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I met with a facial plastic surgeon last year to...

I met with a facial plastic surgeon last year to discuss a possible brow lift. After we discussed that procedure, he asked me how I felt about my ears. Having had protruding ears for over 20 years, I'd just dealt with it. Still, I had experienced the teasing and loss of confidence that came with big ears which is why I was very receptive to getting this done.

Now one year later, I've finally had a long-awaited breast surgery done. That procedure motivated me to fix my ears partly out of regret that that I did not have the otoplasty done at the same time as the mastopexy/augment and because I was ready to get rid of an long-time source of insecurity. I met with my doctor for a follow-up consultation this past Monday. He reviewed the procedure with me and then had me meet with the patient coordinator who promptly asked, "When would you like to do the procedure; we can do it as early as tommorow." Because I still had two weeks of vacation left and because I was highly motivated to get my ears fixed I asked about doing the procedure on Thursday. She scheduled me and with that, I was set.

Yesterday, I reported to the outpatient surgery center at an area hospital. My doctor met me at about 7am and he administered the local and marked me up. I was nervous about the pain associated with the shots. The pain was moderate and I had many pokes, but I got through it. I was then escorted to the operating room and made fully comfortable by two assisting RNs. Before I even realized it, work had begun. Essentially, I heard soft scraping and felt the tug of the sutures but felt no pain. Compared to having a dental procedure with novocaine, this was a piece of cake. The doctor and I were even able to talk through the procedure. At the surgery's conclusion I was helped into a seated position and the pressure wrap applied. I was definitely nervous about that because at the moment of application I knew it would be uncomfortable. I was then taken to recovery where I was given a few moments to change and drink some water. After all the necessary paperwork was finished, I was discharged and able to drive myself home. Because I was so numbed up I did not have a problem. My range of motion was a bit limited, but I felt fully comfortable driving.

The pain came on mid-day. It didn't help that I had been moving around throughout the day. My doctor specifically advised me to take it easy. I should have listened! By the time six o'clock rolled around I was in a lot of pain. During my doctor's follow up call he asked if I wanted him to call in prescription pain meds. Thank goodness for that! I remained uncomfortable throughout the night, but the medicine took the edge off and helped me get six hours of sleep while propped up on a chaise in my living room. Today was my first post-op. The pain was still noticeable but as I had to drive, I opted for one tylenol before the appointment. The pressure bandage was removed and replaced with a lighter dressing. That felt so good! I also got to see my new ears and wow! Despite the bruising, they look so pretty. I finally feel people can focus on my nice facial features rather than my (previously) big ears. My doctor asked that I keep this new dressing on for the weekend. I will start using a headband 24/7 for two weeks come Monday. I will be sure to provide updates as I move through the post-op period.

A couple of things to keep in mind... Because I had so much help with my recent breast surgery I chose to take care of myself and not rely on others to take care of me. If you are like me and decide to do this on your own, please take things slow and don't walk too much the day of surgery. The impact caused by walking, though minimal, just helps create a throbbing pain- not fun! I was not as careful as I should have been; I treated the surgery as no big deal since I only used a local. Once the pain set in, I regretted not taking it easier.

I would also advise that you stock up on very soft foods beforehand. I didn't, and had to go to Target in my mummy wrap to get some things. After realizing how strong the pressure wrap was, I knew that eating anything the slightest bit firm would be tough.

Now in day 2, I finally feel as though the worst of the pain is over but I am still limited to soft foods because of the discomfort chewing causes. All in all, I know the last, and very tough, 24 hours will be all worth it once my ears heal.

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My plastic surgeon refers facial work, which he does not perform, to this doctor. Dr S's office staff is friendly, accessible, and scheduling is a breeze. He gives patients a choice regarding anesthetics. Finally, he is very personable and professional.

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