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I am super excited to be getting the procedure...

I am super excited to be getting the procedure done, I get my blood work on Monday and then the procedure is March 7. I do not want anything that looks unnatural but the goal is to achieve a nice shape. After a month of recovering, I will get back in the gym :-) I am totally nervous only 24, but the RealSelf has helped me to overcome these fears.

28 days left until I am a new woman!!

I did my blood work today and it wasn't bad at all but when I left, it hit me that I am about to have this surgery lol I am super excited yet, scared. It is only 28 days until I am a new woman! Real Self has helped me a lot with research and preparation.

I have been on HCG 1234 drops just to lose some minor weight before the procedure and it hasn't been bad at all. I am just super excited!

18 days remaining!!!!

The initial meet is March 5 and then...... Surgery on March 7. Ladies I am super nervous but I did get cleared for my surgery and I am super excited!! The office is every nice and open to answering any questions. I will keep you all posted

Only 12 more days!!!

The anxiety is definitely here lol I am super excited but I am sooooooo nervous! I am so excited and will update y'all as much as possible. I got my pre and post surgical items.

4 days awayyyyy!

I am getting all my pre-surgical things tomorrow is Friday and my surgery is Monday. My initial meeting is Saturday.. I am very nervous but I am excited lol! I will give the initial post on Saturday and then Tuesday you will get my post day update!!!

Got pre/post surgery stuff

I got some of th stuff today and my sister will get the remainder lol I am super excited! Where is Monday!!!

Today is the big day!!!!

Hey everyone ! Today is the day, my sister and I are heading to the surgery site now. Originally surgery was scheduled at 1230pm but they called me to come earlier. I'm feeling really nervous but exciting at the same time. I'll have a new body within the next five hours :) If I feel ok when I wake up from surgery I will post pictures later today. I have all my post surgery materials back at the hotel waiting for me. See y'all on the other side !!

Post day 1


Post day 1

When I say it was the best e

Post day 1

When I say this was the best experience ever! The doctor was great and the nurses were everything!! I am in pain lol sore as shit but my ass and everything else looks great. Dr. Pane is the best and I would recommend him!

Post day 3 finally a bowel movement

It took me day 2 to have a bowel movement and it hurt!!! I had to take a laxative that really helped me with the pain. This is has been a memorable experience but I don't think I would ever do this lol but I can see my fluids going down where the incisions are. My butt itches sometimes and my back hurts with laying on my stomach so much. I just want the swollen and the soreness to go away.

Post 4 days

Here is my post day 4, the swollen is finally going down. I have been drinking fluids a lot and next week, I will be doing massages. My butt is still sore but I went walking yesterday:-) everyone is still shocked by that lol

It's been 4 weeks since my bbl and lipo suction!!

It's been a journey lol lets just say that! But I do love my shape and it's been a long journey with my diet and doing my LDM.. it is very important that you do that massage!!! I am doing like 12 lol you will see why! I am in my lost surgical 2 stage garment and it was tight as hell (next review will have pics)

Post 2 garment!!!

I'm finally in my garment and lord was it hard to get on!! I was a 2xl and now my new post garment is xl!

I took me almost an hour to get in but I am in!

Tomorrow is a Full month 4/7

Tomorrow is when I turn one month!! It's been a memorable experience but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Doc Pane has been the best!!

Overall View!! BBL

Here are some pics of the overall journey!! It was memorable and it is still going.. BBL

After a month and two weeks!

No more Lympathic Massages just eating right and working out! But here is an update!

It's been awhile but it's officially 3 months

It's been three months since surgery! It has been a long three months but I love my results! I am excited to see what August has to offer, that would be my 6 months! I could say it's been a long 3 months!

Post Lipo/BBL After 4 months!!

I am loving my body after 4.5 months, Dr. Pane was the best!! It made it easier!!

Update on BBL and fat Transfer 8months

So far, I am doing great on my post surgery! I am not going to lie I messed up and didn't do enough massages so fluids did build up but, I am doing the massages again right now. I am doing fine and have lost some weight!!! Before surgery I was 230 and now I'm like 190. With no exercises just changing my diet. Dr. Pane was very helpful and I will recommend him to anyone! I will update you all again. I do have advice, please change your diet and always drink water and do the massages!!!
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I meet him March 5-8, 2016

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