Closed Rhinoplasty 12 Days Post Op

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Hello everyone, I am 12 days post op from my...

Hello everyone,

I am 12 days post op from my closed rhinoplasty surgery. I wanted to share my experience as when I've been researching over the years prior, it really helped hearing other people's experiences!!

So a little back story, my old nose was never huge or had a big hump but I hate a flat bridge and looked bumpy in certain angles and I felt my nose was pointy. It's only since I've had my nose done I mean every one in my life says they prefer my nose now and can now see where I was coming from, even my mother!

Anyway, my surgeon is john Davison who works mainly at bmi Chaucer canteen hospital. I've had a few consultations over the years with other surgeons and john by far made me feel the most comfortable and he actually explained the procedure and drew it out for me which really helped. He is honestly amazing and really looks after you. Worth every penny..which I pay monthly for 5 years now haha!

I had never been under anaesthetic before but that is absolutely fine in case any one is worried! its actually a nice but strange feeling.
When I came back round I felt great and very talkative, this was due to the fact they had put coccaine up my nose to reduce bleeding so let's just say I didn't sleep much on the first night!

There is no pain after a rhinoplasty, obviously the meds helped but it's all just discomfort. I'm a nose breather so breathing through my mouth was awful I woke up in the night the first night literally gasping I could barely breathe from mouth being so dry! Once the nurse to the packing out the next morning I could just about breathe through but the first few nights are the worst, it does get better. Btw when they take the packs out there's no pain it's just a very odd sensation.

My tips!:
post surgery make sure you have a ....U-shaped pillow to keep you comfy as you'll be sleep upright...for a couple of weeks or more..and lots of pillows.

Arnica pills and cream, it's said to reduce bruises and swelling

Vitamin C

Loads of water and tissues, there will be a tad of leakage I got a thing that goes under my nose that the nurse gave me to catch any drips lol.

Get some aqua drops sweets or any sweets that give your mouth moisture, trust me.

straws!! Sip from the side of your mouth it's easier.

No no bread or anything chewy it'll hurt the first couple of days.

Open button shirts as you won't want to risk pulling tops over your head, I used my boyfriends shirts as they're baggy if I ran out of button tops.

Dry shampoo !

Get some one to take care of you and your meds or make a chart.

hope I've helped some one out there! Any questions, feel free to ask anything:)


13 days post op

So as you can see the tips very swollen it's also hard but this is normal I'm religiously apply arnica cream and dragging lots of water and have two huge pillow and a u shaped pillow to keep me up right

Uneven swelling and bumps 20 days post op

So I've got some uneven swelling and a bump on my bridge. Aware this is totally normal and I've read the nose does get bigger when healing. I loved the results when the cast came off so I'm confident I'll love the results when I'm fully healed. Just not enjoying the swollen tip atm can't wait to see it go smaller !

23 days post op update

Just some more photos showing me at peak swelling and one comparison photo. I've still got the lump on my bridge and everything generally feels swollen, my skins quite dry on tip so been using Vaseline at night and around my nostrils. Patience is my ultimate flaw I know I shouldn't be analysing my nose everyday but I can't help it lol

I had a nose bleed plus before and after photos and swelling photos

So today I walked to walk absolutely freezing got to work, sat down and blood just started trickling out fast from my right nostril. After 5 mins of it not stopping I panicked and it didn't calm down till around 25 minutes. A girl at work told me to put my head back both oblivious to the fact you actually need your head forward so I swallowed some blood which was lovely and iced my nose.
I may have a minor infection so I've been given antibiotics and 2 days off work as I'm a hairdresser so it's lots of chatting and on my feet and bending down etc.

Nearly 4 months po

I feel like my nose just gets more swollen rather than seeing it get smaller. I've got a lump on my bridge which came up about 3 weeks post op which my surgeon says by me sending a photo that it looks like a cyst. It feels like a bruise when I push lightly on it. It's really annoying. Apparently most of the swelling well 70-80% should be gone by now but it doesn't feel as small and cute as when I had my cast taken off. Worried the lump is actually cartilage or something that won't go away without surgery. I'm still really happy with my results and would never want my old nose back just being impatient I guess..

Injections in cyst

I went for my follow up visit and my surgeon felt the lump on my bridge. He said it feels like a cyst so deciding to traumatise it and break it up with 5 injections straight in to it. My mum and the surgeon we're so shocked that I didn't once flinch or complain I think I was just relieved to be getting something done about it !
He said everything healing nicely and my tips softening already and also to not be SO gentle so wash my face as normal and not to worry about sleeping elevated. It's nice to have the go ahead to just not worry about it!
I feel a lot better as even though he said the injections may not work I saw it had 90% gone straight away and a continuing to go down, I've now got my ski slope bridge back lol!

6 months post op

Surgeons before & after 5 months post op

My nose has got a little smaller I think since these photos I can't wait for the tip to become more refined in the next few months


Update, getting smaller

My surgeon john Davison is amazing. He new exactly what I wanted and delivered better than what I imagined, my tip is still swollen but I'm confident I'll love my nose even more once it's settled. He explained the procedure thoroughly and made me feel completely at ease. High recommend and I've had a few consultations else where prior! I think you just know when you've found the best surgeon for your needs.

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