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My story and review, I hope this can help people...

My story and review, I hope this can help people make a great decision about improving the way they look by changing something they don't like about themselves. I am a male 45yrs old. About 2 years ago I had Chin reduction (too long) and off the shelf Jowl implants done from another Dr , this is what I had requested and he did a great job and I was very happy I did it. After a while I decided that If I had to do it all over again I would have not reduced it I would have just gotten a custom jaw implant because the real issue was not that my chin was too long as much as the problem being that my jaw was too narrow making my chin appear too long and my jaw was asymetrical, my right jaw bone was lower than my right. The whole thing was out of proportion. These things is actually why I didn't like the way it looked or why it didnt look attractive as I wanted it to be. So after the first surgery I was happy because it was better but then I decided to just go for it and do the custom Jaw implant. So why didn't I just do that the first time? Because I was scared, I had never done anything like this, and having a custom implant made seemed too extreme and on top of that more money and I felt like I was already spending "alot" and that I didn't need "all that". So there were all these mental things, these limiting beliefs that were holding me back. So then after that, going through my first cosmetic surgery with a good Dr what I realized is that its not so scary, its worth the money to improve the way you look and that you do feel more confident and better about yourself. So last year I got serious about going for it and getting a custom made implant ( they scan your scull and design a whole implant for your face/proportion,amazing). I researched Drs and Dr Yaremchuck is at the top of the list and with that of course comes a higher fee, as it should be. So I made my appointment to fly out and meet him and before meeting him I already knew 2 things 1) I was going to get it done by him and I didn't need to see anyone else. and 2) I was going to spend the money because you only live once So I went to see him in Boston, I live in Chicago, on both the first and second surgery I went out of town to get the procedure done, there were local docs but not known experts so I decided that flying out even for the initial consultations would be part of the adventure. The office is really nice, high end without being obnoxious. I went in to see him and it was him and one of his staff, Dr Y struck me as smart,classy and confident without being arrogant. I told him the short story about what I did previously and what I wanted and I summarized what I wanted by telling him "Doc, make me look handsome with a great jaw" I mean , what else is there to say, its all about looking great and I know that he's the expert so I don't need to be saying much more than that. The reason I think this is important is that I think when you have too much input you can prevent yourself from getting the best results because I realized that when you want to change something about yourself you can obsess about it which can cause the way you are looking at yourself to be flawed so you are better of telling them what you want and letting the expert handle this. He listened asked me questions about myself and lifestyle and he gave me a critique of my current situation and told me he could design something for me and he could email it to me. Previous to meeting with him I had already gotten the scans of my head done. So I told him I wanted to get it done, ( back jaw wider without looking like a muscle head, strong jaw, more projection) then they went over pricing with me and I paid for a deposit, I didn't wait to see the design before committing because I knew I was getting it done and that he was the one and I didn't want to delay the process. I also asked him about maybe a procedure for my eyes but he said he felt I didn't need it. So he emailed me the design about 10-15 days later and I basically said to him to look at my pictures again and that I'm just going with whatever he suggests. I also told him I wanted to get some Lipo done on my lower back and glutes (PROBLEM AREAS! lol) It took me a few months for me to be able to schedule the procedure because of my schedule because they told me I would need to stay in Boston for at least 5 days. I flew out the night before the surgery and showed up at the center at 8am. Everyone was really cool and nice and I was relaxed but I did get a little nervous, Just my own nerves of surgery, general anesthesia..etc etc but I definitely felt that I was dealing with professionals so I had no worry about that. Everyone made me feel at ease and each of them went over everything with me in detail and the next you know I'm waking up in recovery. Dr Y came to check on me and we talked about how everything went and what to expect. No pain, just discomfort. I stayed at the center with a nurse who was fantastic looking over me and another patient all night. First night is rough because if the discomfort and having to sleep upright, can only eat oatmeal, leaking , fun stuff like that. Dr Y came to see me in the morning. Next nights I slept at my Hotel, I was out walking around by the second day. My face was swollen, I knew it was going to happen so I didn't freak out about it but I have read alot of reviews on this board and since ive gone through my first chin surgery then rhino and now this surgery Id like to say this. -If you get something done on your face, your face will more than likely get swollen or REALLY swollen and you will start questioning if you did the right thing or if something is wrong. RELAX, you need to be patient because it will take 5-7 days for it to go down but the difference between day 2 and day 7 is enormous. - It takes MONTHS for the final result because you have to heal and your muscles and everything else has to adjust. On my first chin surgery and my Rhino -it looked really good after month 3 and even better at month 6 and better at month 9, tiny changes, but better. - Dont get depressed or freak out and start thinking about another surgery within that time, thats crazy, you have no idea what the final result will be until you have it so be extremely patient. - People dont really notice when you are swollen, its weird but you would think that people would notice that your face is swollen, and on day 2 or 3 at the highest point they would but after that all though you can clearly see it people wont-you might get a look like they are thinking "do they look different?" but thats about it. Anyway on day 5 I went to see Dr Y so he can see how I'm doing and I went home. So as I'm writing this it is Day 16, and I am very very happy. My chin and jaw look great , it looks nice , natural, proportional and I'm looking forward to seeing what it will look like as time goes by because I know there will be slight changes as minor swelling continues to go away and the muscles and skin adjust. But it looks great and something that I have realized is that it makes my whole face look better, I don't know how to describe it other than that. And I look younger. The Lipo I got was great too, had never done it but now I regret not having it done years ago because it is great, I got 4 areas done, lower back, glutes, upper lower abs. Very happy. I will post before after pics.



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When you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, especially on your face, its a big deal, not in the sense of the surgery itself because there's so many Drs that can perform the surgery but as I did my research I realized that the art is in the results and that on your face, tiny differences make all the difference in the world. I'm really happy with the results from my procedures and that for the first time in my life I decided to put all other factors aside and go with the best for myself and I did that with Dr. Yaremchuck. His staff was great and the whole experience was pleasant from start to finish I cant imagine it having gone any better and that's why I am giving him 5 stars down the board. I absolutely and highly recommend.

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