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I had a lower bleph done on Friday and so I will...

I had a lower bleph done on Friday and so I will continue to post pics and updates as It has only been a few days. I have always had extreme bags under my eyes from the time I was a child. At 16 my mother took me to a dermatologist who told me no creams would help, I'd need surgery. Well that stuck. At 40 I have finally done this surgery. I will write the details up to today and then continue to add each day. Also my phone will not send pics to my email so I'll have to find a way to get the pics from my phone here for you (if anyone reading this knows how to without the typical transfer from phone to computer- which wont work for some reason) let me know. On the day of surgery I was very nervous. The friend that dropped me off was kind enough to stay for about 40 minutes while I signed paperwork, took pictures, and allowed the local drug to kick in. I did not feel out of it enough when I was taken into the surgery room but we began nonetheless. I was numbed with a needle that I barely felt in both eyes. I then smelled and felt a little burning, like fire/smoke. The doctor talked to me through the entire thing. He told me what he was doing, at times I asked questions and he always answered. They were focused on only me. That is important. I'll get to that later and report of another two surgeries I had where doctors did other things during my surgery procedure. The right eye felt fine and was done quickly enough. The left eye brought a lot of discomfort. I told him I could feel some pain. Not oh my god pain but enough to talk about it. The smell made me envision the worst. I was sort of like the child in the back seat and I believe I even asked once, "are we there yet?". No such luck- we had gotten the fat out but still had to remove some skin to pull the skin up and reduce lines. This part felt like it took forever and a day however the entire surgery was 45 minutes. I asked if they'd save the fat for me to see after the surgery and they did. I asked if I could take a pic of it and they allowed me to. I was woozy but totally with it as I walked to another room and waited in a wheel chair while they told my nurse the directions for my meds which were simple enough, written up by the pharmacist but also written on the bottles with a black sharpie by Dr. Khoury.
The nurse took me home and supervised my meds, took care of my dog and prepared some food that I could easily make for the rest of the week. I was paying her $35 per hour so I couldn't keep her forever. The phone rang at 8 p.m. at which time I noticed two missed calls from that same number. It was Dr. Khoury. I was very surprised to hear from him and I felt so comforted by his call. I told him all was well. He asked me to text him pics the next day which I did and again the subsequent day. Day one felt bad, day two looked bad- very swollen and red, day 3 felt fine but looked horrible- I was now purple, red, blue, green with a halo of yellow. I hope I can attach all these pics for you. Today is Tuesday- surgery was friday at 1 p.m. today I can watch tele, type this, and read alittle. I will not drive. I'm out of pain pills and I do wish I had about 4 more to use at my discretion. They were definitely stingy on the pain pills. I only hurt once in a while- tylenol does not help it. I ice 20 on/off as suggested. I often fall asleep with the ice on so I may be icing more but then I may watch a 30 min tv show and not ice so I"m sure it's relative. I take my meds like a champ. I ice, I take arnica both as a pill and topically. I take the optional bromelain. I drink pineapple juice daily. I am doing everything I was told to and everything else I know to do from previous surgeries such as the vitamedica pills.
The eye that hurt during the procedure looks a thousand times worse than the other eye. It also hurts and the other does not. The stitch on the right eye closest to my nose looks slightly off toward the inner part of the eye. I have pics but need to figure out how to post them. I will bring this up to the doctor and update what his responses were. I will up date/fill in the blanks, post pics, and fix all of my typos from my silly puffed out eyes later. Ask any questions you want- more to come.


Updated pictures day 6

Day 7 pics

My eyes look slimy just because of the lube to the stitches. I apply it 3 x a day and it stays slimy for about an hour.

Before pic with make up/without makeup

Here are two before pics with and without makeup on.

Stitches out

Had my stitches removed on Friday by Dr khoury. It didn't hurt and my eyes started to heal much faster after they were removed.

Pic of day 8 right before stitches removed

Day 16

Here's a pic of day 16. Up close the remaining bruise looks less noticeable (like in this pic ( but from a distance it is very obvious and i'm getting sick of being asked what happened!

No more bruising

I'm very happy with the results. I do get tired easily and need to still close my eyes to let them rest more often. I Know I'm Not Fully Headed But I Do Look healed. It was about June 5th when the bruising was completely gone from my may 13th surgery. I'm very happy I did this.
Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Khoury called me before the procedure and after. He was soft spoken, kind and knowledgeable. Every time I text Dr. Khoury with a question- he immediately responds to me with a thorough answer. I'm impressed with this. I will have to continue to update this as time goes on, as I heal, as I see my results, whether he takes the stitches out himself or pawns me off to a nurse etc. all of those things matter a great deal to me and should matter to anyone contemplating surgery as well. Overall, Dr. Khoury is the best surgeon I have had and I've had 4 other procedures done in the past. I am not easily impressed and I'm very impressed with him. I will add to stars or take from them as the process goes on. This is just the beginning. There is still a lot that needs to be done.

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