I had my revision! 500cc hp silicone :)

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I have been waiting my whole life to have breast...

I have been waiting my whole life to have breast implants and I am finally doing it on May 1st!

My breast have always been small a 34 a cup. I am 5'4 and 120 llbs. At first I was worried that people would notice so I was thinking of only going for a 350 cc saline high profile. I tried on the 350 cc sizers and they looked great but I heard that you lose 50 cc's going under the muscle. Now I am considering a 400 cc high profile implant because I am liking other girls before/after pics with that size implant. I am just worried that they might be too big or look fake. I called up the office and am going to go in for a 2nd fitting on in a week. I just don't want to regret not going big enough. I also haven't told my parents because I am worried what they will think of me :/

I am not nervous at all. I want them in right now! i am counting down the days!

I spoke to someone yesterday who has had breast...

I spoke to someone yesterday who has had breast implants and nose surgery and she loved her results. I think she looks great. Come to find out she went to the same doctor that I am going to- Dr. Freedland It makes me feel good that I picked the same doctor.

I am going today to try on the sizers one last time then I will have surgery on the 1st! wow only 5 days away! I was thinking 400 cc high profile now... but Im not sure that will look ok on my frame. I tried them on when I had my first appt. and I loved how they looked but I was afraid of not being conservative. I will try them on today and see :) I have a feeling I will end out going with the original 350 cc.

I tried on the sizers 400 and 375. I decided to go...

I tried on the sizers 400 and 375. I decided to go with 350 filled to 375. 400 was great but way too big for me. I think I'll be happy!

I am so excited for my surgery in 2 days :) I just...

I am so excited for my surgery in 2 days :) I just hope I picked the right size and didn't choose one that was too small. I am having a hard time with sticking to a low sodium diet. :/ I also am thinking of getting a u-shaped pillow.

Just had surgery an hour ago and it went well! I...

Just had surgery an hour ago and it went well! I feel fine right now and just a little pressure/pain but so far do good!

2nd day post op. they are feeling really high,...

2nd day post op. they are feeling really high, swollen, and hard. This is all normal. it feels like i have 2 bricks inside my chest! It did hurt when i woke up in the middle of the night when my pain pills stopped working. I can't wait till them to drop and not look like bricks inside my chest lol. At this point I think I chose the right size. It is hard to tell now though since they are high.

I also have noticed that my nipples look way more even/symmetrical. I think he may have filled one more? i will find out exactly what they did when i go to my post op next week :)

Today is post op day 3. I took my last pain pill...

Today is post op day 3. I took my last pain pill at 2 am. I am feeling ok 8 hours later and i feel like I might not need to take any pain medication today. They still feel stiff and high. I cant wait to shower today :) Im wondering if i still need to ice them even if they don't hurt that much.

Day 4 post op. I woke up in the middle of the...

Day 4 post op. I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad headache! It hurt more than my boobs! So I took a pain pill and it helped a little. I think i might be getting headaches due to allergies or possibly because Im going to start my cycle in a few days. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the surgery. I think I am going to start taking regular tylenols.

I am starting to feel like I should have picked a...

I am starting to feel like I should have picked a larger size implant. :/ Its only been 5 days post op and they are still really high so I can't judge them too much....

So today I went back to work for the first time...

So today I went back to work for the first time since my surgery. I'm a hair stylist so I was nervous that it would hurt but it wasn't too bad, I just got fatigued after 5 hours. I told a few coworkers about my surgery and when they saw me they said "It looks like you didn't even get anything done". It's probably because I always I always wore the add 2 cup size bombshell bra. I'm starting to feel like I probably should have gone bigger because they look smaller with clothes on (even more than they did with the sizers) :/

I had my post op yesterday. They said I can start...

I had my post op yesterday. They said I can start working out but to take it easy at first. They also said I can wear any bra as long as its comfortable and sleep how ever I want. I found out I had 360cc in the left and 375 in the right. My right breast needs to catch up with the left that's dropping faster. They said that it will eventually drop even. :)

They are getting a lot softer and looking more natural every day. Yesterday I bought a new bra with a wire and man I should have worn a sports bra lol. They kinda felt too pushed up I think I'll wait another week to wear normal bras :)

Feeling too small

So I am kinda sad that I didn't go bigger. I am considering possibly having them redone. I just expected them to be bigger than they are. They really do look smaller when they are under the muscle. I do think they look way better then what I started with but I feel sad about this because I expected them to be bigger. I'm not really sure what I should so :/

