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My tummy tuck is scheduled for January 6,2016. I...

My tummy tuck is scheduled for January 6,2016. I am excited, terrified, anxious.. Everything! The surgeon who performed my breast augmentation is the same for the tummy tuck. I opted not to get lipo with it as I would like to keep the width of my hips since my wide hips were what prompted me to get my breast implants. I'm confident that Dr. Freedland will work wonders again!

Some before pics

I'm still not sure about lipo vs no lipo. I don't want it if I don't really need it. Opinions are definitely appreciated!

More photos

I'm still unsure of the lipo. I don't want to look perfect. I want to wear pants without tucking my stomach in. I want to wear dresses and look like a human being. Even if it's a slightly flawed one.

Two days to go

I am terrified. I don't want to die. I am absolutely terrified of this surgery. I cannot seem to calm myself even though my mom just had this exact surgery, with the same surgeon, a few months ago and she was just fine.

Day one

Just got home. As always, Dr Freedland is a delight to have as a surgeon. Pain is about a 3 if I'm not moving, 6 if I moved. I did opt for lipo

Some photos

First photos. Gotta keep them bandaged for 48hrs

My bladder

I'm peeing constantly.. A significant amount but my bladder still feels fills five minutes later and it takes awhile to get it flowing.. Advice, ladies?

More photos

Here are the first, very swollen photos.

For comparison

Here's a side by side. What a huge difference!

Day two.

A little sore, the peeing issue seems to be resolving itself. I didn't sleep well but that's because I was up peeing, not because of pain.

Omg I can't believe it's me!

I didn't even look this good before kids!

Can't sleep..

I doze on and off, but I can't sleep very well. I don't know if it's the meds or I'm just uncomfortable. Also my stomach keeps gurgling.. Which may be from laxatives. I have not had a BM yet so it could be that.

First shower.

That was a challenge. I have two drains and a pain pump so we had to bag everything beforehand. I can't lean over to wrap a towel around my hair, I can't even blow dry my hair. However.. Warm water felt amazing. Just amazing.

Post shower

Bandaged myself back up

My butt

These are the only bruises I have

Helpful tip

If you have a binder, first wrap your incisions with gauze, then put on a nice soft tank top or cami, then put the binder on over that. It's so much better. Nothing catches, nothing rubs.


This was me.. In Spanx no less

Stats today

Pain is about a 2, still no BM, fluid is 40ml left, 15ml right in twelve hours.


Feeling swollen but I still think I look 100% better than I used to

Pain pills

I'm cutting back on pain pills.. Ew. You can feel everything. Everything is creepy. Also if I don't poop soon, I will freaking cry


I love this site. Any questions, there is an answer. I love seeing how other people's surgeries progressed. I love the support here. I am on here more than Facebook ha ha. Unfortunately, I then look at other procedures and think about getting those. I kind of want to try juvederm in my lips. It's temporary and not terribly expensive. I've included a rare photo of my face.. What do you think?

Apparently I'm just going to die

Enema didn't work. MOM didn't work. Senokot, colace and acidophilus pearls didn't work. I can't poop. I'm in serious pain from it, I'm sweating. I can't freaking poop.

Thank you, Jesus

Finally happened!


Anyone else paranoid about the post surgery complications that can happen? How do we know if we are healing OK?

First post op appointment today

I have my first post op today at 11:15, I'm hoping at least one of these drains come off. Also, pooped all by myself with no help from any products this morning and I feel great about that. My back hurts so bad from being hunched over but I dread the thought of what would happen if I stood straight up.


One drain removed and the pain pump. The drain removal was so gross do you know how far that thing is in there?? It's so disgusting. Other than that, doc says I look fantastic!

Rough day

I was feeling amazing. Almost normal. And then... I got this awful tight feeling like I'd split in two... Swell Hell. I did too much today and I'm paying for it

My mommy

My mom lives down the street from me. She had her tt back in October (and paid for mine!) she is so great. She took me to my appointment today, took my kids to a movie yesterday, bought me some ugg boots (I only own heels) and some nice stretch pants and tomorrow morning she's making me homemade sticky buns. I don't know what I'll do when I have to grow up :P

Why not

I enjoy seeing everyone's progress so here's so more photos!

My wish pics

Here is what I'd love to look like (or come anywhere close to)

Sitting down

Here's a photo of me sitting. The tightness and pulling is really getting to me. I'm sick of feeling like I can't do normal things. It hurts to sit, hurts to stand, hurts to lay down.

