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So I've wanted this for years. I have always been...

So I've wanted this for years. I have always been so self conscious of my nose. I finally took care of this problem a couple days ago (June 4th) when I had the procedure done! I'm now on day 3 of recovery. It's looking good so far! They shaved down my bump, narrowed the bridge a bit, and brought up my drooping tip. I get the cast off in 6 days so I can't wait to see my new nose! I was lucky enough to have already gotten a sneak peek. My surgeon took a photo of my new nose while I was still asleep before putting the cast on. Ill post some before and after photos (and some in between!)

Day 5

Day 6

Cast comes off in a couple days! (This Wednesday) I'm so excited! All of the swelling has gone down for the most part. The only noticeable swelling (to me) that I have now is on the under part of my nose where the incisions were made and I have stitches. They seem to be irritated and have been pretty much the only part that's been bothering me this past week!

Some more before photos

Cast is off!!!!

So I got my cast off today yay finally! It's been a Long 8 days. Haha. I expected getting the stitches out to hurt alot as I've read in other reviews, especially because mine have been pretty irritated and sensitive lately. I was expecting him to like yank them out of my skin, but he just snipped them off as close to the surface of my skin as possible. Hardly even stung! He cleaned my nose out with some gross decongestant cleaning stuff that dripped down my throat while he had me lean my head back. Really delightful, I know. He took the cast off which hurt a bit because it was putting pressure on the bridge of my nose which is obviously pretty sore after shaving the bone down! He was so excited when he saw the results. He brought me a mirror and it looked exactly how I had hoped! Except for a couple places of minor swelling which didnt even upset me because they're very noticeably swelled areas and I know they'll go down with time. For instance, I have a small bump on my bridge. Didnt worry me too much thanks to the photo he took right after surgery where I had a perfect slight slope and no bump whatsoever. There was also the illusion of a bit of a drooping tip still, which I know is because of the irritated stitches underneath my tip which I've posted about the past few days. From the front, there is a good amount of swelling on the sides of my bridge which doesn't change my front view very much from how it looked before, but even with the swelling I have now I am still so happy with the results! And I know ill only get happier as time goes on :) I haven't gotten any fantastic pics yet and keep in mind the swelling, but here's what I have so far!

Woops.. Hit update too early. More photos from after cast removal!

Some before with after (cast removal day) photos

Thought I'd make side by side pics of before and after photos! I'm only on day 8 so can't wait to add "after" photos as the healing progresses!

2 and a half week update!

So I think for some reason (not sure if its normal or not) my nose has just reached the peak of its swelling and hopefully now it'll gradually start to go down. The small bump on the bridge is beginning to swell down but I've noticed more swelling in the tip. It is starting to hurt less, though. It's easier to wash my face without wincing! Nostrils are still really really swollen but Atleast I can breathe okay. I keep managing to somehow bump myself in the face which definitely hurts a bit so I should probably stop doing that. I'm so impatient with this whole process I just want to see what's its supposed to look like already! I decided to put a 2 and a Half week photo update side-by-side next to that first picture my doctor took directly after surgery before the majority of the swelling showed up. It's easier to recognize what's swelling and what isn't with this pic! For instance I know that my tip is swollen which is why it's looking bigger and longer than id expect, and it also shows me that the small bump on my bridge is merely swelling and it'll go down to more of a slope.

Almost 4 week update!

One month post op!!

6 and a half weeks post op!

Starting to notice the decrease in swelling more and more. So happy with my new nose!

2 months post op!

2 months post op and I'm feeling great! I had a follow up appointment with dr. Steiger a couple of weeks ago. He took photos of my nose to show the progress and put them next to the "before" photos he took at our first consultation. Seeing the before and after side by side made me even more excited! You get so used to how your nose looks that you don't even realize how much of an improvement it really is, even while its still swollen! My tip feels really really hard and I looked it up because I was worried that it would stay like that and feel fake forever. I found out that that's just from swelling in the cartilage! Which again is even more reassuring! To me, it seems like it's not even swollen anymore. But when I see signs like that that tell me it is still very swollen, I get even more excited to realize that it's only going to look better and better as time goes by, and I already love it!

2 and a half month progress update

5 and a half month update!

It's healing so well and I'm loving it! I know it's still swollen and still changing because my tip is still very hard which is what happens when the cartilage is swollen. But besides that it feels like a perfectly good nose! I'm so happy

4 and a half month post-op

Here's a very late post-op review of my front as requested! This is about 4 and a half months post-op. Haven't posted anything in forever so I'll post some recent updates. It's been almost 2 years! And I'm in love with my nose
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