1 month post OP- still want to go bigger

It has been over a month since I have had my breast implants and I still feel like they are too small. :( I definitely want to go bigger. I had my 1 month post op appointment the other day and explained this to my surgeon and he said I should wait a few months and think about it because its too soon after surgery to do a revision. I also have been noticing that my left breast has been dropping a lot more than my right (my right was smaller and higher to begin with though.) I am wondering if it is starting to bottom out? It bothers me that it looks that way and I am worried that it will continue to drop even more. My Dr. explained that if he were to put the implants completely aligned with one another I would have a possibility of having whats called "double Bubble" which I definitely don't want. I have my next appointment in Sept. and we will discuss the option of going bigger and also fixing the one side so its aligned with the right.

Even though my implants and results are not my ideal I feel like my surgeon did a good job especially when seeing my before pictures. When I have my revision I think I will get silicone instead of saline because I am noticing light rippling and it will probably be worse with a larger implant. I am thinking I should go at least 100 cc's larger (450-475ccs). Maybe 500? I swear when I tried on the 400 sizers they seemed huge! and the 375ccs did too-which i like. But under the muscle they are way smaller. I was worried that my current implants (360-375cc) would be too big and the sizers really seem bigger when placed over your clothes in a tank top. I thought I would have a noticeable difference in clothing but you cant really tell that much that I had anything done. I look like a B cup at the moment and not a C cup like I thought I would be. :(

So bummed out

So it's been about 6 weeks since my surgery and I am still feeling upset. They do look nice and a lot better but I just tried in my old 34 a padded bra from Victoria's Secret and it still fits! Wtf!!! :( I am so confused. After all the swelling is going down they are getting smaller. I mean they are bigger which I am happy about but damn how do I still fit into my old bras?? I'm so depressed about this I feel like I wasted money :(

Looking better

Almost 2 months post op and they are looking better and getting softer. I still wish they were bigger but at the same time I am happy because it was such an improvement. I still am considering a 100cc increase but I'm waiting until my next appointment to decide.

2 months post op.

I think the results are looking better every day and they look natural. I think my right is starting to catch up with the left a little more although they probably won't be equal because of previous asymmetry. I have been noticing a little rippling (dr warned me about this with saline implants) but it doesn't bother me too much. I still wish I would have gone bigger.

Pics 2 month post

2.5 months

2.5 months post op. everything is healing well and looking better. My boobs look a lot more even since my right finally had dropped. I've been wearing padded push up bras from vs. size 32d. My fav from vs is the temptation push up bra. It makes them look awesome. They still seem too small to me. I feel like I always have to wear a padded bra still. I'm am happy I went though with the surgery. It was worth it but I still would like to go bigger hopefully sometime in the near future.

3 months post op

4 months post op

It's been almost 4 months since my surgery and I am happy I did it. They do seem a little bigger now that they have dropped! Still a size 32d at vs. I do wish I would have chosen silicone though... Next time I will get silicone

before and after

Before and After

I'm super happy with my before and after results. They look wayyyyy better now

5 month post op. advice needed

So I just had my 5 month post op appointment and my Dr and I talked about my implants settling too low on my chest. He said that I have the option of getting sutures to lift them. Or live with them how they are. He would be covering Surgon fees but I have to pay for hospital fees and Anestesia which is around $1500 :/ we also talked about the option of going bigger with either saline or silicone implants and also suturing as well. I'm considering this and since if I'm getting surgery and going under the knife again then this would be the time to go bigger. The only problem is that I would have to pay a lot more for implants and my total would be around $4000 for saline around $6000 for silicone. I really do want to go bigger but should I get saline this time or silicone? This really sucks :/ it's going to take me a while to save up :/ .... Do any of you ladies have any advice for me? I'm worried they will continue to drop even lower. Should I save up for saline or silicone? Please help.

Bottoming out?

This sucks. I have to get my boobs fixed :( they are dropping too low :( I still want them bigger. My dr said it was possible but I have to pay a lot more. I'm not sure if I should just get them re sutured to fix the bottoming out or if I just get bigger implants and pay more. This is a hard decision. Any advice would be appreciated

Getting a revision in March.

