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Hi, I'm 21, 5'2 120 lbs. Was an A34 or small B34...

Hi, I'm 21, 5'2 120 lbs.
Was an A34 or small B34 and I waited for my woman boobs but they never showed up. I have an athletic figure and I just felt like my body was very unbalanced. My chest did not match up with my strong legs and butt. Finally after talking to my mom about feeling like a boy and having to obsess over padded bras to look 'normal' she agreed that a breast augmentation was in fact a good decision and would help my self esteem.
I've always had problems accepting myself and especially my appearance. My family members are all larger chested than I and I've been told it was because I played a lot of sports while growing up.
I know it's cute to be small cheated and chic but when you have legs and muscles (not like I'm a body builder or anything but I'm daily toned) its discouraging to see such disproportional boobies.
I was so ashamed to be with men even though they always seemed to flock to me. I just couldn't feel comfortable especially when millions of women around me seemed so much more 'curvy'.
I went with 339 cc silicone moderate profile implants by natrelle, under the muscle and crease incision.
I did not want big fake looking boobs. I wanted something elegant. I know lots of women like the fake look but I don't even wear much make up and the subtle look was definitely for me. I was afraid I was going too small, especially after reading about so many women getting 'boob greed'. Just a couple days before my operation day I was flipping back in forth between 339 and 397. But I remembered that during my 'fitting session' I totally felt like 397 was too unnatural looking and I definitely loved 339. I don't want people to be able to tell i have fake boobs cuz even though I'm getting implants I'm a good person with good morals and I'm not a stripper or an escort or whatever else people associate big fake boobs to. i just want to feel comfortable in my skin. I don't judge any woman who wants big ones, i think they look fun and if it makes you happy GO FOR IT! So anyway, back to the size, go with what you are comfortable seeing yourself in and based on how active you are... I didn't want my girls getting in my way haha...
I had my op July 11th at a surgical center.
I arrived at 6:45, operated at 8:15 and I woke up from general anesthetic around 10:30. I ate a muffin, drank some juice and was in my way home by 11. I was very swollen and my girls were sitting very high up just like every other BA picture I've seen. I had pain but the meds took care of that and I pretty much slept a bunch for the next 24 hrs. On day 2 post op i did get up and move around, I went for walks and did small things here and there. I couldn't pull, push, carry (pretty much use my arms or chest muscles) for the first 6 days. My mom and i took a week off of work and it definitely helps to have someone around for anything you might need to do.
I have a little bruising under my right breast but its nothing to be worried about. It's red and purple and starting to turn yellow which means its going away. I was so scared when I first saw it. I thought I had a hematoma and would need it drained and oh my god I read way too much on the Internet I totally blew it out of proportion.
I didn't experience a serious roller coaster of emotions during my first week like my PS said would happen. I was however really worried about my healing, I just wanted to make sure it was going to heal well. I looked up just about everything on the Internet and it wasn't the greatest idea haha I made myself a bit scared when I had nothing to worry about. I do have a lot more pain on my right side under my armpit near the bottom pole of my boob but my PS said its not uncommon for one side to be more painful especially since I'm right handed and use that arm for more stuff. The bottom poles of my boobs are still numb but slowly day by day more feeling is coming back.
I went for my follow up appointment today, and everything is going well :) yay! My sterile strips come off at my next follow up in another week and if I continue to take it easy I'm expecting my body to close my incision nicely (I usually heal well from stuff). I still use ice packs cuz it keeps the pain down and I take half a Vicodin pill every 6 hours to keep myself from thinking about the pain. I still sleep on my lazy boy cause it keeps my upper body elevated and it also keeps me from trying to lay on my side or tummy (not like I'd be able to handle tummy right now anyway haha). I wear a front closing sports bra to keep them in place and supported. The front closing bras are essential in my opinion for easy access and easy 'inspection' haha
Button up shirts are also a life saver.
I truly believe that drinking lots of water and eating good foods like veggies and fruits are super helpful. Giving your body clean things to work with helps it heal and direct its energy to the healing process. Salty, sugary and fatty foods can make blood flow bad for healing.
I'm waiting for my girls to drop and fluff but I know that will take a while since I'm I only one week post op. So far they look great, I know the swelling will go down and I don't want to worry myself to death before they even have the chance to show their true shape.
Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait :)

Almost in week two!

Pain is getting much better. I have a lot less swelling now.
I do wish they would come closer together tho... But I am naturally a bit far apart. Oh we'll, I still have my fingers crossed and I hope that when they drop and fluff everything will be fine.
Also my right boob is definitely dropping and healing slower than my left. And my nipples are super sensitive now? Like to the point where it's distracting me and hurts a little.
But other than that I'm a happy girl. :$
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