This is my new body Journey

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After reading so many awesome journeys you women...

After reading so many awesome journeys you women were willing to share and all the beautiful before and after photos I am convinced that I can not live without my surgery!

I plan on having 950cc per butt cheek 200 per hip and 1.5cc in each lip

Let the consultations begin........

If anyone has experience with financing through Care credit with fair credit, I would love to hear about it , I'm nervous to get Declined!

Starting some before pics

I loved how so many of you bbl women shared before and after photos, you all have given me strength to want to share mine!


I am just too happy right now! I have been putting off applying to finance my sx because I didn't want to see that big fat word: UNFORTUNATELY..... Blah blah. So I took the plunge, and got approved for 9k! I wanted to share my happiness with you ladies, one step closer to being a big body Judy lol!!! Yay and my journey continues......

Ugh Before pictures!

I am 7month postpartum I was 200
Lb while pregnant!! I had two kids back to back, when I got down to 140 I realized I lost all my shape??? I hated my body and thought about bbl again, after reading so much on here I was convinced bbl will give me my look back! I gained 10 lbs for my sx in these pics. Do you ladies think I will need a Tt?

Before photos of my stomach

My main wish pics

I need my shape to look like these ladies! Talk about perfection in my eyes!

Better before pics

Better quality before pics

Dr. J VS Salma???!???

Andrew Jimerson, MD 
Lower abdominal, flanks and lower back

Additional add on's;
Hips- $1150
Additional liposuction- $950 per area
Tummy tuck-$5,500

Almost a year wait time! For if you pay cash you can be on "fast track" list and be seen within a few months

Dr Salma

I am leaning towards Salma, ugh choosing a doctor is so crucial when getting the body you want! I was going to pick a Doctor in Boston but after discovering this site and all you AMAZING women, I need to see one of these top docs if I want everything to come out right (((the first time))))

Decisions decisions!!!??!???

Before picture of my lips......

As I said I want my lips a little bit more full, and I hate the volume difference on the right side of my bottom lip, no bueno I want to get about 1-1.5cc in each lip. I have heard about mostly bad results for fat transfer to the lips but I am going to just have my own experience, I will be under' anyways why not try, if the fat doesn't take..., oh well at least we tried! Fingers crossed and praying to god!


I love that he has a total package price, everything is included to give you the best ass possible. I felt like Dr. J was 'nickel and dime' me extra for this extra for that, specifically most women need fat injected in their hips for best results which is 1150 extra but for Salma is built into his price, I just trust people more who say this is what it is, and are not trying up-sell everything else. They both do wicked awesome work, it all about that paper doe!


No edit button on here?!

It's official

Feb 7th it's going body, new ME! I just paid the balance using my care credit card and now I am anxious, 3 months feels like a year away! First it was all about what doctor to go to..... Now I have a new stress, what do I need to buy? What hotel should I stay in? Who/where for my lymphatic massages? How long do I need to get them and how often and how much more is that? Lol so many new questions and anxiety to replace the last one. I just can wait til al this is a memory and I am enjoying my NEW ME! Ahhhhh the research begins. Now I just need to maintain this extra weight I gained for my surgery for 3months.

I am super excited to go to Miami, has anyone been able to enjoy the trip after surgery or is it all recovery mode?! I will have both my boys with me they are both under 2 and my husband so I hope they can enjoy family time out and about with me included.......

I forgot my Big disappointment

Dr. S says he doesn't not stand behind fat transfer to the lips procedure, he said its a waste of money. Maybe it's just me, I want to try anyways if all the fat reabsorbs or whatever, at least I tried. I don't want "duck lips" or implants!! I am going to talk to him more when I go to preop appointment! I was really looking forward to ftl procedure.

I ADDED MY ARMS! Def worth the money, I hope. I added my armpits too. Why go through all this too look on point and leave myself with fat arms I could even loose before with vigorous workouts. I am so looking forward to this.

Looking to start getting everything I need is a little overwhelming, I am trying to focus on one thing at a time so I don't go crazy.

----.......I will update before pics of my arms for those who might be interested in the same. It's because of you real self sisters I am
So confident to do the same! Thank you

More before photos

I am so ready to be on the other side of this, counting down them days!

