25 Year Old, 115lbs, No Kids, 265cc Allergen, Round, Mod+ - Boston, MA

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Hey girls! This website is so awesome and...

Hey girls!

This website is so awesome and informative. I thought I would write a review for me and for anyone else that may need any information. I thought I could use this as a diary to document my progress, the good and the bad, but more so to see who is in this with me haha.

I think when girls says I want a BA, I think it would be safe to say that it's not just an overnight dream. Like most girls, I've been wanting nice, natural, breasts for a decade now. Always on and off, but always still there in the back of mind. I'm out of school now and have saved up enough money for this procedure, so I thought I'm not getting any younger, I should just pull the trigger. A friend of mine just got hers done and she says that she loves her PS. I trusted her opinion plus the reviews on this site on Dr. Jeffrey Darrow. I made the consultation.

He has two offices but since I live in the city, his office was just a stone's throw away. His assistant Helen was very warm and nice. Kind of reminded me of a second mother you wished you had. She made sure I was comfortable. So I brought my best friend to my consultation just in case I missed any questions. I recommend that for anyone. I also recommend bringing a list of questions you want answered, and mine was quite lengthy. I figured I'm paying $100, let me get my money's worth. Dr. Darrow took pictures of me, measured me up and answered all my questions with ease and confidence. He said anywhere from 250-300cc would be great on me. I tried on 250cc and 275cc. Didn't really see a huge difference but talked to many girls about it. I had the appt in November and thought about the procedure for about 1/2 a month and booked it. My procedure is January 13th. Less than a month away! I'm not sure if I pulled the trigger so quick but I felt the longer I took, the more reasons I would find or make up why I shouldn't get it.

My stats are:
25 yo female
114 lbs
currently 34A, hoping for 34C or big B

a natural and proportional look in blouses and bathing suits.
nothing too obvious. that fits my small frame.

Dr. Darrow's conclusion size:
265cc silicone gel implant, made by Allergen, Style 15

Wish boobs

10 more days...help!

Getting really nervous about the procedure!! Just ten more days!! I just hope I don't make a mistake I'm going to regret. Does anyone else have or had the same thoughts?? I really just don't want them so noticeable that everyone's going to think "did she get work done?" I just really want to be conservative and proportional and comfortable. Do you think I would achieve that with 165 cc? A girl like me is 114# 5'3" 34a size bra. Should I go lower?

Pre-op tips??

So since the only thing on my mind now is my surgery...I'm trying to look up things I should get while I'm in recovery. Does anyone have any tips on what to eat, drink, scar preventatives, bandages, bras, etc? I remember seeing a review where she posted a pic of all of her pre op supplies. Now i can't find it :(

Anything will help! Thanks girls

Tomorrow is the day!!

Sooooo...tomorrow is the day!!! Mixed emotions right now. This past week I have been eating healthy, low sodium meals and plenty of fluids. I might have had a cheat meal here and there but I'm only human haha. VS's semi annual sale is happening now so I have been buying a bunch of bras for the future. Isn't that convenient?! Bought 34B and 34C. My mom will come over tonight and sleep over and then meet me at Dr. Darrow's. I have to be at the appointment at 6:30AM and they think Ill be out by 10AM. I can't believe the surgery is only one hour. It's like watching a full episode of Dexter and then bam...NEW BOOBS.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends invited me to go on vacation to Cancun with them. It would be exactly a week from my surgery. I was really nervous bc I don't know if its too soon to show them off or too soon, safety wise. I emailed Dr. Darrow and he responded within a couple of hours. He's great like that. I told him my concern and he said, "I tell my patients that they're good and free to do what they want after 1 month. Book your trip." I mean, he couldn't be more clear cut about it. So there's that I can look forward to. Also, the girls on the trip don't know that I'm getting my BA. Should I tell them before hand so they don't freak out and warm up to the idea or just pretend nothings different (I think it's going to be difficult to see thats nothings different). I'm shy and not the type of girl that will flaunt boobs in your face. What's the best way to go about this? How should I say it casually?

I have some before pictures to post. I will probably post them during recovery. Wish me luck!

Days 1-3

So I did it!! But boy was it a journey...

