40 & Looking Pregnant, Getting TT/Lipo Back/flanks W/ Hernia Repair - Bloomfield, MI

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I'm 40 years old and I haven't been pregnant since...

I'm 40 years old and I haven't been pregnant since 1998, but I look it. I have 16 and 21 yr. old boys. I'm 5'7" at 149 lbs. I told myself that I would give my self a gift at 40 and this is exactly what I'm doing. My stomach is so ugly more so from the stretch marks than the big gut. I just want to buy the shirts I want (you know the really curve hugging cute ones) and not pull my pants all the way up over my stomach to conceal the flab. I recently lost 14 lbs (not on purpose) due to a ankle fracture in Aug 2013 (crutches are exercise) and this weight loss made me realize that I could lose the weight everywhere else but my stomach, although, I just lost enough there to now be able to button up my pants. But, for the most part, didn't lose the gut. So, in a week, I'll be going under. I'm nervous and wondering to myself, "what I'm I doing?" but I know if I chicken out, I'll be left with this hideous stomach. Also, I'm thinking about what else I could do with the money. But, I digress. I do love my doctor. It only took about 5 other consultations to find the one. He seems to be very genuine and caring so hopefully he'll do a great job. Anyway, just finishing up the last details such as what to cook for freezing, clothing for recovery, etc. I'm glad we all have this site for support. It has been a god sent for me since considering this decision. May God be with me for this surgery. Here is to successful surgeries for us all!

TT rescheduled unfortunately! July 21st.

Well ladies, just when you think you have things planned out, it quite doesn't go that way. This past Sunday I started getting sick and today not better, so I had to reschedule for July 21st. I was debating and after the Anesthesia staff called today, they helped me to come to the decision. I haven't been sick in months and sure enough this week, I come down with a head cold (coughing, sneezing, congestion, the whole nine yards). But, everything else was falling into place. I managed to get most of the supplies, my period came on 6 days early which I was excited about because I didn't want to deal with that while in recovery. So I had to cancel hotel, lift chair and I'll have to change things with Human Resources, but some things happen for a reason so I'm Ok. It'll give me a chance to wallpaper my bathroom and finish helping my son with his college endeavors. I just want to be as healthy as possible for this surgery so in turn I can have a fairly uncomplicated recovery. Anyway, I'll keep you guys abreast of my journey and hopefully the 2nd date will work out.

It might not happen!

Well Ladies, tomorrow is the day of the surgery, but it might not happen. My throat is irritated, but not sore. No strep, but my family doctor says its inflamed. I have just enough irritation to cause a cough. Unfortunately, I can feel the cough in my stomach so this won't help the stomach avoid pain after surgery. I've been gargling salt water, my doc has me on an antibiotic, throat drops, but the irritation still persists. Although, I want this surgery, I don't want to compromise my life for it. All I can do is see what Anesthesia says when I get there and see what happens. If it gets cancelled this time, I'm not sure when I'll have it or when I'll have help to get it next year or a few years from now. Anyway, I'll keep you updated.

15 minutes to go!!!

I'm here the hospital waiting to stay this surgery after an eventful night. I had to go to the ER lastnight for chest pains. Thank God everything was negative. Then just had a repeat EKG and that was negative. So praying everything goes off without a hitch.

I'm on the flat side now!!!

Well, I threw up 2xs after the first night I got home which was pretty painful. I'm walking around but not much of an appetite. Yesterday was better as I started taking the anti nausea meds. Emotionally, this is draining. The first few days, I just regretted it and ask myself why did I do this? I know it was because of the pain and nausea. The pain now has subsided and I haven't taking a narcotic since Tuesday because of the nausea. Just trying to get through it with Tylenol which is isn't full proof but I don't want to throw up anymore. I'll post pics next week.

Recovering, but sick of drains

I'm recovering well. I have transitioned from my couch to the bed as of Sunday. Some nights aren't so bad. Made it through without a recliner. I'm very independent at this point. I'm emptying my own drains (since Friday) and doing chores around the house. Not standing up all the way just yet, but hopefully by next week, I will be. I go to the doctor tomorrow, but probably won't be getting the drains out as I still have you much output. Anyway, I'll be finding out exactly how much fat was cut out and how bad my diastasis rectis was. Can't wait to see my stomach fully along with the incision. It's been covered up tape all this time. I hope to drive soon. I'm already excited that I have a belly button. I can't wait to see the doctor to see what's what.

Follow up appt. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!

Drains are now out since Saturday. It feels wonderful without them. The doc says he removed about 2 lbs of fat from my stomach that I wouldn't be able to get rid of on my own because of the diastasic recti which ranged from 1 to 2 inches down my stomach. I'm able to drive short distances now which feels great. I can pick up my own groceries, etc. The incision has its moments when it itches like crazy and I get needly feelings which the doc said was normal as the nerves are trying to come back. I'm numb mostly below my incision about 5 or 6 inches or so. I'll be able to start scar treatment in a couple of weeks which we'll discuss at my next follow up appt. I'm still sleeping on my back for the most part, but I can't wait until I'm able to sleep fully on my side. Right now when I try, my incision hurts. I didn't have the back pain as everyone else thank goodness as I was mostly upright since day 3 or 4. I'm at about 95% now in regards to standing up straight which is pretty good. Mostly, my recovery has gone very well which I'm grateful for as that was one of my biggest worries. I bought a used walker which I really didn't need but I was glad to have it. Anyway, I'll post pics tomorrow of my incision.

Flat stomach w/ swelling but lipo didn't take?

My incision looks ok, nice and low. The lipo area is still a little painful. I still get some cramps, but minimal. My bra back where it was lipo was applied doesn't look like it was lipo`ed do I'm a little worried. I wish the stretch marks were completely gone. I guess no bikini for me but I'm glad I did it as I would still have the big gut and at least I got rid of some of the stretch marks. Sorry, I don't know how to turn the pictures around on here. Their fine on my phone.


good, the pics posted upright after I hit update.

forgot to add front pick standing up with incision

Redeeming himself

Ok, he has redeemed himself. The doc has made things more clear regarding my Lipo on my upper back (swelling) and giving me more information regarding this instead of the last response I received which seemed as blowing me off. I still have the hard lumps on the flanks where the lipo was performed which has been there since 3 weeks post op. Massaging doesn't seem to be working at this point but I need to be more consistent with the massaging too. I hope all it takes is time. I do still wish I would've went to someone that specializes in tummy tucks which would've givien me more confidence in everything that's going on especially the lipo. Overall, he seems to be ok.

Belly button, jury is still OUT!!! Lipo upper back, too!

While I still won't be in a bikini because of the remaining stretch marks, I couldn't if I wanted to because of the belly button as well. At this point, it is a tell-tell sign that I had something done from the belly button. The incision around the belly button is still highly visible which really can't be seen in the photo. It's been 3 months, so hoping time will heal all although I'm not expecting perfection by any means. The lipo of the upper back on both sides still looks like it didn't take but patience will have to be my friend. I just started using New Gel Plus which my doctor has recommended, but will be switching to something else as the tube is over $50 bucks for 1 oz. and as long as my tummy tuck scar is, the tube is going going gone fast. Anyway, overall I'm happy that I can wear my pants now at waist level and not pull them up to almost my boobs to minimize the gut. To wear any shirt I want to is liberating to say the least.
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