Do not ever read the bad reviews

Omg I fell into a necrosis rabbit hole on here and I feel ill. Please dear God, don't let it happen to me. I will throw up

One week

I feel a lot better today than I have since the surgery. I do feel a little depressed, mostly because I haven't slept in my own bed, and I feel really disconnected physically from my fiancé. Before this, we were "intimate" nearly every day, so this has been weird for me

I feel bloated and fat


Better pic

just feel swollen and uneven

New binder

Omg it is so much better than the hospital one!

Oops hit the button too fast

Oh no

Was drinking water, had a huge coughing fit.. I hope I didn't mess up muscle repair


I just tried on my old underwear. Prior to surgery, they would fit.. Sort of. Around my hips and love handles they would dig in or bunch up.. Not anymore! They fit, just like on those skinny bitch Victoria Secret models!


Tried to sleep in my bed.. Five seconds.. And I couldn't do it

Feeling depressed

I can't play with my kids. I can't attend my classes. I can't sleep in my bed. I can't straighten my hair. I may look better. But I do not feel better. Have I made a huge mistake?

A silver lining

I might be feeling down today but I had ordered three pairs of yoga leggings from Victoria Secret, and they arrived today. I've always worn a medium in all their yoga and sweat pants. They were always a bit snug but you know, vanity. So I ordered three mediums this time.. And they are not snug at all. Even over the compression garment. They are borderline loose.


My first time driving since the surgery. I really hope all of you live in some other state than michigan. We do not repair our roads in a timely manner here, so it's full of potholes. It was.. Interesting.

Can i lay on my side?

Things I need to ask my doctor! I wonder if I can lay on my side? Not worried about the tummy tuck part, but the lipo of my flanks? Will that mess up the result?


Sometimes when I move a certain way or I stand up, it feels like I ripped my incision open. I frantically go to check, and everything is fine. So what the heck is happening?!?

Last drain comes out

In one hour, I'll be drain free!!

Drain free!!

Drain is all gone and I feel great! They said I'm healing really well!


I will do pretty much anything to not be uncomfortable. I had this same issue after my BA. I would be feeling pain or tightness and do anything to just not feel it. However.. I realize, I have to. I have to feel some pulling, some tightness, some pain. I just had surgery! It's healing! All these feelings are part of a healthy healing process! I can't try to avoid it all the time.

Belly button

Yes I'm on the floor

Surprised to find out sitting on my floor makes my back feel better

Today is weird

I think the numbness is wearing off, I can feel everything ache and pain which makes the binder super uncomfortable. Also a stingy, pulling feeling from my navel down


I wonder how swollen I am? What will I look like in a month, 3 months? If I like how I look now.. It can only get better, right?


These jeans used to be so tight. Not anymore! And I'm still swollen!!

Turned a corner!

I feel considerably better today than I have since I had surgery. I have some period like cramping but less burning, stinging and pulling today. I even went grocery shopping! The last two nights I've slept in my own bed


I know I did a lot this morning, but I promise I'm taking it easy this afternoon. I took some midol (believe me it's for all cramps, not just period ones), watching TV and being lazy

Double edged sword.

We aren't supposed to eat salt because it will make us swell more.. Except I am supposed to eat salt because I have unusually low blood pressure and salt helps raise it to a healthy level. So... I'm swollen. Because I think my heart is more important.

My super cute belly button!

It's healing so nicely

Real clothes and Spanx

My first day out of a binder.. I'm not sure how long this will last. That binder is my security blanket.


Here is the same dress, pre and post surgery


No swelling this morning!

2.5 weeks

I'm already thrilled with the difference in my body and I know I have a ways to go before the swelling subsides.

Post shower

Any tips for getting medical tape residue off? I've tried scrubbing, alcohol and baby oil.

Freaking out!

What is happening? My tape is coming off, I'm cutting it back like I'm supposed to and the right side has this??

Wound update

Just got home, I took the bandage off, cleaned it again and put more bacitracin on. It's looking a lot better already

It's looking better

I am posting some morning pics and a pic that's a side by side of my issue yesterday. The first is this morning, the second is yesterday


At what point can i stop being worried about wound separation and necrosis? These are my biggest fears.

Three weeks

Three weeks must be the turning point because I woke up today feeling better than I have since surgery. I feel less tight, less paranoid, less swollen. I hope it continues to get better

New bed

My fiance and I bought a new hybrid mattress and... An adjustable base. It's heaven. I can elevate my head, my legs, no bulky pillows under my feet or knees. I literally came home from class and haven't left my bed.

Oh no

The beginning of necrosis or just a weird thing again? The tape started to peel a little so I cut it back and I see this. I'm so worried now

Pulled all the tape off

I pulled it all off, very slowly and gently. Not as bad as I feared. I think it's some spitting stitches and maceration.