So I was the first one in for Dr. Darrow. Came in around 6:30AM with mom and they prepped me. Spoke to the MD and the anesthesiologist. I don't know if its me but the operating room was in his practice not in the hospital like most places. It's just a little freaky but I got over it. When it was finally time, I had to walk into this cold operating room and lay down on this table. Just 3 or 4 doctors and nurses in the room. I remember looking at the time and talking to the anesthesiologist about the movie Awake and then I was back in the recovery room. I was very confused and sleepy and cold. The surgery was done! The nurses were talking and I was too. Although, I don't remember what we were talking about. And then they helped me into my car where my mom picked me up.

I had no pain in the recovery room but as soon as I hit the couch, it was bad. The local anesthesia has worn off and I had to take my pain meds. I couldn't move AT ALL. It was as if I had done a 1000 push ups. I sat up right for about 12 hours. Moving wasn't an option for me but my mom helped me get to the bathroom and scoot back and forth. There is no way anyone can do this alone. I was basically on a liquid diet (chicken broth and ginger ale)the whole day but felt sick to my stomach from the pain meds. Dry toast was my treat at the night but I threw it up anyway. I think it was because of the meds plus the fact that I haven't moved so my intestines and stomach were still. I slept on the couch since i really didn't want to move. Woke up a couple of times but went back to bed.

Day 2:
Pretty much immobile but tried walking around and practice getting up a few times in the day. I ate chicken broth with rice and bread intermittently throughout the day. I also noticed that there were support tapes under the breasts. I also spoke to the MD, since we didn't get a chance after surgery. He was very pleased with his work and he thinks its EXACTLY the look i was going for. Which is great! I booked my follow up appt for about a week.

Day 3:
Huge improvement from Day 1. Walked around the house trying to do some light chores like laundry and folding clothes to the best of my ability without pushing any limits. I tried putting on my support bra, bc thats what the discharge papers said, on day 2 but couldn't because it was too painful to squeeze. Today was better. So i've been wearing that. Also, today was the day I actually got to look at my girls! I was a little too nervous to see the first 2 days. I went from an A to a C...pretty unbelievable. They're very firm and high up there but I know they will drop beautifully. Hopefully sooner than later haha but I'll be patient. I ate real food today which was nice. But I'm starting to get cooped up. We'll see how things go tomorrow if I can get out of the house.

I've been having a sore back and sore bum bc i've been sitting in the same position for so long, It's starting to annoy me but I can't do any stretching bc it involves my arms and chest muscles. Anyone have any tips on getting rid of the back and bum pain?

Day 4 pics

Day 4 pics

Day 5

So I was feeling really cooped up in the house so my mom drove me to the mall. I got to walk around a little bit and the cold fresh air felt really great against my face. I really needed it. Went for about an hour until I felt a sharp pain on my left side. It kinda felt as thought the stickers were peeling off my stitches. I got in the car and saw nothing, no blood. The pain subsided as I got home. I thought no harm no foul. Probably got the pain from the extra walking I didn't do earlier this week.

My mom got to wash my hair which was very nice of her. She's the best! And gave me a little back rub. I needed it after so much sitting and laying down. Couldn't have done it without her. Xoxo

Happy 1 week anniversary!

So it's been a week and I'll be going back to work tomorrow. I think I'm ready. I've been watching tv a little too much and lounging so I'm ready.

I also went for my one week follow up with Dr. Darrow. And he thinks everything is going according to plan! To him, it's perfect and he couldn't have been happier. That means I'm very happy with my results. My only complaint is this damn nerve pain that only occurs in my left boob. It honestly feels like someone is putting a needle through my nipple very slowly. It comes and goes and nothing I know of can trigger it. I explained it to him and he said he hears about this all the time. It can take up to 6-9 months for the nerves to mend and stretch themselves. I really hope it doesn't last long bc it just feels pretty painful. Has anyone else have this problem and if so when has it gone away and what do they to so help the symptoms?

I've also been going on a bra shopping spree. Eek. I know I'm just gonna return most of it but I couldn't help myself.

3 months post op

I absolutely love them. I am so happy with my purchase. Even if they don't look like this five years down the line, it won't matter to me because I would be happy if I had them for only a year. Haha! Dr. Darrow is so great and kind. I would recommend his expertise to anyone.

My only complaint is the scars. I've been using silacone tape. The brand is ScarAway and I just wish the scars will fade fast faster. Anyone have something they used that they loved the outcome???
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I do well with emails because I have a busy schedule. Doctors being doctors, I know have busy schedules too so I would email Dr. Darrow with any question I had. He would answer usually in the afternoon if I email that morning and I find that incredibly awesome and means greatly to me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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