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Hi ladies, I'm 27 and finally ready to have my...

Hi ladies, I'm 27 and finally ready to have my booties done!!!! I really wasn't going to blog about my procedure but me being 4'11 I really haven't seen too many profiles with my stats. So it goes, I am extremely nervous my surgery is in 11 days I am getting 360cc saline moderate profile. But I'm starting to worry they'll be too big for my frame. I want good cleavage so with my bwd being 12.5 the PS said I should go 330 or 360 for that. Other than that I am excited. I am starting off a at 32A hoping for a full C

switched from 360 cc to 330 cc filled 350 cc

Okay so I was so getting nervous that 360 moderate profile was too big and not round enough so I called and switched now I'm rethinking that lol. I am so afraid that I will be too big for my height smh. This is truly driving me crazy :( With only 8 more days left before my surgery and one more day before they order my implants I need to feel confident in one of these sizes


Hey ladies : ) Went and picked up my meds. I was prescribed Zofran for nausea Norco for pain and Avelox as my pre op antibiotic.... I have been taking a multi vitamin for a month and vitamin c. And for this wk and next wk I have been on a low sodium diet 2500 mg a day. Nothing mayor, just wanted to post that. I have been working out a little (well trying) because I hear I may bloat. We shall see .....

low sodium diet

Hi ladies, I have been trying to stay with a low sodium diet to prevent bloating. Lol but the super bowl is 2mrw so I know I'm going to go over. My stomach isn't as flat as I wanted it to be before surgery but hopefully I can get back in the gym after a month. Super excited Thursday will be here in a blink of an eye ;)

It's getting real

Finally paid the last of the money for my surgery. It's starting to sink in I'll have my new babies Thursday. So much to do before then feeling a little overwhelmed. And to top it all off my truck is making a funny noise so I need to get it fix and I can't drive it. So hopefully I can get it fix after surgery and before my post op visit. Don't want my boyfriend to take off anymore days. Smh I'll get it together

1 more day Yikes!!!!

So 2mrw is the big day!!!! I'm excited but very nervous :/ I am up cleaning the house and doing laundry. Glad I had a chance to get my eyebrows done and a manicure yesterday. Since I will be down for a few days. My side is hurting really bad and I don't know why. It started hurting last night hope it's nothing serious.


Day before surgery of course it's a blizzard lol I shoveled the snow and I hope it doesn't snow 2mrw or this evening. I have to be up so early 2mrw : ) can you tell how excited I am

Surgery went well

I am loving my boobs already swollen and all : ) I freaked out after they put the iv in my arm. I had a panic attack but my boyfriend was there to calm me down. The nurse gave me something to calm me after that I saw the doctor and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery lol. So far so good no pain just a little heavy. I'm taking arnica pellets the viodin made me sick at the hospital, I'm icing them even hour for about 20 minutes. Seems to be working : )

Alternate med options

Hey ladies I need your help. I'm scared to take the hydrocodon it makes me sick but I know I'm going to need to take something for the pain 2mrw. I can feel them getting stiff so I know I'll be in a lot of pain in the morning. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have nausea medication but don't like that it has to dissolve on my tongue

The bottom of my boobs are sore

I am not in a lot of pain but towards the bottom near the incision it's pretty sore. Hopefully that's natural. Can't wait until my first post op visit. I have a lot of questions

Size regret

Hi ladies, so this morning I'm a little sad. I feel like I should have listen when the nurse told me not to downsize : ( I switched my 360 to 330. I was afraid of going to big : ( now I think I made the wrong decision. I know it's too early to tell but I hope they will be more of what I want when they drop and fluff. Pictures coming soon


Feeling a little down was just wondering did anyone else have a problem with bloating? My stomach is so big and has been for 3 days now wondering when it will go back to normal. I stop taking the hydrocodon 2 nights ago

2 months out

almost 2 months out

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