46 Years Old, Fairly Athletic, 3 Csections

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I initially met with Dr. Kramer August 2016 after...

I initially met with Dr. Kramer August 2016 after being told repeatedly by my good friend that my belly that bothered me so much was never going to go away from diet and excercise. My oldest son is 21, second 19 and youngest 16 and I thought all those years I just needed to work harder. Was always on a diet, had a personal trainer and trained 3 days a week, rarely eat processed foods or sugar and drink seldom, non smoker. I do have a fairly stressful job but have a husband that is extremely supportive and loved me the way I was. I got to be a professional at trying to camouflage my mid section with flowy tops, longer sweaters, etc. it was an "a-ha" moment when I realized it wasn't going to change without surgery. So, I met with Dr. Kramer in Meridian, Idaho. Initially, he was very straightforward that I am a candidate for a tummy tuck and that he would for sure need to do liposuction of my hips if I was going to be happy with the result. I hadn't thought of that really but he was 100% right. So, booked my surgery for 10/31/2016. I think I almost gave myself too much time to worry about it but also, was able to lose 15 lbs and get in even better shape and cleanse for 30mdays prior. All super helpful. So, the prep for surgery....wow, enema, i elected for a colon cleanse the afternoon before and very light eating the day before. Checked in to the hospital, nurses were wonderful, dr. Kramer came and marked me up, I was thrilled he marked below my csection scar and above my belly button. Next I knew I woke up in recovery. 4 hour surgery later, 2 lbs of skin off my belly and a coke sized liter bottle of fat off my hips, I was crying I was so happy even without seeing the result yet. I was home in my recliner by 3pm same day. The first week was a blur, did way too much online shopping. Second week better. I am currently on day 13 and feel really good. Swelling seems minimal, I stopped painkillers in half late in the first week and completely off by day 6. The lipo dosnt hurt at all. That was supposed to be the worst. I highly recommend dr. Kramer. He is amazing. I would do another procedure with him without thinking twice. His nurse Kim took my first drain out 7 days after surgery, 10 days on the second. I am keeping the compression very tight and every time I take a peek I am so very happy. If you are on the fence, Do It!

Pre surgery photo, 1 day post op, 10 days and 14 days post op

Before was the best I could seem to get after working out with a trainer, eating Whole Foods etc. 1 day post op, 10 days and 14 days. Every day gets better. Still hurts to sneeze or cough but the compression garment is doing its job keeping swelling to a minimum as well as eating smaller portions

1 month post op

I am super happy with my results, my scar is nice and smooth now and I am stretching it a little bit more. Still haven't really started with much activity as far as exercise goes except for making short walks in the mall, around the block, but feeling really good.

Bikini ready

It is been over 25 years that I have felt comfortable wearing a bikini. Pretty excited for my vacation coming up in three months.

38 days post op. Could not be happier.

Every day gets better. I am seeing more definition in my abs. Hoping next week at 6 week check up I am cleared for cardio but waiting for him to say ok.

Start of 7th week post op.

Feeling great. Having my 6 week appt with doctor tomorrow. I expect he will clear me for cardio and light weights. Hoping. Also hoping I wear binder just at night. We will see. Abs look great :)

Week 7, leaning over, nothing hangs

Still trying to get used to this. No rolls, nothing hanging. ;)

My baby is 17 years old today

The only huge milestone today is that my youngest of three boys turn 17. I got this Tummy Tuck because of the thought of being an empty Nester and wanting to feel comfortable with my body. However it seems to have done more than that I just feel really good about myself and that is awesome. I am about 11 weeks postop today and feeling so much better than I ever expected. We are going on a 26 year anniversary trip in less than a month and I have nothing but bikinis to take to Hawaii. I have also been back in the gym for about a month lifting weights and doing cardio very consistently.

3 months post op

Feeling really back to myself. My appetite is a little bigger than after surgery but still smaller than before. Excercise is comfortable, like I never had surgery.

4 1/2 month post op, loving the journey

At 4 1/2 months post op, looking back on the start point and how far I have come. Comfortable in low rise jeans. Cleaned out the closet, clothes fit very differently than before. Some things can be kept if belted. Very grateful.

6 1/2 months post op. Sitting in the car.

Crazy how with extra skin, we have rolls the minute we sit down. At 46 years old, even with a tummy tuck, it is not like we are 12 but is dang good compared to before. Super happy. Still wearing compression when I sleep. Going to ask the doctor about it, makes me feel secure :)

I love Dr. Kramer. I only wish I would have thought about doing this 10 years ago. He is amazing, a true professional and all the worrying I did prior to the procedure, I finally realized I had made the right decision on my doctor and that was his job to get it right, he surely did. My scar is great, BB is great. Hips great...

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