I had an appointment today to talk about going bigger. I got to pick out the sizes and I think i have it narrowed down to 465cc HP saline filled to 505cc. Thats about 130-145 CC more than I have. I also considered the 500HP filled to 550 but I am worried about rippling with that large of an implant. If for some reason I chose silicone later I will get the 500s or 550's but I don't think Ill be able to come up with the additional $2000 and I don't want to finance. Do you ladies think I am making the right choice with this size?

Going bigger

Silicone instead of saline 500cc HP

Revision update- I have decided that I am going to go with the silicone instead of saline and go with 500 CC High profile instead of 465 saline filled to 500cc. I am concerned about the rippling and I don't want to be self conscious about it. It's more costly, but I just want to be happy and content with my boobs. YOLO lol. I have to save up a lot of money in a short time but I think it will be worth the cost. Do you ladies think I am making the right choice?

silicone gel vs. cohesive gel?

I am wondering if I should ask about silicone gel vs. cohesive gel... I think he offers Natrelle 410's which are cohesive and also atomically shaped... but I really like the high profile look.... I am wondering if i should go with regular silicone implants or cohesive??? Anyone have any advice on this?

they keep dropping :(

I am so sad that they keep getting lower. I wish i could get them fixed sooner...Even though I am getting internal sutures, I am now scared that 500 cc will make them bottom out again.

new boobs in 5 weeks!

I am so excited to get this surgery done. I have been noticing a lot more rippling lately and the left is still low and it bugs me so much! I applied for care credit today and got approved! I wasn't able to save up enough for silicone so i will have to finance a portion of this surgery. I think it will be worth it.
I want to go with 475 or 500CC HP silicone. I am still not sure on what size to choose.

Tomorrow I pay for my new boobs!

I have my appointment tomorrow to decide on a final size and pay my fees. I am so nervous for this. I am scared that I will pick the wrong size. I am going with silicone hp implants. Currently my 360/375 saline implants are positioned too low and unless I wear a push up bra they look saggy :( I am getting internal sutures to fix this. I want more upper pole fullness and some cleavage but I feel like I don't want anymore lower pole fullness.

I have a feeling that 475 cc will give me the look I want. I really hope this surgery will fix my problem and I won't have to have another surgery for a while. Tomorrow I will need to ask these questions: 1. Will the internal sutures hold up the implants even though there is an increase in size? 2. Will I have more/less or equal lower pole fullness with 475 or 500 cc implants combined with the sutures? 3. Will I go through a "drop and fluff" phase? 4. Will there be rippling with silicone? 5. What is the size difference between silicone and saline implants?

Should I go with 475 or 500 hp implants??? I want to increase 1 cup size but am scared of them sagging. I have a feeling I will be happy with 475...

500 cc hp silicone

I decided on 500 cc. I think going up by 125 cc will give me the look I want. Only 3 more weeks! :)

3 more days!

I cant wait to get this over with. I feel so self conscious about my boobs unless i have on a push up bra. In shirts you can see that one is way lower than the other. The rippling in my implants have gotten much worse which makes me think I have a leak. I can't wait to have silicone! Im hoping and praying that this will be my last breast surgery for at least until I need to get them redone in 10+ years. This has been very emotional for me. I also am wondering what recovery will be like with internal sutures and new implants?

Just had my revision

I'm home from my surgery and I feel pretty good! I think I'm going to be very happy with the size. I will post more pics soon!

New silicone 500 cc hp and internal sutures.

I really think I am going to like my results once all the swelling goes down :) I am really liking the size so far! Dr Freedland and the surgery staff were so nice and really went out of my way to make sure I felt comfortable!

Size difference

The size difference is retry much what I had hoped for :) I'm doing way better than last time. It's not as hard to move around and I don't feel like a brick is in my chest. I'm sore and swollen but I can handle the pain with the meds. I think they look kinda weird and boxy but I think that's normal right out of surgery. I am confident they will round out. Super happy so far! :)

I had my revision! 500cc hp silicone :)

I'm in pain :( I think the 2nd time around is easier though

in a lot of pain

I am starting to feel like the recovery this time is harder than the 1st. I feel like i cant move around much. I have been taking percocet and motrin in intervals. The percocet alone doesn't relieve enough pain. I cant wait to start feeling better. I am supposed to go back to work in 5 days and I have a feeling I might have to take more time off. Where the suturing was hurts so bad!

Day 4 post op revision

Post op day 4

Today I'm not in as much pain as the past 2 days. I have stopped taking Percocet because it makes me feel awful! I have switched to Tylenol. This morning I had a low fever. Should I be worried?

Loving them so far!