For those who like to skim read!

I am having lipo of my upper & lower stomach, full back, flanks, and arms (upper and armpits) with fat transfer to the butt (Brazilian butt lift) I am hoping the Dr will change his mind and do fat transfer to the lips, ugh I want that so bad minus all the fake options!

Anyways, I am a horrible blogger, I just write what I feel like that moment!

Before pics I edits my home out of.

Some of my info

I am 26, I have Irish twins (two kids less than a year apart), I was 199 when I had my last child 6 moths ago and got down to 143, but then I wanted the BBL sx, in the photos I am 153, ((gained weight after reading about needing fat for best results)) the challenge for me is keeping the weight on I keep going back to 149/150 no matter what I eat!!! I have been eating rice and beans and Italian subs like crazy! I am def one of those people who look amazing and clothes and horrible naked. All I want is to wear a bikini again and look good naked!!

I need to starting taking that vitamin C 1,000 ugh I have been so lazy to start buying stuff........

Dr. Yily you are a little two late mama

Now I get a response after 6weeks;

Quote Total: $ 4,800 USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Tummy Tuck
· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks, arms, inner thighs and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

Maybe I will go there for my TT breast lift next year, can't beat those prices

I loved my hip to waist ratio

Before I had kids I had nice butt and hips I posted a pic and cut most myself out for obvious reasons, I guess this is my wish pic cause I know it realistic since it's me lol, I want this SX to hurry up and be here already!!!!

Waist Cincher

Is this the what I should get or should I get the Vest?

Breastfeeing Dilemma

As I sit here breastfeeding my 8 month old son, I am so sad that they want me to stop for my SX. We have such a Bond, such a connection when I am feeding him. I will honestly miss every moment, even those 4am feedings lol. Plus I still give milk to my 2 year old, man this was the hardest part in making my decision to have the BBL now or waiting til next year.

I am off work until summer, so it only makes sense to bang it out now when I have plenty of time to recover, hide and "workout" then slowly reveal my body.


So excited on that note my family member is letting me stay with them for free for 30 days with my kids to help me. Man am I happy and excited to have almost 2,000 plus on not having to stay in a hotel, god is so good!

How am I going to pull this off..

So as you may know, I am bringing my two infant children and my husband with me. I can stop thinking about how am I going to make this look like a regular family vacation, hmmmm I'm getting my arms done and need to keep the sleeves on at all times, I am going to have to be mostly covered up! But Miami is nakid city, lol daaaaammmnnn! I'm over here stressing. I mean I don't even know what to pack???? My regular clothes or all these big moomoo Clothes? Ugh.....

Happy New Year ALL my BBL sisters!!

Love you all! You made this life changing surgery a possibility in my eyes, I appreciate every single honest story and each one of you ladies for putting yourself out there for other women!

Spiritual Guidence!

After reading these recent burn stories, I am just nervous, plain and simple, true or not, just it being out there into the universe, ugh why?????? Well I am going to see a Medium who has been right on so many specific things! After saving the $200 let's hope she gives me the answers I am looking for! ..... I will update you all when I see her!

*she told me my cousin was pregnant, weeks before he even knew and that he is having a girl (counting down to jan8 th when his girl finds out the sex)

Heeeelp ladies lymphatic massages in FL

I am staying in Miami and fourt Myers for 2 months to recover, I have no clue where to get my massages at a affordable price. It's covered under my insurance but had no luck finding anyone who takes it down there! Ugh so I'm trying not to pay crazy out of pocket.

Where did you go? Miami or Fort Myers....

