Breastfed 2 children - 500cc moderate-plus smooth silicone under muscle

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I've always had small boobs. I'd stuff my bra in...

I've always had small boobs. I'd stuff my bra in 4th grade because a few of the early bloomers in my class already had boobs. So I think I've always admired a nice set of boobs!

I am still learning all about the procedure, types of implants, healing time, etc. I am 100% sure I'm going to get the surgery, just need more research.

I've had 2 children and nursed for a total of 3 yrs 3 months, collectively. That's a lot of abuse to the ladies! They are so sad and deflated. My poor nipples are long and will tear along the crease if they run and catch on something (like my inner arm! Ouch!) so I would like to have a nipple reconstruction or reduction (still learning the proper terms!)

I'm done having kids and ready to have the boobs that never came, then finally showed up, dried up, came back only slightly, dried up and completely disappeared (I stopped wearing a bra, there was literally only my nipple left, no tissue). Now they're just smaller than they were before I had kids, even though I'm now 40lbs heavier overall. The booty doesn't bother me, but I'd like to balance out my shape.

I'm looking forward to feeling better about my body! Nothing too huge, just proportionate for my body. Very excited!


Had my consult with Dr Kramer in Meridian, ID. His staff is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. He was realistic and honest in explaining different scenarios with different types of implants in relation to my breasts. Got to try on sizers. I am going with 450cc moderate-plus smooth silicone implants.

Super excited! I've wanted this for years and years and I couldn't be more excited!

Mentor Silicone 500cc moderate plus Unders

Tomorrow is the day! Getting my boobs early in the morning. At preop we decided on 500cc instead of 450cc. Wanted a fuller look. Here are some more before pictures of my poor sad deflated nursed on for 3 collective years boobs!

I am so excited. Can't wait! Will post as soon as I feel up to it after surgery

I did it! And it wasn't too bad!

I ended up with 500cc on the left/smaller breast, and 475cc on the right/larger breast. I can't take the bra off until my postop on Wednesday! But I'm soooooooo happy already! I'll have more pics when I feel up to it later :)

Day 2, not so fun

The affect of anesthesia have worn off which is nice. No more headache! That was bothering me more than the chest tightness. I've used my arms too much, reaching for water or meds or the lamp. So now my sides of my ribs/boobs hurt. I called and was allowed to take an extra half of my pain pill if I really needed it, but not for each dose time. It helped a ton! Took it easier today with any reaching so pain is less tomorrow.

Post op appt tomorrow and hoping to get drains pulled. The drainage is halved each time we empty them so that is promising. Seem to be healing up well.

The pain is more of a heavy feeling when I sit up from reclining in bed. And it feel like I was beaten with a baseball bat, or at least what I'd assume that would feel like. A bruised feeling around rib cage. But it isn't excruciating. I've pushed out two kids so maybe that's what my pain comparison scale comes from lol It sucks, for sure, and it's a constant ache (until the Valium hits, aaaahhhhh, that's nice) but overall, still totally worth finally having the boobs I wanted, wished and even prayed for (I know, crazy!) since I was 8 years old!

Drains out, SO MUCH BETTER

Had the post op 2 day appt, they were able to take the drains out which made me nauseous, but felt better immediately. Such a difference. I was able to shower which was awesome.

Here's some pics of the sports bra I wore just wheelie my medical bra was washed. It's too small hahahahaha I've never had that problem before. Love it! ????

Another pic

Day 2 pics

One week post op!

I'm still so tired, just going to the store and I'm like "Ok, I'm done, nap time!" But other than that I'm only taking ibuprofen and alternating Tylenol. The Norco made me horribly constipated. It was bad! Didn't go for 6 days, so I stopped taking those!

I have had to wash my surgical bra twice because, obviously, ew. So have tried a few sports bras. I also was naughty and went to target and tried swimsuit tops on! It was so bizarre! Loves it. I was laughing in the dressing room because a 34c bra that I tried on was too small!!!!!! Best day ever!!!! People were probably like wtf is going on over there!? :)

So, feeling good. Looking forward to starting massages so they can get softer and drop and fluff! I'll start those next week. Very happy so far :)

3.5 weeks post op

Just some update pics from the last week. I've noticed much less pain when I wake up, that's a relief. No pain meds for a week or so now, unless I anticipate walking around (went on a tour of a historical place, lots of walking, was sore). Twinges on nerve regeneration aren't fun. Not awful, just annoying. My incisions look good, it's weird to feel the scar tissue/sutures when I put on the maderma.

It looks like I'm now a 36D - for now. I k ow things may change in the next few months so I'll get sized in a few weeks. But my most comfy bra I have is a 36D. Then my stretchy sleep bra, I'd wear it 24/7 but it's too thin! Nipples too pokey lol

Anyway, here's so from the other day, 3 weeks post op

Swimsuits! Omg they're fun now

Just around 2 weeks post op for these

4 weeks post op

First off, I cant figure out how to change the status in my profile, but its " Worth It " !

Four weeks post op today. Tomorrow is my 1 month boobiversary! I almost feel like they're mine! They don't hurt in the morning, are only tender when I do the massage. I can still feel that they're heavy, no drop and fluff yet... But they're looking more natural now. Nipples are still super tender, but getting better. I went snow tubing and I was a bit sore afterwards; you never realize how many times a day you use your pec muscles for, and for what tasks. Washing windows and wiping off counters?! Any pulling (the kid in a tube, NO GOOD). And some stretches are uncomfortable. But Overall, I'm loving them! I feel so much better about the way I look. Better than I've felt in years. I feel feminine again.

Best Decision Ever.

I wanted to do an update to my older post. I am very happy with my results, now 8 months post op. Thought I'd put up some updated photos!

I had an augmentation with Mentor silicone moderate plus implants, 450/475 (or 475/500, I'd have to go back and look!) smooth implants, under the muscle. Again, very happy with the results

Meridian Plastic Surgeon

He and the staff were great!

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