I am so happy with the size and placement! They are starting to round out and are less swollen. I love the size so far. Honestly they are a little bigger than I expected but I'm happy! I also love the silicone! I'm glad I didn't get saline because you really can tell a difference. even my bf said they feel way more natural. i really hope they don't drop too much! I'm wearing underwire bras so they don't! I went to soma intimates and got some nice bras 2/60$ and Victoria's Secret as well. I'm a 32dd at both stores.

Day 6 post op


11 days post op

Over the weekend I was experiencing a lot of pain where the suturing was placed. It felt like pinching/tightness/scraping at my insides :( so i went to the Dr yesterday and he said everything i was feeling was normal. It actually doesn't hurt much today. I am still very happy with the size and they have gotten smaller since the swelling has gone down. Every day the pain goes away a little. This time around was a lot more difficult than the first operation. I hope everything heals properly!

I told Dr Freedland that I was scared that the implants may drop again like they did before. He said that the sutures were permanent and that its possible that they may drop a little more but its unlikely. He also said its important to keep them supported with a good bra and be careful in general- for example if someone gives you a big hug it can break the sutures!

3 weeks post op revision

I am still happy with the size but I feel like my right is too high now :/ they are still an improvement and I am overall happy. The pain is still slightly there but getting better every day. Silicone is feeling way better than the saline too.

Swelling has gone down! I love my new boobs!

I am so happy with my revision. The swelling has gone down a lot and they are a little smaller. They actually look somewhat natural . The left has gone down a little too and they are more even. I can't wait to start working out like I used to. I gained a few pounds from taking it easy. I have been using the bike and it's starting to get old. I also got a few sports bras. The knockout from vs (not the front close one) is awesome. My boobs don't bounce at all when I wear it. I'm still wearing bras 24/7 . I hope everything holds up! I'm so happy with my results! I'll post new pics soon.


*right has gone down. Not left *


Pain under left boob

Last week I had to lift a heavy suitcase into my car and it required me to use my chest muscles. Now My left boob hurts around where the sutures were placed :( Everything looks ok. I hope the pain goes away and I hope I didn't screw anything up! I am still wearing bras pretty much 24/7. I still am happy with the size.

2.5 mo post

My left boob hurts :(

Push up bra

500 cc with a vs push up bra

Doing well!

My boobs are doing great! I am so happy I went through with this revision. Today I went running for the first time since my revision and nothing hurt . I wore 2 high impact sports bras so they would stay put. They only thing that is annoying is that every now and then I feel a slight pain where my sutures were placed. It almost feels like a pinched nerve. It's not too painful and it's probably nothing to worry about. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow

5.5 months after revision

It's been almost 6 months after my revision and I'm doing well. They are looking natural in my opinion. They feel huge at times too but that's ok! I'm happy :) it's kinda hard to though, I have to wear 2 sports bras. I think the revision is holding up nicely.

almost 7 months post op revision

I am so happy with my revision and the size. In my opinion, they are perfect for my frame. Most people say they look natural and not fake at all. The suturing is holding up nicely and I have no pain anymore. I am so happy with how things turned out.

Still loving them

It's been over a year since my revision to 500cc silicone and I'm still very happy with the results! I think they look very natural for a larger implant. They also feel very natural compared to the saline!

2 years post op revision

I recently have been taking Spurnolactin for acne. The side effect is breast tenderness and swelling. My boobs have gotten bigger but my dermatologist said that this will subside in a few months. They feel huge lol. I'm probably a 32ddd because of the pills I've been taking. everything else is going well.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

I would definitely recommend this doctor. At my 1st consultation Dr. Freedland and his staff made me feel very comfortable. All my questions were answered and he was very professional. He did a good job on my breast augmentation and I know other people who have gone to him for breast implants and their results look great. I liked how I was offered options (for example-different sizes and High profile implants). The day I had my surgery I felt very comfortable and the hospital staff was so friendly and really did a great job answering my questions- I was very impressed. Before I chose Dr. Freedland for my surgery, I almost went with another Dr. and I am so glad I changed my mind. The other Doctor did not offer me any other types of implants (no high profile implants- just 1 size which was 270 cc-I would have been so unhappy with that small of an implant). The Dr. I almost went to held a "group consultation" which I thought was strange... but everything with Dr. Freedland was one on one which was important to me. Dr Freedland also called me at 2 months post op to check in to see if everything was ok which was also very much appreciated.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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