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My breasts have been large from a very young age....

My breasts have been large from a very young age. From developing at such an early age I had alot of stetch marks and having a child added to it. I had back problems, my posture never looked correct and I would always have indents on my shoulders at the end of the day from my bra straps. My breast where also asymetrical and my right breast was larger than the left. There was no support they sagged almost to my belly button and I am 30 yrs old. I have never been able to go to any store and buy an off the rack bathing suit or find shirts that would fit my upper body along with a smaller waist. I could never buy a prom dress for my age. Most importantly I have never felt beautiful looking in the mirror because of how much I disliked my breasts. Now I can walk around naked I'm so confident. Finally I am able to buy a pretty bra instead of going into and older womans store. I wish I had done this years ago because now I am so comfortable in my own skin and now I have that choice to go into any store I want and buy any bra,shirt or coat without having to worry if they will have my size.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Darrow is extremely polite and made me feel completely comfortable, explained in detail what to expect in regards to what I should expect to feel after the surgery. He spent as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions and make sure that all my needs were met before proceeding with the procedure. I was able to get an appointment with in a few weeks and his secretary helen also kept in touch with me. I have never met a more personable person. She not only books the appointments but also takes the time to know you personally which made my experience that much better. After the surgery Dr. Darrow himself called me several times to see how I was recooperating and my pain management level. My experience was amazing and I would absolutely recommed it to anyone.

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