as I understand it, is a strong "flap" of muscle. This helps with the natural look and also has a much easier recovery. He said I should basically feel back to normal within 2 weeks, and be able to go back to regular exercise within 4-6 weeks. I want to re-read all the info they gave me but right now I'm just so excited!

I've started telling some friends and tomorrow I'm going to talk to my boss about the time I need off. My surgery is on a Thursday and my boyfriend will take off Thursday and Friday with me, and then I'll take the following week off. He said I should be able to go back to work by the following Wednesday, but I'd prefer to just relax and use the sick time I have :)

So what should I plan on buying for my recovery? They gave me a list of things not to eat before (mostly anything with asprin or things that would thin your blood) but I don't think there's much info on what I'll need after!

EEk I just can't believe I'm actually (finally) doing this!

Friend's Reactions

Its funny, when I thought about doing this over the years, I always pushed it out of my mind because I was worried what people would think. So far, everyone I have told has been completely supportive. Most have said, I know you've always wanted boobs, that's awesome! I haven't even gotten them yet and I already wish I had done it years ago. Yay for good friends! (I haven't told my parents yet... just ignoring that part for now, although I'm guessing they will both be supportive, even if they don't necessarily understand)

Rice sizers

They actually look similar to the gel ones! I think I got 340cc...

Another day another rice boob pic

This is fun!! Aprox 340 rice sizers

2 months to go, want to buy bras!!!

So I'm just obsessing over bras lately. I took my little rice boobs over to the gap today to try on bras to try to get an idea of what size I might be, how I might look in clothes but it didn't really translate, I guess I just need to wait for the real thing.

I'm wondering if I should buy any before surgery or just wait? I know I'm going to need to wear my surgical bra for a while, but I'd love to have some more to try on the first week or so :) here are a few wireless ones I was thinking about...I guess I could leave the tags on and return them if they don't fit? It's just so hard after 30 years of hating how I look in bras and knowing that in 2 months I'm finally going to fill them out!!! Ahh can't wait :) I wish you could take the surgeons sizers home with you and wear them until surgery lol

What did everyone else do before surgery? Buy a few? Hold out? Any bra suggestions?

One month to go!

I can't believe it but my surgery will be in one month! I threw away all my padded bras yesterday, just leaving one double padded bra that I were everyday out, and a few bralettes (that I never wear out of the house because they make me look too flat) that I'm hoping might still fit me when I finally have boobs to fill them out! I also donated 4 huge bags of old clothes that I never wear, and decided once I've recovered I'll let myself go on a little shopping spree for my new body :)

I've gotten a little less obsessed with reading stories about BAs (only slightly less) but I feel like I've read so many that I'm pretty much ready. I know its going to be a sucky few days, but my plan is to be very lazy and try to enjoy watching a lot of TV. I have a business so I'm saving up some work that I'll be able to do when I'm feeling a little better (all just on my computer), and will go for short walks when I feel up to it.

I'm definitely nervous about having complications and the whole surgery in general, but I'm trying not to stress about it and just let the whole thing happen. We'll see how I feel when we get closer though! I just hope they come out well with a result close to what I'm hoping for!

The right size?? 3 weeks out...

I'm kind of nervous about size. I'm planning on 339 but subfascial, not under the muscle. I'm so worried they are going to be too big! I liked the 350 sizers but it's hard to tell how they will actually look on you! I see photos on here that are similar stats as me with similar implant sizes and some I think are perfect and some look huge! Ugh I just don't know. I'm trying to just trust my surgeons opinion. When we went though photos he said everything I was telling him was consistent, and the implant we chose is perfectly sized for my breast width, it's just so hard going into surgery not really knowing what the result will be! You guys know how I feel :)

Well here is my holy grail wish boobs and she has similar stats and befores to me, 325 implants and the perfect result in my opinion!

3 weeks!

Only 2 More Sleeps - Freaking out!

I can't believe I'm actually going through with this is 2 days. I have such a mix of emotions--scared, excited, nervous... After reading SO many reviews on here, I feel like I have a good idea of what to expect. Luckily, my surgery is at 8am on Thursday, so I won't have much time to freak out that morning. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep at all the night before, so the doctor prescribed me xanex just for the night before.

I'm going to go to the grocery store today to stock up on snacks and fluids, any suggestions are welcome!

Tomorrow I'm working from home so my plan is to clean the house and get anything I think I might need ready and within reach. Any suggestions? Should I plan on being in bed the first day, or should I set myself up on the couch? I'm guessing I'll be in an out of sleep for the first day or 2 with the meds, but I don't really know what to expect. My boyfriend will be with me the whole time and will totally take care of anything I need, but I'd like to make it as easy on him as possible.

I just can't believe its actually happening! I can't wait for them to be here and for recovery to be over :)

12 hours!

