Smart Lipo on Legs (Calves, Ankles, Knees, Thighs) - Boise, ID

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After several years of contemplating, debating,...

After several years of contemplating, debating, crying, researching, etc. I finally went ahead and had smart lipo performed on my legs. Initially I wanted my ankles and calves done since those were my primary problem areas but decided to also have my knees, inner/outer/back (including the banana roll) thighs done. Since I could remember i've always been self conscious of my calves. I am not a heavy person by any means. I'm between 5'2" and 5'3" and fluctuate between 98-102 in weight. My calves on the thickest part were 14.5 inches in circumference and my thighs on the thickest part were 20 inches in circumference. I had problems fitting into certain jean styles and boots. I hated the summer because I was never looking forward to wearing shorts. I hardly wore any boots either. There were some I could fit into but it just never looked right (imagine a sausage being shoved into a test tube, Yuck! D: )

Anyway, I started researching locally in Boston. I figured I wouldn't have any problems finding a surgeon here since Boston's one of the best medical places in the country. Initially I was deadset on wanting general anesthesia over local; I didn't want to experience any pain and I didn't want to be awake during the procedure. I got several opinions. The first surgeon told me it was basically water weight and that there was nothing i could do. That was a huge blow for me, but luckily I went ahead and got other opinions. I even went to the top rated plastic surgeon in Boston. In the end I just wasn't happy with the answers I received from any of the surgeons here. So I started looking out of state. I researched in California, New York, Florida, etc. I finally came across a doctor in Boise, Idaho. He had great before and after photos of all the body parts he's worked on for people including the calves! I was very excited to see those pictures because to me it was a dramatic before and after difference and that was more than enough for me. So I went ahead and contacted them; asked the questions, etc etc... Everyone that I talked to over the phone and emailed was super nice and accommodating. I sent them my measurements and photos of my legs. I talked to the doctor of the phone and we went over everything. He asked me why i was doing this and explained the procedure step by step. It was great because it didn't feel rushed at all. He was really understanding and most of all caring! Two weeks later I had everything booked: the hotel, flight, medications..everything. I was excited but very anxious.

I have never had surgery before so I didn't know what to expect. I was primarily afraid of pain and needles...blood not so much because I could always close my eyes and not have to see anything :P My procedure was split into two days. The first half of the procedure was on the 15th of February. I met the staff and doctor for the first time. They were all very nice and happy to see me! I was given a my medication (a little extra that day as i was very anxious and told them i was really afraid of pain). We went over everything again including what would happen during and what to expect after. I got my before pictures taken and was then sent to the room to get started.

It really wasn't painful at all. Initially you feel a bit of poking and pinching when he's putting the lidocane in but after a couple of seconds you hardly feel anything. I was awake during the entire procedure but i was definitely out of it. It felt like only 10 minutes but i'm sure it took 1-2 hours. I had my knees, inner, outer, and back of my thighs done that day. I think I had nearly 2 liters (I will ask my doctor what the precise measurements was on my next visit) taken out just on those areas which is crazy because I don't consider myself overweight!

When i was done, they left me to rest/sleep there for about an hour before one of the nurses took me back to the hotel. I was exhausted still from the medication so i fell right to sleep. I remember waking up a couple of hours later to go to the bathroom but my head was spinning! It felt like someone was shaking me. I couldn't see or stand right. On my way back to the bed I lost my balance and fell! My phone was no where near me and i couldn't get up lol! So i just fell asleep against the foot of my bed. Luckily two nurses came to check up on me an hour or so later and saw me there and helped me. They gave me medication, Gatorade, and changed my bandages. I felt so helpless but they were so nice! They are around my age so we got along pretty well :) My doctor also frequently checked up on me throughout the day/night. I felt so spoiled lol, like i was the only patient they had! :) The second day one of the nurses picked me up at the hotel and drove me to the clinic. I didn't feel as anxious this time because I knew what to expect. I was given my medication and asked to sit on one of their massage chairs. I stupidly fell alseep with the massage chair on hahahaha and was awoken by the doctor who helped me to the room. Again, the only somewhat painful part was the initial injection. I wasn't nauseous at all that day and didn't need to sleep after the procedure.

The doctor took 770 CC of fat out PER Calf/Ankle...thats 1540 cc total just in ankles and calves combined! I was shocked as that's about 3-4 pounds of fat! I was taken home by the doctor and a nurse. The doctor helped me into bed and made me ramen noodles! I also had a nurse come by later that day to help me change my garments. So it has been 4 days since my last procedure and I am still in Boise, Idaho. I leave for home tomorrow afternoon soon after my last appointment with the doctor.

I've been somewhat sore and swollen especially around the knees and ankle/foot areas. My feet are the worst :( It just feels awkward and like two huge blimps. I also have significant bruising especially behind the knees and the feet area. Other than that I saw results immediately after the procedure. My calves and ankles look so skinny even with all the swelling i'm experiencing. I cannot wait until the swelling subsides!

I will keep you all posted every couple of days. I'll also post before and after pictures when I get the chance.

All in all, my experience was very pleasant. Ladies (and gentlement), it IS possible to have your calves and ankles lipoed! One of my biggest issues from all of this was that there wasn't much info about lipo being done on the calves and ankles, and a lot of doctors are too uncomfortable working on this area. But IT IS Possible! If you are reading this and you are also contemplating having your lower legs done I would seriously consider the doctor I went to. His price is more than fair and he is there with you 100% of the way. Plus Boise is a beautiful place to visit! You can see the rockies right outside your hotel window!

Dr. Kerr is a board Certified Anesthesiologist so he pays extra special attention to your comfort.

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