Any help is much appreciated

Yay Apartment booked

I just booked my apartment 2 min drive from Salama office! Yay me! I used great resource for saving money and feeling more like at home! I paid 489 for 7 days not bad at all, the rest of my time I will be staying with familgia


hello Ladies,
I am getting so amped for my sx! i haven't been thinking about it much, having 2 infants, I am to busy with them to even think about it, and boooom now I'm less than 2 weeks pre-op. wow some things i bought/packing for sx;

-chux pads
-medical tape and gauze
-10 maxi dresses
-slip on shoes
-5 fitted shirt (Doctors order, for under garment)
-jacket (I'm getting my arms done so will be wear jean jacket with dress to hide the compression sleeves) plus it looks cute
-foam roll to sit on
-iron 65mg and Vitamin C 500mg (need to take before sx and at least 14 days after sx)
-whey protein
-Lipo-Foam Sheets (amazon)
-Razor/Shave Gel
-Prescriptions/ Pain Meds (Dr. S, he mailed them in the packet, covered by my insurance)
-Tylenol PM
-Arnica Montana Tablets (Salama Gives)
-Arnica Massage Gel
-Bromelain 500 mg
-Iron Pills 150 mg
-Vitamin C 1000 mg
-Colace (stool softener)
-Antibacterial Body wash
-Dial Antibacterial Soap
-Sugar Scrub: sugar & olive oil (Pre sx shower)
-Nivea q10 Firming Lotion/ Cocoa Butter
-Peroxide/ Alcohol Pads
-Cotton Balls/ Q-Tips
-Latex Gloves
-Pads (thick ones)
-"P EZ"
-Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses
-Big Panities/ Boy Shorts
-Cute Panties
-Sports Bra
-Fitted/Smooth Tshirts
-Leggings (not sure if u can wear these yet)
-Sleep Shirts
-Robe/ Moo Moo
-Shoes (1)
-Slippers/ Footies
-Lanyard/ Safety Pins (for drains)
-Shea Butter Baby Wipes (can’t live w/out these, surgery or no surgery—gotta have em)
-Long Loofah
-Surgical Board/ Abdominal Board (Salama Gives)
-Pastry Roller
-Toothbrush/ toothpaste
-Hair Scarf
-Flip Flops, slip on shoes
-Benadryl/ Hydrocortisone Cooling Relief Gel
-Baby Oil and coconut oil
-Sore Throat Spray
-Cell Phone Charger
-iPad/ laptop Charger
-Fleece Throw Blanket
-Boppy Pillow (Salama gives)
-Wedge Pillow (not sure if I really need this)
-Yoga Mat
-High Density Foam Roller
-Sphere Shaped Pillow (I cut my high density foam roller to the length of the sphere shaped pillow, wrapped a towel around the foam roller and insert it into the pillow, sow it shut, place under thighs and wha-la. You can also use a yoga mat if you don’t want to use the high density foam rollers). i will be coping this
-Purex Washer Sheets/ Tide Pods (not a big and bulky as detergent)
-what-EVER Spray (best disinfectient ever)
-Director's Chair ($39 Wal-Mart) Booty hangs of back of chair
-Foldable Chair (sit in chair, outline where booty stops, cut booty opening, place Boppy pillow in chair and sit down without really sitting down)
-Small Step Stool
-Heating Pad
-Massages: 10 total (2 included in pckg) While in FL, I will be getting massages once I’m back home as well, they are covered by my insurance at home couldn't find anyone in FL who takes my insurance for it.
-Squeem Miracle Vest (amazon)
-Water/ Gatorade
-Low sodium soups
-Low Saltine Crackers
-Ginger Ale
-Pineapples/ Pineapple Juice

THERE IS A WHOLE FOODS RIGHT ACROSS FROM SALAMA OFFICE!!!! I am so excited, i will buy my food there when i fly down.
Some things I have already purchased, but most things will be purchased while in FL.Show less

I would like to take the time to say thank you

I feel prepared and fully ready for my surgery! I know I probably repeated things on my list, I got most of my stuff from these supportive lovely ladies!


A few others


These babies right here got my Hgb at 14.3

PRE-Op today

Shit got real, I have a 7:30am appointment yay! First of the day WHOOT WHOOT lol

SALAMA PROVIDES THE LIPOFOAM and Boppy pillow......!

I wish I never purchased this! But anyways ladies I hope this saves someone from buying it! (I don't know about other Dr.'s)

I can't believe I will be having this BBL, I am very excited but at the same time my flight and first few days here have been horrible and I almost want to call it off. I won't. Ahhhh BBL here I come....

.Pry for me girls!!!!!!!

I'm alive will update later

What do you ladies think?

