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So far the experience went from terrible to...

So far the experience went from terrible to fantastic. The first doctor I saw made me feel completely awful, wanting to change everything about me. The second doctor was good but his assistant kept pressuring me to schedule THAT day and to "pay now or it'll increase". The third doctor, Dr.Micheal Freedland was who I chose. He took time with me. He didn't push me into anything. He didn't pressure me. Cindy was great, she knew what I wanted before I could even tell her.


Six days until surgery and I'm terrified of dying. Is this normal?


Tomorrow is the big day. I have to be there at nine am. I am terribly nervous and stressed out. I am starting to wonder if I decided to go too big, too small, will it hurt for long, am I being too ambitious by thinking I can return to work so soon...


Bye bye old boobs.. In two and a half hours I'll have new ones

Not bad.. Not bad at all.

One, I'm not dead. Two. It didn't hurt anywhere like I imagine. Three, Dr Freedland was awesome. Very relaxed, he kept my boyfriend up to date on the info.


Better photo

Ice is my friend. So is on demand.

So.. Ow

I just woke up and it feels like a bull headbutt my boobs. They seem to have gone down a bit in swelling. Or not. I don't know.

Things I'm glad I learned here

That my boobs would look weird first. Although Cindy at my doctors showed me photos so I'd be aware. That my stomach would hurt. That I may not be able to poop. No one told me the poop thing until I came here. So I've added fiber pills to my collection of pills to take.

This feels weird.

I feel like my boobs are super heavy


I think I made a mistake. Dogs got muddy prints on my carpet and I had no help.. Had to clean the carpet. Literally only a small section, took maybe three minutes, including putting it away but now I'm sore. Did I mess up???

No bra.. Sorta

Day 2 post op

I can't move. This is unpleasant, at best. I hope tomorrow is better because I'm supposed to go to work.

Why am I awake?

I'm so tired all the time. Thank God for my boyfriend. He's been so helpful. He's been making sure I have everything I need, has helped with my two sons and has also helped me care for my grandparents. I don't know what I'd do without him.

I didn't tell many people about the surgery. I figured if they needed to know, I would tell them . Anyone else can just wonder if I had anything done. Since I've been wearing the bombshell bra lately that adds two cup sizes, I figure who's gonna really know.

How long

How long does the frankenboob last?

Glub glub

My left boob just gurgled....

Post op day twp

Post my first shower


I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is a saint. He has been taking care of me, my kids, oour dogs and my grandparents. My grandfather has been in the hospital so he's been taking my grandma up there every day to see him. On top of all that he is the one who helped me get this surgery and he got me a sweetest day gift. I need to think of how to thank him. Ideas?

No work

I'm not hurting as bad just some sharp burning pains now and then. But I didn't eat with my meds so I feel sick. I want to feel normal

New pics

I didn't take any pictures but I tried on my old bikini top. Hilarious.

Pre op boobs

Side effect

Because I haven't been using my arms, I've strengthened my legs by using them to get up and down. So maybe I'll have nice legs too

Now that I'm not drugged up

Now that I stopped the vicoden, I can explain more. One, I know my boobs are not super perky. I'm OK with that. They never have been. I did not want a lift. Two doctors tried to pressure me into one, but I just did not want that. Dr Freedland told me I didn't have to have one. I'm 34. I want 34 year old boobs but bigger. So far, that's the result I appear to be getting. I'm so glad I went to other consults after my initial bad one. It was so bad I was in tears and told my boyfriend it was never happening. Dr Freedland made me feel so much better. I cannot stress that enough. His staff is amazing.


These boobs are heavy and I can't switch to a sports bra until Friday. This surgical bra is not as supportive. Any tips?


I've realized I'll never poop again. I've tried everything. I can't poop.

Day four


So far, not so bad. Just taking it easy. But I sure miss Netflix and my bed

Anyone else?

Anyone else wondering if they went big enough? I think I did..but I know its too soon to tell

So I'm dying here

Work was a bad idea. My boobs hurt and feel tight. I'm freaking out


I'm very emotional. I just had a panic attack


.. So we couldn't wait.. We had sex tonight. Now I'm freaking out..


I dont think sex ruined my boobs..ha ha...I do feel more relaxed now..Also, lotion! I wasnt putting lotion on my boobs!! Well tonight I did and goodness they feel better!!

Holy boobies, batman!

No morning boob and these suckers are huge!


I feel much more normal today. My boobs are less heavy. I got some rest and honestly, I think the sex helped a lot!


I have a lovely collection of nice bras from my pre-op days..I am thinking of donating them. What are all of you planning to do with yours?


Is this normal??

week one appt

Tomorrow is my first post op appt...hope it goes well

Day six

One week


Everything is good, bruising is normal. Dr said I look good especially for just being a week out. :)

Day eight

Super morning boobs this morning. Ouch! I'm ready for the whole drop and fluff.


Day nine

Starting to drop

Rough today

Today has been rough. I hurt in my incision area. I'm tired. They feel heavy today

Sports bra

One, it sucks having to minimize new boobs in a sports bra. But I found a good one finally. Bally makes a high impact one that's great


I hope I went big enough. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with 600cc

Day ten


A friend questioned my decision today. They seemed off put that I made a choice, for me, to feel better in my body. This isn't my first incident, someone on this site messaged me telling me what a huge mistake implants are. I would never tell someone to get implants.. Why tell me I should not have?