In 12 hours I'll have boobs! Last sleep, surgery at 8am, will update when I'm on the other side!

All done!

Yay I'm all done! My my surgery was at 8 am, everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable and reassured, the last thing I remember was being in the operating room and feeling like I was staring to lose the ability to focus my eyes and the next thing I remember is going to the recovery room and my boyfriend coming in. I haven't really looked at them yet, I kinda don't want to see the "frankenboob" and I'm just trying to take it easy and relax my muscles. He used a lot of local anesthesia so I'm pretty much still numb, the only pain i feel is kind of achey in my armpits like form push-ups but a little more off and on, and even that if say is 3 out of 10. Mostly it feels tight like I have a tight bandage around my chest but I don't. Just the tightness of the implants.

Now I'm at home and in bed and waiting for my next painkiller to hopefully knock me out haha. Been eating different crackers and watching tv, and will get up in a few hours to walk around a little.

Good luck to all the other girls today!!!!! Will update more when I'm feeling a little more active and will try to take some photos hopefully tonight.

Day 1 photos

I'll have my boyfriend tame more later!

First night

As my local anesthesia started to wear off, I definitely started to get more discomfort, but still probably only a 4 or so. Had a hard time sleeping last night, I don't know if it was the meds or excitement or sleeping at an incline but was in and out most of the night. Kept up with my pain pill every 3 hours. Still in bed but gonna take my next pill in 15 and then make my way up. Right now it just feels tight. And my ribs are are where the bra band is. I think my back is a little sore too but I haven't gotten up yet haha.

I haven't had a very good look at them yet as I'm trying to follow doctors orders. My friend is coming over at lunch to visit so that will be the big event for today lol. Mostly just been laying in bed or laying on the couch yesterday. Pretty boring but want to do my best to heal.

Hope everyone is healing well!!!! So many of us this week it's really great to see everyone else's updates.

Second night

I took one of my Xanax pills that they prescribed me for the night before surgery (after checking with the PS office) and slept amazingly last night. I still took my vicodins every three hours and woke up feeling good. Slight headache but probably will be fixed with coffee. Going to cut back on meds today, take half instead. Feeling pretty good today. I still don't feel like they are a part of my body and u still haven't fully seen them. I've been too scared to take off my bra. I get to shower today and will finally see them! And will feel less gross haha. I will take pics and post. Fr. those who have had surgery already, does this mean I can now shower everyday? I didn't think to ask.

My parents are coming over tonight which will be nice. Bringing dinner for us. Today will just be chilling until the shower and maybe I'll try on a bathing suit or bralette after. Been scared about moving the wrong way and don't know about getting them over my head. We'll see!!

So far as I can tell I'm very happy with the size. I know when they settle they'll be even better but they are exactly what I wanted--slightly bigger and more filled out than my padded bra look, so hopefully no one will really know, except if I show off cleavage.

I have noticed that one seems slightly bigger but we'll see when my bra comes off. PS told me my breasts' width were slightly different sizes, although the tissue amounts were the same, likely due to slight scoliosis. I can also tell that one seems like it's more in my armpit which also makes sense for that reason. I'm not expecting perfect symmetry and I know from this site that they don't always heal at the same pace. Also felt the little airbubbles which I also know is normal. I haven't really experienced zingers but I'm wondering if that's because I didn't go under the muscle. Morning boob also hasn't really set in, just stuff anytime I've been laying down for a while.i do have tiny bags of frozen peas that i love. Just makes them feel better sometimes.

Overall my recovery is pretty easy, knock on wood. I can't even explain how amazing this website has been through all of this for me. Knowing other women have done this and been ok, experiencing things I've read about, words of encouragement, it's all just so amazing. I never would have done this for myself if I hadn't been inspired by others stories. This is really an amazing resource for women who want to do something for themselves that might have a negative stigma. Even reactions from friends and family have been really positive. Overall just feeling blessed and excited to get through the next few days and enjoy my body the way I've wanted it for as long as I can remember ??????


Surgery was Wednesday morning so currently day 3. Feeling much better today, mostly just heavy and tight. Got really light headed in the shower after taking bra off for the first time. I think I was just anxious and not used to the heavy feeling of no support. Well, here they are! I think they look even! A little square and obviously high, can't wait for them to drop and fluff!!!

Day 3

Any change in the look? I can't really tell. Feeling better, just sick of feeling like I can't move fully or go out, hate having to ask my boyfriend to do stuff for me. He's been great but it's very frustrating for me. Been doing half pills and gonna try to switch to Tylenol, we'll see how that goes. Today just feeling heavy/achey and my lower back hurts. Just showered again so I feel clean at least haha. Just want to feel normal again!