Very swollen but feeling great

Day of sx I was in pain but mostly just nauseous and tired. I walk every time I woke up and I am not a fan of Lentil Soup, but he recommended it for a reason, I feel it helping me heal and even having a few spoonfuls at a time helped the most for my nausea. I also never drink anything but water and I sure was asking for the gateraid real quick cause water makes me feel like I am going to vomit (just the first day). Over all my recovery is way better than I expected so far, hope it's this easy the rest of the time. I still didn't poop yet, I am scared lol. I will update again later.

Main things of importance;
Salama provides lipofoam, Boppy pillow, compression socks, 2 water proof sheets to put on your bed, straps under the buttock to help with rounding it out.

Gateraid and lentil soup are also important

I had a BM

It's wasn't to bad, I did it standing up. One was so hard I put on a glove and put a finger up there to help break it up! I don't care it worked and made pooping manageable,y thighs hurt more than anything. The pineapple does help a lot with swelling wich I had on my right side of my face and chin/neck. I have post-op tomorrow. Keep you ladies up to date! Muahz love all you vets and your grate tips that helped me feel prepared for this! I hope I can help even one person!

Pumping & recovery

Pumping is very hard, it drains you, but still manageable. I pump every time if get up to wall, I'm so scared to loose my milk supply 0-o
But for the ladies who don't want to stop breastfeeding: store as much milk as you can, I brought 50 bags cause you need to pump and dump, but it is still possible too continue breastfeedong after you are off all the meds, as long as you keep up your supply!

In other new the P-Ez was worth every penny! I love that I don't have to squat to pee, men have it so easy lol.

Talk soon on my way to post-op

First no garment pic

Eat low sodium ladies

I had a few salty chips, and arms and hands are balloons!!

Riding around with the family

This is actually very comfortable. My husband hand picked a mini van that would accommodate me lying down and the two kids in the way back. He is the best! Love him

I finally got my arm compression sleeves today, feels so much better with them on!

On my way to first massage

Wish me luck ladies!! Hide my drains in my bra so going out wasn't to weird I'm stiff but not bludgung anywhere funky except the cement walking behind me! Lol

Second Massage today yay!

My booty still holding at 46" hope she doesn't go down to much

Busy dealing with this

Update soon

Start to a infection

Dr. Salama has been there for me, gave me his cell phone to be able to have been contact. He prescribed a antibiotic and a cream to protect my "wound"

Ugh real self! Deleted my review twice

So I feel like I haven't done a solid update in a while.

My first massage I was ticklish,
My second massage was painful but not unbearable. I am kinda nervous to get my third massage, lol.

I went to the mall at coconut point for some shopping, great place (far from Miami)

My drain started to smell and had tiny bit of puss coming out, and was super red, causing some stomach cramping, my cousin saved the day went and purchased iodine and antiseptic spray (I noticed it had lidocaine in it, came in handy later)

Now I usually have a high tolerance for pain but when you touch my drain tube at all it was extremely painful, so best believe right before they were about to even touch my front drain to take it out, I prayed the heck out of it with the antiseptic (lidocaine) spray til it was completely numb. I thought I had the upper hand numbing most the pain, boy was I wrong this drain to me was nothing like removing the back drain, which was nothing more than a discomfort followed by nausea. She was cutting out the wire stitched to my skin, which I didn't really feel because of the spray, then she started to tug and pull, omg, my whole insides felt like some was in there filleting me from inside getting ready to grill up a slab of my tummy, after she took out the drain I threw up, I wonder if anyone else had this experience. I will never forget this!

It's been a roller coaster of things the last week.

My husband left, huge disappointment! He had to get back to work. I miss him so much, we have not slept away from each other in over 9.5 years, this is hard! Now just me the boys and my cousin, this is even harder, lol. I don't sleep much or rest, from missing my man to taking care of my boys!

I feel like this review is all over the place, I am getting better.

You can see where the drain was in my tummy, it's raised above my skin, even with massages and self massage. My arms are lumpy, I hope this changes, at this point my arms were not worth the aggravation, Surgeon's say it takes a long time to see end results in the arms, so let's see.

In other news

I am enjoying my body so far no more annoying sweaty rolls on my back, ahhhh freedom, and I'll never look back! Can't wait to start working this body out!

