26 YO with 2 Kids Getting a Lift, Reduction and Implant to Achieve a Fuller Look - Boise, ID

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I have my procedure coming up on 8/1 and I am so...

I have my procedure coming up on 8/1 and I am so excited! Nervous as well because it will last 4.5 hours. I am a deflated 36DD (flap jacky) in lamens terms. When i went in for my consultation he stated my breast aren't much different in size but sagged significantly and I would be a good candidate for a lift and if I wanted the fuller look, he said I can get a small implant. I specifically do not want to enlarge my size, he suggested a reduction to maintain my 36DD.

26 YO 165lbs 5'7 11month Old and 2.5 Year Old. BL/BR/BA and Maintaining a 36 DD.

I have had two children 18 months apart. I am looking to achieve a
fuller breast without increasing my size by very much. My doctor says
that he will be giving me a lift, small reduction and a small implant to
give me the fuller look. I haven't chose the type of implant yet but I
feel like I am leaning toward the high profile.

Can't wait to fill this out

New boobs!

Just had my surgery today! All bandaged up and looking forward to a sneak peak tomorrow at my post op :)

Bandages are off

They look great!! I am more than pleased with how they have turned out so far. No bruising and slight swelling. They took the drains out after just one day.

Under boob picture

I am just on IBU today and doing fine. I got to take a shower too.

I have never had cleavage when wearing a sports bra

This is my XL sports bra from Walmart and it's a bit small ;) but at least my boobs look great in it now!

What I've always wanted

Finally bought a bra today. The BA lounge and the ordered a VA sports bra. I needed to get out of that surgical bra, it was driving me nuts. Sticking to my surgical glue and it looked ridiculous in clothes lol. I was a deflated 36DD with plenty of room in my VS bras for many years. Now I am a FULL 36DD-DDD with not room!!! I love the outcome ???? all my bruises have hit the yellow stage and my stitches are still in tacked!

I finally fill it out!

6 days post op

Most of my bruising has yellowed. The only are that is still pretty rough is where they pulled out the drains on either side. The incisions have stayed in tacked thus far and the glue is still hard. I have so much marker on me that I don't think it will go away until the glue is gone. I have some mild discomfort where the bruises are still fresh but it's manageable.

VS sports bra heaven!!!!

It may be 60$, but it sure as hell feels wonderful!

1 week post op

Probably doing more than I should around the house, but that's what happens when you have a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. I don't lift them or anything to that extreme, but laundry and dishes would pile up if I never got to them. Today was my first day off of my OXYcodone and Antibiotics. I have a bandaid under my right boob because the glue is starting to flake away and it was getting stuck on my bra and causing discomfort. I am so extremely happy so far. The only thing I would say at this point is that I wish I would have gone with 450cc's rather than 400cc's. It's just my personal preference, I am a boob woman and always have been. They itch a little bit but I have been arnicare gel for my bruising and it seems to be helping. I tried going without a bra for a few hours yesterday and I was in pain and exhausted after just 3 hrs... Looks like I'll be living in my bras for a while!
The constipation is MAD! I haven't had a BM since the day of surgery and I have literally tried everything. So is suggest starting stool softeners a few days before surgery of you have IBS!

Feeling great! 2 days shy of my 2 week post op!

So I mentioned in my las update that I was hella constipated from all of the medication. Well, my girls and I passed around the 12 hr tummy bug these last few days and needless to say, I am feeling like myself again. I still haven't been to the gym since the surgery and it's only been two weeks, but I am feeling the struggle for sure!
On my 1 week post op last Wednesday kimmie was just so happy with how quickly I am healing. She says I am ahead of the game and can't wait to see the final product!