Feeling better

My post yesterday was so negative! I think it's really hard the first few days when you just want to feel normal again, and you almost lose sight of why you did it in the fist place. I'm physically feelings out the same today, but trying to be more positive. Boyfriend is back at work today so it's just me. I may attempt to try on some clothes without my surgical bra today to see my results a little more. Post op is tomorrow, I think the nurse mentioned the band/strap so we'll see if they give me that and if I have to keep wearing surgical bra or can move on. I bought a few wireless bras online from gap body but they haven't come yet. Didn't really know what size so I guessed 32c. Hoping after the post op I can drive this week to do a little bra shopping. I went to the store with my boyfriend yesterday and hated the feeling of being in the car! The bumps and shifting of my boob weight side to side was very uncomfortable. But I'd love to try on for other bras and maybe a suit! Just can't wait for them to drop a bit :) I think they will also teach me massages tomorrow. We'll see! Just gonna take it easy again today and hopefully continue to heal! Will post photos later if I take any! Hope everyone else is doing well and healing quickly!!

Some photos

Just showered, they still feel so heavy and uncomfortable when they're not in the surgical bra! Can't wait to feel normal again :)

Post op

Just had my post op, everything looks good. They gave me a band, which I already hate! Haha, anyone else having to use this? Feels like they are squeezing my implants to death!

Boobie blues/being positive

I guess it's happened haha. My goal for today is to be more positive. The last few days have been hard more from a mental perspective than physical. I didn't realize it would be like this, but it's very strange to wake up with your body so different. I've imagined myself having boobs for so long, and I truly think they have turned out amazing and I can't wait to see them get better and better. The difficulties come with having to lay around all day, feeling like a weird version of yourself--both with your physical capabilities and your actual body, and putting yourself through something that YOU signed up for. I feel like a dick complaining when I PAID for this haha. My boyfriend has been completely amazing, but I feel so distant from him because we can't snuggle, and I need to lay "just so" to be comfortable, it's all just very difficult. He keeps reminding me that this is all temporary and in another week I'll feel so much better, and that they look awesome and I'll be so happy I did this, and I just keep trying to keep that in mind. I just want to feel normal again.

But throwing myself a pity party is certainly not going to make me feel better. So I decided I'd write out all my negative thoughts here, and the try to be done with them. Today, I'm going to be grateful that I'm not at work! I'm going to watch house of cards and go for a walk outside, and go try on bras at the gap tonight :) here's one I got in the mail that looks effing hot if I do say so myself :) I got another one too that I'm dying to try on but it's less stretchy and I don't feel like I have the mobility to get it on just yet haha. I had orders 5 online so more will be coming! Need to focus on WHY I did this in the first place. I am so grateful that I was able to do this and that I live in a city with amazing surgeons and that my friends and family have been supportive. I can't wait to see them get better and better :) end rant

1 week 2 days

Feeling closer to back to normal. My strap sucks but I'm trying to sleep in it and get my 12 hours in. Last night I went out to dinner and was out for 2.5 hours, longest time so far! I did ok but I still just feel uncomfortable overall. Heavy/tight and any bra I wear seems to do something that bothers me. Too tight, too loose, pushes on my incisions, won't stay put etc. last night I ended up switching to my surgical bra to sleep! Still feeling like I just want to be back to normal, but I think I'm slowly getting there. Boyfriend is traveling all next week for work. I'm probably going to work from home a few days and stay home sick the rest and go back officially the week after, luckily I am able to take 10 sick days and my company is very flexible. I do think getting out would help me feel better, but I don't want to be stuck at work for 8 hours in meetings wanting to die! So another week it is. I think this week I'll go for walks and actually drive myself and try to do things. Funny I thought I'd be out shopping this whole time but all i want to do is lay in my comfy position on the couch with my heating pad! Here are some pics from the last few days, I'm gonna have my boyfriend take some in the same positions as a week ago at some point today!

I hope everyone is healing well! I really love how they look so far, I just can't wait to feel like myself again and move on with my life :)

Updated photos!

More recent photos

One month!

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long! Things are great, I feel like 99% back to normal. I haven't gone back to the gym yet, but I'm planning on it this week. I am very happy with how much my boobs have dropped and how they look. I can feel a little rippling when I bend over, but no one would notice it besides me. I went on vaca last weekend and wore swimsuits and just felt so amazing :) overall I mostly forget about them! No padding with boobs now looks basically the same as my old super padded bra do I don't think anyone has even noticed! Here are some updated photos
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad that I chose Dr. LoVerme as my plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation. From his very helpful office staff, to his nurses who made me feel so comfortable, to the Dr. himself, who sat with me answering all of my very detailed questions, I had an amazing experience. I was so nervous about having surgery, but it really was all very easy. I was comfortable the day of, I had all of the info I needed to prepare, the recovery was quick, and I'm so happy with my results. I could not recommend Dr. LoVerme more.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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