How I get around

So now that my rental is gone and sitting in the passenger seat is soooo uncomfortable, I came up with this! A stool and pillow in the trunk of my cousins mini SUV, it sucks but, it sucks much less than being uncomfortable upfront with my foam roll, which I will be forced to do when I get home, cause two car seats in a coupe, that's my only option

A little before and after

A little before in after wearing the same Capri pants

Woke up this morning to a jiggly butt

I am so happy! And my man comes back Wednesday! I am on cloud nine.......can't wait to sit though :-/

Added my old squeem

Today I added my queen to my garment regiment. Being that it is size M It was so loose, I made it smaller about an inch by tailoring it about a inch smaller.

1. Ab board with foam on top
2. Foam on sides and back
3. Garment
4. Squeem

No longer wearing a tshirt under everything, I actually feel better without it. (I read on Bigbootytinuwaist journey Dr. S said don't need it around this time)

I am still caring for my drain site. It has gotten better since Dr. S prescribed the cream and Antibiotics, I care for it twice a day and pills 3x a day). I feel like maybe if I cleaned it better in the beginning when it's kinda annoying taking your garment off, I wouldn't have had a infection, who knows, it's getting better and that is all that matters.

My arms are still lumpy and my lower abdomin is very hard and tight regardless of constant massage, heat and lymphatic massage, hope this changes soon.....

Damn females me hating

Yo the struggle is real for these girls, I always applaud a good looking women, I thought it was bad before now with this ass damn these females burning holes in my back! Lmao *shakes them off* too funny

If you don't like what u got don't hate cause someone else do......

APPLAUD A BAD bitch!!!!

Rant over lol I'm done

I had my last post op today

I love all the women at this office man Salama hired a great team nome, NANCY!!, Evelyn are all amazing sweet women! I have to give it up to Salama for giving me my perfect me!

Woke up smaller

I wake up and my garment is loose agin on my tummy. The guy I got at massage envy in Aventura (Edgar or Javier) used extremely hard pressure which felt amazing and slightly uncomfortable compared to all the other massages. He said I had a lot of fluid and a good tip incase you didn't know already you should have 8oz water before and after every massage to help move extra fluid to draining sites in the body. So until I have time when my kids sleeping tonight to sew my garment and faja tighter I used my robe rope to put more pressure where I want it. So I have the ab board, lipo foam, garment, faja, and robe rope lol, I can't breath! How long did you ladies wear lipo foam for? Results keep getting better already planning my mini tummy tuck and breast lift with Salama for next year this time, can't wait. I also can't wait to be able to start working out, They told me at 6weeks I can start.

Photo didn't post

Just got a small squeem

Just got a small squeem and I already have to sew it in 1.5", who complaining, NOT ME! Lol


With garment, foam, and faja on..... My waist is at 28" now was just at 30" after sx, swelling is real, you will get smaller if you follower your doctors advice on what they want you to do. They know what works for their patients based off previous results and patients, so listen and follow to a T. Salama is a booty god!

Woke up to a smaller butt

I hope it gets better with "fluffing" I am now 46"

No one can tell......

Since I have been home no noticed anything, should I be happy or sad???? HAPPY DAH!!! Lol I would rather know it looks natural(SALAMA MADE MY BUTT FOR MY BODY NOT A WISH PIC) that is what I asked for I want a better version of myself. I just CANT WAIT TO SIIIIITTTTT! Lol I have stools in my kitchen so I fake sitting I front of the family easy but now I just wanna kick back on the couch with them and watch a movie or something! Lol I am happy to be back home!!

