52 Yrs Old, Lower Body Lift with Breast Reduction After 100lb Weight Loss - Boston, MA

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4 months before my 50th birthday I decided that I...

4 months before my 50th birthday I decided that I was sick of being the biggest girl at all the functions. I had a husband and family and friends that adored me but I didn't adore myself. I made the decision to start my weight loss journey. It started with a personal trainer who has literally been my life line. He worked out with me 2 times a week and gave me the confidence that I could do this. I found that dieting was coming easier to me as I started seeing the results and here I am over 70 lbs lost and feeling better then I have in years. My best friend went to see a PS and had awesome results. I talked to her about the issues I had now that I had lost so much weight. I could cover quite a bit in my jeans and yoga pants but those days on the beach were getting more and more uncomfortable. The loose skin on my tummy was getting really bad and it was really showing my extensive stretch marks and sagging skin. I decided to book a consultation. Going to my first consultation was one of the hardest things I have ever done. To show a complete stranger the most imperfect things about yourself took all my courage but I kept focusing on the fact that this doctor could help me. I went to Dr Jeffrey Darrow in Boston and he exceeded my expectations. He was so calming for me. He listened to all my concerns and answered each and every single question that both my husband and I had. I had originally gone in to talk about a tummy tuck but he started talking to me about a lower body lift. I felt myself physically shake. A belt 360 degrees... Completely around my whole body! I thought that was for people that lost huge amounts of weight. Good grief. We also talked about a breast reduction. I currently workout with 3 sports bras and explained that it would be nice to wear one! I am currently a 34 DDD. We discussed insurance possibly covering that procedure for me but explained they would dictate how much would be removed. I explained that I would rather pay out f pocket then to have insurance decide what size bra I would be buying. He told me that he understood and because I would be having the surgery in his surgical suite, we could do all the procedures in one surgery. That works for me. Less time down and out. He gave me prices for everything we talked about and gave them to me in separate quotes just in case I wanted to tackle them one at a time. My husband who is also in the medical field, was so impressed with this Doctor he told me that what ever I decided to do as fine with him but this was my surgeon. I talked to my kids and my very best friends and of course my trainer who has helped me reach my weight loss goal. My trainer told me that this was a great option for me and that my husband being on board was awesome. I needed to make a decision and then go for it. My friends were so happy that I would be able to finally feel comfortable in my skin. They have watched me struggle for years. I stalked Real Self for the entire weekend looking for reasons not to do this. I watched past episodes of Botched. I called on Monday, I made my decision and booked my very long surgery for after the holidays. I would also be able to get a few much needed workouts in before my surgery. Finding the right surgeon and then making the decision to do the surgery was the last decision I will make. The rest is up to Dr Darrow. I feel like I'm in good hands. For now till the surgery, I will workout hard and eat properly so I am the best I can be. I know that I have some recovery that I will need my mental strength to get though so I am focused on working out for now until the surgery date comes closer! With the holidays coming I am hopes I am too busy to think about that is ahead.

One week away!

I can't believe that I am only a week away! So excited and so terrified at the same time. My friends ask me what I'm most scared of....I tell them EVERYTHING! Will I handle everything well? Will the results be worth all the money and all the pain? Will my body heal with no complications? How long will I have to depend on my family for help? How swollen will I be and for how long? Well, I will have these answers shortly!

Have been so focused on working out and staying healthy that the date is creeping up on me! I have been a workout crazy for over 2 years. I am nervous about not working out for the time it takes to heal. Have spent the past week stalking RS looking for a glimpse of what my next 8 weeks hold.

My surgery is on January 21 and I am curious from the LBL/BL peeps out there, if booking a vacation for April 1st is pushing it as far as swelling? Are my cloths gonna fit me?

I have rented a lift chair so that I can sleep and at least stand up on my own. Sleep keeps things in perspective for me. My daughter is a nurse and has arranged to spend 4 days after surgery with me. I'm starting to feel bad that I may be a lot of work and feel guilty that my family has to help with so much!

I work for my husband and believe it or not, that is a worry for me too. I worry about workday gong smoothly for him. I'm the office manager for him and I am in hopes I can get into the office and at least post checks for cash flow.

I'm the one that takes care of everything! I'm not used to being the one to be taken care of. I guess I feel vulnerable!

Wow! I really can't shut my brain off. It just races from one thing to another.


Had my one week follow up with Dr Darrow on Friday and everything looks awesome. I feel great and look amazing for having just gone through what I did. He took my drains out and I feel like a million bucks. Anyone wishing to do these surgeries in the Boston area are so crazy not to go to this man! He handles you so gentle and with such a high degree of kindness that words cannot begin to express my gratitude. I feel so badly for people who have had issues as I have not had one! I will ha e to post some pictures as my words can't begin to explain what a transformation that has occurred. Went out for breakfast and took a walk today with best friends to get out as being in the house for a week is definitely making me a bit nuts! Walked alittle over a mile today. I felt like I wanted to keep going but friends and husband didn't want me to over do! I can hardly wait to get out and do it again! I will try and go alittle further each time! Feeling so very lucky that I am married to a man that feels it was important to invest in myself and that we found a surgeon who delivered results that exceeded our expectations.

3 weeks ago today...

It has been 3 weeks today and because I work for my husband and I have a desk job I have put in 4 half days last week and 3 days this week. I am absolutely wiped out as of right now! Everything is looking amazing just wanting the energy level to come up! I am still too chicken to put up pictures however I'm going to ask my Dr for his before and then. You will get an idea of where I am at

I have tried on everything I own and not one thing except my yoga pants fit. All too big! It looks like my poor husband will continue to pay!

He told me he can't believe the change in my body once the surgery was done!. My daughter is a nurse and she comes home to check on me when she can and said that Dr Darrow's work is amazing! That makes me feel great that she can see it too! She is 23 yard old and she said she has boob envy! I love it!

Well hope all is well with everyone in Real Self world! Just wanted to give a quick update!

6 Weeks!

I apologize for not updating till now. Life has been crazy. Trying to get back to regular schedule has been trying some days... I went to see my PS last Friday and he was very happy with results as am I. I can't believe time is marching away! He gave me the green light to get back to everything normal so back to the gym I went. I have been a nervous wreck about gaining weight as my appetite is definetly back! I do eat really clean but let's face t, I crave the salty and sugary things that got me here t begin with! My personal trainer took it very slow with me yesterday, however I left feeling like a super star! Can't wait to hit it again today! My tummy is still very numb. It makes me alittle uneasy as I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong. I've been very cautious wth the area so I don't know how else to do it now! The tops of my legs are a bit numb too, but I feel were my trainer worked those yesterday so I guess that's my answer! My doctor is sending me the before and after pictures so when I get them I will update my result as I think they are amazing. I wore jeans for the first time this past weekend but couldn't wait t get back in my yoga pants! Happy healing everyone!

Pictures? Ok. Here goes!

My PS sent me pictures of before and after! Yikes, I can't believe this! What a transformation! Trust me people, I look better with cloths on! Kudos to my surgeon though! It's only Ben 6 weeks and I've forgotten that pre surgery girl!

Dr Darrow and his staff is absolutely top notch. He is the entire package. He has the skill and the bed side manner. He made a very scary surgery a breeze to get though. He has surrounded himself with awesome staff. His assistant Helen is just the best and so are all of his nurses! His anesthesiologist again, was the best. I could not be happier with the advise he gave me and the skill in which he delivered my results. Dr Darrow YOU have changed my life and I am forever grateful!

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