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It's official! My procedure is all paid for and...

It's official! My procedure is all paid for and booked for September 13th! Feeling excited and nervous. I am 5'6, 125lbs, athletic. Was going back and forth between 325cc and 350cc. Decided to go with 325cc. If anyone has any input on post op healing and what to expect please feel free to comment! So excited to start this new chapter!

It's done!!!

Had my surgery today! Last minute change to 355cc. Dr. Darrow and his team were amazing! The surgery took an hour and a half. Woke up with a little bit of pressure on my chest and some soreness. Have been using an ice pack and keeping on top of the pain. They are pretty swollen and the skin is tight. Overall very pleased so far! Can't wait to see the results in a week or so!

Before pics

2nd day post op

3rd day post op

Day 4

Day 5

Non padded wireless bra! Coming closer together everyday!

None padded wireless bra

In love

2 weeks tomorrow

Boston Plastic Surgeon

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