Rhinoplasty Booked- VERY Nervous - Canterbury, Kent UK

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Saturday 29th 2012: I have been feeling very...

Saturday 29th 2012: I have been feeling very nervous about my surgery which is booked with Dr John Davison of BMI Chaucer Canterbury Hospital in kent. I have been thinking of this since I was a child but ever since I booked it, i've felt so nervous and even started to LIKE my nose because I am scared it'll change my appearance as a whole. Is this common? I love my front profile but hate my side profile. I know I am an attractive girl, well, I have never had a problem getting boyfriends or making friends but this is something that has bothered me since I was a child. I don't want a huge change, just a smaller, prettier and gentler nose that goes with my face, but am starting to think maybe the nose I already have goes with my face. It is really hard to say because I have saved so hard for this and wanted it done for so long. Does anyone usually have this feeling?

Today was my pre-assesment, I had my bloods and...

Today was my pre-assesment, I had my bloods and urine taken and discussed the overall process, I also paid for the surgery today which was nail-biting. I've never spent over 4k on anything..!! Looked strange as I put my pin in and a bit scary. All my hard saved money gone... Just like that so I really hope this is worth it. Surgery is in three days time (7:30am on Thuresday morning) I am so scared but am just crossing my fingers really. The lady who took my bloods told me that I have to wear green tights to prevent DVT for a week and make sure I get as much exercise as possible so i'm sure i'll be up and about cleaning the house and generally doing something that requires exercise, just don't want to over do myself. I am feeling a little bit more relaxed about it now. I've paid for it now, so nooooo choice for me now :)

So in less than 8 hours I shall be at the hospital...

So in less than 8 hours I shall be at the hospital having my surgery and am feeling strangely fine... I reckon i'll be a bag of nerves before but it is hopefully all going to be okay and I can just relax :) I had a nice chinese this evening and that cheered me up bucket loads... It is so strange going to bed with one nose and waking up tomorrow basically with another. Still, this has been wished for such a long time I am just so nervous that it all goes wrong and I end up looking dreadful (surely not right?) eeeek!

Well today was the day, I got to the hospital...

Well today was the day, I got to the hospital about 7:30 and didn't feel very nervous at all just a bit "eeeek" I met my surgeon briefly and then my anaesthetist came in and was really nice. I then waited half an hour killing time watching Top Gear and then the anaesthetist assistant came in to take me down to surgery. Going down the hallway was like the most nerve wracking thing ever and when I got to the little surgery for my anaesthetic and they put the little needle in and then the start of the anaesthetic, it was quite strange, a little cold and then it went blurry then next thing I know I woke up totally and absolutely dazed and the first thing I noticed was that swallowing was like swallowing sawdust, it was terribly dry. I asked the nurse who woke me up by gently shaking me and saying "Katie.. Katie" to put the bins out and then close the curtains. (hehe) Because i'm so little, the amount of anaesthetic had me sleeping for an hour and a half AFTER my surgery. I am now a little bit swollen, cannot breathe and a bit bloody. I have no idea what it looks like and am really scared about the final outcome. I do have to say I am SOOOO in awe at the amazing community here and when I feel a tad better, I shall reply to those who left me such kind messages. I am going to have myself a little bit of food and then have an early night. Tomorrow I have the packs removed :) x

I had the packs removed yesterday and boy OH boy...

I had the packs removed yesterday and boy OH boy was it good to breathe! I think the packs were by far the most annoying thing because it made my tongue feel like snakeskin. It's so strange, even though I read so much about the op I really didn't think about the after-effects and how I might feel. I am a bit congested though and have taken to putting a bit of loo roll in my nostril as the bandages are a bit hot after a while and makes me feel a bit strange and I get this drippy blood like substance seep through a little which bugs me a lot! I can't believe i've had the surgery done, I am reminded every time I look in the mirror and am getting more and more excited to see the result :) I went to bed feeling good last night but woke up thinking I had gangrene! (weird dream) and also was a bit more swollen, luckily, after getting up, having a warm bath and doing my hair (and putting a bit of cold cans of coke gently around the swelling) I feel a bit better. I have uploaded some more pics today! Thank you all for being so lovely and welcoming and reassuring to me. Xx

The bruising has started to go a little bit yellow...

The bruising has started to go a little bit yellow now which is good because the bruising is healing. I washed my hair today which was a challenge in itself :) there is still quite a bit of nasal fluid, blood, perhaps a little pus and mucus but this isn't that that bad, just a little bit of loo roll up there helps it a bit. I really want to scratch as the cast and tape is soooooo itchy but it isn't that awful. One thing people keep saying to me is "I hope you are happy now." The issue is, I wasn't unhappy to start with, I am naturally very confident but this is something I have always wanted because being 5ft and having a big nose just seems unfair and more highlighted. I don't think it'll change me that much apart from the fact (if it looks nice) I can wear a ponytail without a fringe without feeling like a huge knocker is going to scare someone.

Cast finally comes off tomorrow which couldn't...

Cast finally comes off tomorrow which couldn't make me more happy to get this blasted thing off now..!! I found myself picking the inside of my nose yesterday totally uncalled for but it was really bugging me and a little scab came off but since then it has been slightly more damp, like nasal drip but a tiny bit orangey where I guess the blood is mixing (sorry to be gross but it's best to record everything.) I hope it is just me healing. I am slightly concerned that after my op I have had nothing at all from my surgeon, not even to be told how to clean it or anything.... Is this normal? I'm seeing him tomorrow so can ask all of these Qs then! :)

Cast has come off!!! The bruising looks alright...

Cast has come off!!! The bruising looks alright and not tooooooooo much swelling, a bit but not too much, but this will obviously heal in time :) I am happy with the result and knowing it will get a bit smaller is lovely. The tip isn't AS small as I'd hoped for and it looks pretty much the same as it did previously, but I think this is the swelling being a bit devious. I'm going to make sure these next couple of months I just remember the swelling will go down and it will look nice and petite. I even gave my surgeon a cuddle :) ...oh AND new photo for you lovely readers :)

Check out the before and after photo I have. 1...

Check out the before and after photo I have. 1 whole week since my surgery. Bruising has gone down significantly but still there and the swelling is still obvious but not by photograph. Xx

It has now been 3 weeks since my surgery and I...

It has now been 3 weeks since my surgery and I feel great... It is quite strange how not many people have noticed too much of a difference even though there IS a big difference, I guess it really means that people don't focus too much on your nose and more of you as an overall. It is a very personal choice and having it done should only be done for you and nobody else. I haven't got used to it, or if I have I have just accepted it already and don't really think of it. It is still swollen and a bit lumpy around the side and the top but it is clear I no longer have a bump. The tip is still quite big I think, bigger than I wanted but am hoping that because it still feels quite hard that it is because that is the swelling.

So it has been one month and one week after...

So it has been one month and one week after surgery and I am so happy with my nose. It hasn't changed my appearence at all which is very weird, but everything looks softer :)

I am not used to it yet and still feel i have a big nose but am reasured when I touch it. Hope everyone is doing well and have uploaded a new pic now!! :)


After care was given 4 stars purely because I felt I could have been giving more info about what to expect AFTER surgery by the nurses. Other than that, everything was brilliant.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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