Love this photo

Do I?

I'm getting a cold.. Do I call my PS?


The dr said a cold is ok and won't do any damage. Today I am hurting a little. Not the previous kind of hurt but I can definitely tell my implants are trying to stretch that muscle out. They feel tighter than yesterday and the skin hurts

Day twelve

Woke up and freaked out because I wasn't in pain. I had to grab my boobs. They're still here. However, I can feel something squishy if I poke the bottom of the right. One, I need to not poke it. Two, it's apparently normal because that's my smaller not over filled implant.


My boobs jiggled while I was walking today! It made me smile

Love them

So far I am loving them!

Complaints about this site though.. After surgery all these explant reviews now are suggested. I don't read those anymore.

Bally sports bra


I keep bouncing between loving the size and wishing they were bigger. But I know if I had gone much bigger, it would have had to been a HP implant and the projection would have made me look much like a trapazoid.

Look who's dropping!

It's starting!


These are pictures with my most minimizing sports bra... They still look huge:)


I forgot some

In normal clothes

No more..

No more VS for me. I measured at a 34F. They asked me to leave.

Freaking out!!

They suddenly got super soft. More right one than left. Is something wrong????

I think

I think they are OK?

This is fun

I tried on an old bra that was always too big 34DD and my bikini top that is on here as a before pic


Wish I'd gone bigger :(


haven't bought a bra yet.. It feels too soon. But I measure a 34f at Victoria secret and a 34g at Soma. So why do I feel they aren't big enough?

Wtf Realself

Not sure

Still unsure of I went big enough. Do they get bigger after they fluff?


None of my sports bras fit. My surgical bra doesn't fit. I'm currently watching the walking dead with no bra because my largest sports bra is too tight. Where do I find a small band sports bra for big boobs?

18 days post

Still waiting on the drop and fluff fairy..

More pics


The Genie bra is fantastic!! Two for $19.99 at Bed,Bath and Beyond. Its perfect.

two and a half weeks

I had my post op for 2.5 weeks, filled out my warranty info, got my steri-strips taken off, so that felt good..and weird ..another new thing to obsess over, will that make my incision more likely to bust open?

19 days post

Three weeks

If I ever figure out how

I'm deleting this profile. I thought it would be a supportive place to share stories and information but it's not.


Right one dropped, left didn't. What the hell do I do?

My wish boobs

These were my wish boobs. Lucy Pinder. I think I got close

What is up

My right is sift and pain free. Left is a little sore, tighter and not dropping as fast.


My boobs grew two more inches. I couldn't figure out why they hurt so bad.. My genie bra is now too small

My left boob is pissing me off

It's dropping slower than the right. It was my smaller boob, with a bigger implant. I don't know if that's why or something is wrong.


I think I'm behind in my emotional cycle. Most of the time I'm happy I did it. But I miss chasing my kids and wonder if I ever will be able to again. They are still heavy feeling and by five pm, I'm exhausted and I'm not comfortable. I miss feeling normal.

Four weeks


I've decided if the left doesn't drop, I am still happy with my results. My boobs weren't even before, I can't expect them to be now. I wanted my boobs but bigger. That's what I got.

In my head?

In pictures the left doesn't look that far behind. But I can tell. I feel the difference. Is it all in my head?

Dr appt

He said everything looks good and not to worry about the left dropping slower. Between the muscle being tighter before and it being the side I use to reach for things and carry my purse, it'll drop soon. DDon't go back until March


Getting some serious side boob


Are my incision looking OK?

Feeling slighted.

The moderators post on everyone's reviews.. Except mine. I feel a bit outcast.


My right is dropping and fluffing and beautiful. I officially hate my slower stubborn left one.

Nothing boobs related.

This has nothing to do with my surgery or recovery but I needed to vent. My boyfriend
And I live together. He has a daughter from his marriage (divorced two years). He got an invitation to her birthday party. Addressed to his parents address. Not ours. So either she intentionally sent it there or he didn't tell her we live together. Either way.. Meh.

Things aren't better.

Boobs wise, the left isn't caught up yet but I'm living with it. Relationship wise.. I do not know. We've been together since March of 2012. I thought by now things would be different. He was deployed most of that time, he came home in September this year. While he was gone we talked about everything. We planned a life and future. He came home and the planning stopped. I don't know what to do anymore

First bra

It's a 34gg

Not good

My boyfriend broke up with me today. He said he loves me, wants to be with me but he's not comfortable, he needs to not be around people. Then he took his dog and left. Not his clothes, not his uniforms, not even the dog's cage. Just the dog.

What do I do now?

Six months post op

It's doing well.. The left is catching up. Overall I'm happy

More photos

Non boobs update

Bf and I had a huge fight in January, immediately after he started his new job (the next day) which took him out of state. Since then, we have actually been doing much better and our relationship is better than ever

A little update

Most days I forget that I even had surgery. They feel so natural and a part of me.

I can sleep on my stomach, run, jump, do everything I always could before!


First vacation

My boobs first vacation!

Time Flys

So.. Wow it's been nearly two years! Big changes. Life is much different now.

Over two years ago

Just a little update

Over 2.5 years later

No bra in the dress :)


Almost three years post op. Went from a 34c/d to a 34 h/i
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Dr Freedland is the best doctor. His staff is kind, caring, supportive!

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