2 weeks post op

Everything seems to be healing well. Glue is starting to fall off and show some new pink skin. I am very happy with how they look :)

3 weeks post op tomorrow

I am boob obsessed lol! I am staring at and touching them all the time. I am very happy with my results thus far and feel like Dr. Kramer has exceeded my expectations. I am hoping that I love my outcome this much or even more come the 6 month mark when everyone tells me that the healing is complete.
I know for a fact I am doing way too much manual labor post op and wish that I could be more cautious with my recovery, but my life just doesn't slow down.. Ever. I really hope this doesn't hinder my end result!
I have been wearing mainly VS sports bras and the lounge push up or Demi during the day and only an unpadded, unlined Walmart sports bra to bed every night. I have gone bra-less twice, on a boat once and a gentle ATV ride to the river. Still no gym! Counting down 3 more weeks until I can get back to it. My mommy body has to go away LOL

4 weeks post op

I can definitely tell that my right boob (your left) is smaller than my left boob (your right). I have been experiencing what I would classify as nerve pain, on my nipples and under boob. It's totally manageable and I know it's a sign that I will re gain feeling.. So I'll deal. I am still very happy with the outcome of my surgery!
One of my biggest suggestions to anyone during post op is DO NOT BUY ANY NEW BRAS. Not only do I not fit into my old 36DD bras but I also don't fit into any of my new 36DD sports bras (i didn't experience swelling and thought I'd be able to buy bras) I have grown larger during the dropping stages, it's pretty crazy.
My husband is extremely happy with how they look and can't get enough ???? basically counting down the days til he can play with his new assets.

Projection. Upper pole fullness.

I wanted to show some photos of the projection and fullness that was achieved from my surgery! I am 5'7 165lbs and work out 4-5 days a week. (When I am not recovering) I am postpartum 1yr.

The VS bra that I am wearing is a bra that I have had for 2 yrs. (36DD) and you can clearly see my areola peaking through the top! My cup size has definitely increased.

5 weeks post op

So I decided to put a side beside photo of how my boobs looked engorged when I stopped nursing next to how my boobs look now at 5 weeks post op!
I used my nursing boob photo as a wish pic! I don't know about but I think he hit the nail on the head ;)

6 week post op

I have been experiencing some nerve pain, but other than that, all is well. I started a vitamin E oil and mederma :)) time to soften these scars! I'll post pictures later!

Picture at 6wks post op

Scarring is looking really good. I am using Vitamin E oil an Mederma 3x a day. My boobs are squishy and bouncy. I am still very happy with the outcome. One is larger than the other, but it makes it look more natural in my opinion.

7 wk post op Appointment follow up

I went in to see Dr. Kramer today and he gave me the OK to begin my workout and scar treatment! He was extremely happy with the outcome thus far and scheduled me for a follow up 6 months out. He also asked me to purchase push up bras and good support bras. I went and got measured and exchanged my bras at Victoria Secret. I am either a 36DDD or a 38DD, it just depends on the fit of the cup. I am so happy and can't wait until I don't have to wear a bra every day and all night! I want to free my boobies!!!

No bra

I can finally wear a shirt that I otherwise wouldn't because of the bra straps. Off the shoulder is back in my wardrobe and I am stoked!

My boobs went out on the town

Standing next to my younger lidless friends, my boobs looked just as good!! I wore and unlined and unpadded bra ????

Bathing suits

Ok. I am having some serious difficulty finding a bathing suit top that fits. Does anyone have suggestions!?

3 months post op

It feels like I've had my boobs forever! I am regaining even more feeling in my under boob and nipples everyday! Still very happy with my outcome. Working out is just fine and I am able to run if I wear a very supportive sports bra. I have been using mederma 1x a day since my 6 week post op.

A little past my 4 month update

I having some stretching on the undercarriage of my left breast due to weight of the implant. Other than that, I feel like I have had them forever. I use mederma cream everyday and hope that it truly does make a difference later down the road.

5 months

Scars are looking great! I love my boobs and wouldn't change a thing

A little past 6 months!!!

I love my boobs. They are awesome and they make me feel great. The scars are healing well, I have been using mederma since 6wks PO. I am a 36E. I have my 6 month post op Appointment at the end of the month and I am really looking forward to what my doctor has to say.


My first tropical vacation with my new boobs ;)

13 months post op

I couldn't be happier with my boobs! I can't believe it's been over a year already.
Meridian Plastic Surgeon

I have had my consultation and things went really well! He was very intent on knowing exactly what I was trying to achieve with this surgery. He made it very clear that no procedure is perfect and that I may not come out looking like the photos I keep looking at. I liked his honesty and diligence. Since my surgery I have been very happy with the outcome! They are exactly what I wanted.

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