Atrophy a Possibility After Aggressive Rhinoplasty? - Boise, ID

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Had a rhinoplasty where my deviated septum was cut...

had a rhinoplasty where my deviated septum was cut to remove a bend, and the cartilege was then use to soften a bump on top of nose. The hole never closed, so I have a huge hole in my septum. My face seems thinner, and circles under eyes have increased significantly. I have read on here that doctors see no correlation. I have researched and have drawn my own conclusions and am wondering how this can't possibly be a plausible explanation? If cuttting, or overaggressive rhinoplasty has occured, can't this damage blood vessels, leading to atrophy of parts of the nose and eyes that usually receive more ciculation?

Please give me advice, My plastic surgeon in Boise...

Please give me advice, My plastic surgeon in Boise Idaho, used part of my septum to cover a bump on my nose. During recovery my septum skin did not heal properly over the hole so I am left with a large, dime size oblong hole in my septum. I am so terribly depressed as people continue to tell me I look sick now and have sunken eyes and a sunken face. My wrinkles around my nose, mouth and eyes have increased 10 fold. I look 20 years older and I use to be told I was a very beautiful 40 year old. I don’t know why this is happening? Why does my face look sunken? I can’t find any correlation to this and I don’t know if there is any hope for me as I am worried he cut a nerve or something. I am also aware that repair for this is usually impossible. Help me please, any advice would help. Thank-you so much.

I hope this helps others out there going through...

I hope this helps others out there going through this. I have almost been suicidal since my rhinoplasty because i look so much worse. I have hollow eyes, saggier cheeks, and wrinkles in my upper lip. I look about 20 years older and can't find any info about this because everyone thinks this is crazy. I started thinking I must be imagining this. I had rhinoplasty and had a procedure known as septum recession. Well, there ended up being a hole in my septum afterwards. When I told my doctor I looked so much older he said that was impossible and the septum would have nothing to do with looking older. I have been a mess ever since. Welll, the other day on a total whim, I put a small sponge in the hole of my septum. I was shocked... It was the old me!! my cheekbones were fuller, my orbital holes no longer stood out, I looked like my old self and young again! I have a theory as to why this is working. My surgeon took too much from my nose and disrupted the sensitive organ that it is. The sponge seems to be warming it, also stimulating a part of the nose that should be permanantly a bit swollen. It is tha part of the nose that sneeezes when stimulated.I believe this part of the nose when disrutpted too much can die, thus leaving the sides of the nose wall dead and flat, whereas normally it is a bit swollen supporing the cheeks and eyes. We are not crazy!!!! Doctors are doing too much to the center of our noses and it is affecting all support in the middle of our faces, including the wrinkles in the uppper lip! I am going to continue using this sponge until I can get someone to take accoutability for this and am going to fight it tooth and nail for all of us who are claimed to be "crazy and stressed" Please, fight this too! You are not crazy, there is a huge support system in our noses that supports our faces and is disrupted with overly aggressive surgery! I look 20 years younger with this uncomfortable sponge up there, like my old self...I cried for about 5 hours from relief of seeing the old me!!! I will update you when I find someone to take this seriously and fix my nose so I can take out this ridiculous, uncomforable sponge! keep are not crazy...more research needs to be done about this horrible side effect and doctors who care should be doing it. I would like to find a plastic surgeon who would take pictures of my face before and after and work on developing an aporratus, such as an organic sponge lightly sprayed with silicone and surgically placed in the nose. I truly believe this is a possible solution.

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Because i am left with a huge hole in my septum.Updated on 25 Feb 2011:

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