My man surprised me with a trip back to Miami for the weekend no kids, hmmmmm I wonder what his end game is, lol no as he is a man, what do you expect! Hahaha

Love all you ladies for all your support and great tips that have helped me through this amazing experience

How a got around

There was no pressure on my butt at all, I wish I had knee and elbow pads many times during my recovery but at home with all my family here they would ask, I would which back and fourth between the roll with the pillow and the stool with the pillow whenever I got uncomfortable, now I drive with a pillow on my back and soft yoga Matt right under my thighs (Mesan recommendation for driving) this is now comfortable for me, much more than in the beginning

Incase I didn't say so in my review when I used the bathroom, I used a thick towel rolled up under my thighs and peeEz was a life saver

My recovery with two kids

I have to be honest getting the bbl, my experience was no more than a quick annoyance nothing more, I don't know if it is because I have a high tolerance of pain or having some percs, but it wasn't painful for me at all, more uncomfortable from stiffness, for me I have been good and stuck to no sitting but with two kids running around I have been bending over since week 1, when your a mom you have no choice but to care for your kids, I hope it doesn't lead to volume loss but at the end of the day I have been strict to no sitting and DR. SALAMA has given me a body I would not have been able to achieve on my own, so either way I love my change!

All I want to do is SIT

Nothing has changed much just a little more swelling has gone Down and the line across the bottom of my belly is fading with deep massage and heat. I am dreaming about sitting, I just can't wait for this last week to be over!!! Also, can't wait to wear jeans!!

I am considering getting a MM

Mommy Makeover

BL AND TT (mini) I really want them to tighten my stomach muscles, we'll I will make a new review for that I guess, I am thinking about Dr. Hughes I am liking his work, any suggestions for the mommy make over message me or write below? Thanks ladieS

Everything is the same

I feel back to my self expect with the whole not sitting and laying on my back which after read mseans update I will hold off til month 3 why the hell not I made it this far, what's another month or so...... I started waist training and it freaking works my waist is ridiculous right now 25" I don't think it could get any smaller at this point my butt is still at 45.5" so down 1/2 of swelling in my opinion. This whole experience is just amazing and life changing.


I will post some pics this week

One more I took a week ago

As requested

This is what 25" looks like when I eat salty food it goes up to 26" easy but when I'm strict it's a firm 25" I cut myself and surrounding out for obvious reasons. But SALAMA DID THAT WERK!!!

My BbL shopping list

-Big sweat pants
-Plain tshirts
-Yoga pants
-Lentil soup
-Heating pad
-P Ez
-Half foam roll
-Chux pad (Salama supplied)
-Foam (was also supplied)
-Faja (so glad I had this, I wore it while washing my cg to maintain compression/ I would shower use heating pad and massage then put the faja until my cg was dry)
-medical tape and gauze
-5 fitted shirt (Doctors order, for under garment)
-whey protein
-Razor/Shave Gel
-Prescriptions/ Pain Meds (Dr. S, he mailed them in the packe)
-Iron Pills 150 mg
-Vitamin C 1000 mg
-Colace (stool softener)
-Dial Antibacterial Soap
-Sugar Scrub: sugar & olive oil (Pre sx shower) I still do this on my tummy
-Nivea q10 Firming Lotion
-Cotton Balls/ Q-Tips
-Pads (thick ones)
-Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses
-Sports Bra
-Sleep Shirts
-Abdominal Board (Salama Gives)
-Toothbrush/ toothpaste
-Hair Scarf
-Flip Flops, slip on shoes
-Baby Oil and coconut oil
-Boppy Pillow (Salama gives)
-Yoga Mat
-High Density Foam Roller
-what-EVER Spray (best disinfectient ever)
-Massages: my suggestion is to have these already set up home and there.

Well I kept my list short because I didn't use much at all, everyone is different

My update:
Nothing new still not sitting or sleeping on sides or back at all, still some swelling, doing full workouts, waist training, juicing and eating healthy

Tingling = fluffing?

My Butt has not itch tingled or anything until this fluffing????

God it is kinda annoying, it feels like your itchy on the inside mixed with tingle sensation that ping pings in a ton of different places!


Anyways nothing new to report, I still do not sit sleep on my butt or sides, size is the same. It has dropped a tiny bit and looks completely natural

Ugh had to sit today

It was hard not to put some pressure on my butt, but oh well I guess I am flirting with sitting a lot more now.... More than 2 months in

All my pics disappeared ????

Sorry I have been so busy and got unmotivated after all my pics disappeared!!
Anyways. My body feels 100% I get that burning tight skin feeling in all lipoed areas. Still don't sit much if at all and still only sleep on my tummy. My butt is at firm 44.5 inches

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