Vaser Lipo for 37 yr old male in Bogota

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Hi, I'm a 35 yr old guy and have a hectic work...

Hi, I'm a 35 yr old guy and have a hectic work schedule and a 3 year old daughter. I work out 3 times a week if possible but feel I need some additional help. My best friend did Lipo with Dr Alberto Arevalo and had amazing results. I plan to do Vaser Lipo on my neck, abdomen, chest and back. I flew into Bogota (Colombia) today with my wife. Tomorrow I have my consultation with the plastic surgeon. Dr Arevalo sent me a list of blood test I needed to get done before I left my country which I emailed to him. I'm nervous about the procedure and the recovery but now I'm here there is no turning back.

Consultation with Dr Alberto Arevalo

Today I went to Dr Alberto Arevalo's office. To be honest I was nervous all morning but after meeting the surgeon everything changed.

Dr Alberto Arevalo speaks perfect English and has a very spacious and modern office. He was very kind and patient. He took his time to explain the procedure in detail, from where the incisions will be, my recovery and what to expect after the procedure. The entire consultation took approximately an hour and at no time did I feel rushed.

After the consultation I was taken upstairs by his secretary to check my blood pressure, to be weighed, complete and sign all documents.

After this I was taken to another room and introduced to a person that specializes in garments where I was measured for two body shaper garments. Once this was done I was taken to another room where I had a consultation with the anaesthesoligist who went through in detail how things will be done. He explained after the surgery I would be kept in the recovery room to ensure everything is went ok before taken to my room. They insist that I spend a night in the hospital to be on the safe side.

After this it was time for me to relax, go to the mall and eat at one of Bogota's many amazing restaurants.

One thing that shocked me was how things were really done by the book and how professional Dr Alberto Arevalo's set up was. Not its just to wait two more days for my procedure.

All dond

I got to the hospital this morning for 7am. The hospital is a new hospital that specializes in plastic surgery. Said my goodbyes to my wife then they wheeled me upstairs. Dr Arevalo came to greet me and answer any final questions. I was then taken to a room where Dr Arevalo marked out the areas needing Lipo, neck, chest, abdomen, flanks and back. I was then taken back to the recovery room and taken into the operating theatre.
I was out to sleep and woke up in the recovery room. I was in pain so the nurse added morphine to my drips and the pain disappeared. I was kept in the recovery room for a few hours (safety reasons) when wheeled down to my room where my wife met me. I woke up in a binder so I have no idea how I look but will post pictures tomorrow.

One day post op

Hi guys, well I just took my binder off and had a shower with the help of a personal nurse the hospital provides.

Took a quick pic, I'm still swollen and a lot of liquid is coming out I'm blown away with the results. Where have my love handles gone??? Will update with more pics later on.

6 month review

6 months has really flown by. I have continued eating healthy and the new body Dr. Arevalo gave me has really motivated me to work hard in the gym.

The reason I choose Dr. Arevalo is because he operated on a friend of mine and the results were NATURAL and amazing.

I'm not a fan at all of abdominal sculpting. In my humble opinion it does not look natural and I could easily tell if someone had abdominal sculpting as it looks like pockets of fat. I am also scared of what it would look like in a few years if I put on weight (fat).

The surgeon confirmed that with the fat gone getting abs would not be difficult.

I am very very very happy with my results, it looks very natural which is what I wanted.

Dr. Arevalo is an amazing, caring and very honest surgeon. He took his time to truly listen to what I wanted.

He has given me a body that exceeded my expectations. He is truly an artist and a gifted surgeon.
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