More pics

Scar update

Before bed, I put bacitracin on the scar, and a very thin piece of gauze, I then wrapped it with an ace bandage and put on a cami, my binder and went to sleep. This morning I unwrapped everything to look at it. There was nothing on the gauze, so it's not leaking, bleeding, or oozing anything. It still feels weird to have no tape on. My incision feels a little sore, like a paper cut. Tonight, I have a date with my fiance for the first time in three months! Woo-hoo!

Not bad


So my fiance's brother has this awful girlfriend who unfortunately found out I had a tummy tuck. She asked how I was and I sent her one of the swimsuit photos. She texted back "oh wow now you're skinnier than me". I don't know if she is rude or if the fact I can't stand her colors my perception of what she says.

Date clothes!

No control top panty hose! No love handles!

25 days

I am feeling about 75% normal right now, evening is usually worse. Yesterday was tough because we had a night out the day before, so I paid for it by being swollen all day.

One more thing

My tattoos went all down my sides, and my doctor managed to move them slightly over instead of just cutting them off. I didn't really care if he had to remove part of them, but I'm really impressed he was skilled enough to maneuver them instead

Pants and other things

I have my post op appointment today. For some reason, I'm super swollen today but I'm going with Spanx today. Well.. An ace bandage and Spanx over it. So.. Pants. I realized my former mid rise jeans are now wearing like low rise jeans.. Not sure how that happens.

Post op

Doc says everything looks great, I don't come in until June unless something comes up, I can resume activities as long as it's not painful

Need new pants


I knew the risks for my surgery. I looked up every bad 'not worth it' review on here. I did the same for my breast augmentation. I Google every possible complication. And then I met with my doctor to discuss having it done. I've been cautious, not exerting myself in any way. I've been paranoid, looking at and inspecting my incision up to ten times a day. I wash it with three kinds of antibacterial and antiseptic soap. I have been fortunate so far to have no complications. But I know all too well that others have. I hope all of them heal quickly. I hope that after they heal, they still have results that please them.

Week one vs week four

Gym time

My first work out post went well. I took it super easy

One month

I feel I'm out of the woods for most complications now, I worry a lot less. My scar is healing nicely. Occasionally it's itchy. My skin is super dry but I do live in Michigan. I'm feeling close to normal, still swelling throughout the day but I feel good

Feeling pretty good

Every day, I feel a little better. I still swell. I'm sure I'm still swollen period. I bought some silicone strips but I want to be 100% sure my scar is healed before using them.


Happy Packzi Day!

What a difference!

Same pants, before and after

Leaning over

This is what gets me every time. No flab leaning over

Teenage me

I was 14 in this photo. I think I look better at 36!

Spot update

My little end spot is doing better, a scab fell off this morning so it's still got a little opening

Six weeks

I'm feeling more comfortable in jeans, but my max is five hours, I just can't do it all day. This morning I woke up so super flat! It was incredible! And I took a funny picture for a personal trainer friend of mine

Before and afters

Week 7

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still taking it easy, but I can wear jeans for longer periods of time. Today will be fun.. I have jury duty

Spanx.. Or not

I decided to do an experiment. When I wear Spanx, I get tight after awhile. So I thought, maybe it's the Spanx. Today I'm Spanx free, and I feel so good!!

It fits!!

My wedding dress for May

Eight weeks? I've lost track

Totally unrelated to surgery

So.. We sent out wedding invitations. We did not send them as "to Ms. So and so & guest", we didn't want plus ones. Well... So far two people have just invited their new boyfriends by writing it on the rsvp! I'm really hoping a bunch of people don't rsvp yes so that it isn't a huge problem. Otherwise, I have to make awkward phone calls.

New suit

Waist training

I'm trying it out. I have no idea if it works but.. Why not..

New pictures

I'm sorry

I've been bad about updating. I have a history of ulcers and the last week has caused them to return with a vengeance. My fiancé brother has a girlfriend who has been awful to us. My fiancé doesn't like her at all, and declined to invite her to our wedding. (they haven't been dating long). His brother got mad, blamed it on me. My fiancé told his brother that it's he who hates her and didn't want her there. Long story short, his brother and girlfriend have made it into this huge thing and I'm so stressed that my ulcers are back.


Planning a wedding that will be right after my finals.. Bad idea. I'm so stressed out :(

How long has it been?

I honestly have no clue! Still wear Spanx during the day, and minor swelling at night. I wear my binder to bed still. Overall, I feel great

For gmof4

More pics

Short waisted

I'm extremely short waisted. Between my ribs and hips is only about 3.5 inches, to have curves before was near impossible.

Just playing around

Just some pictures

Feeling bloated

Final dress fitting

Wedding lingerie

One week!

One more week until I'm married! I hope all of you are doing well. I slept without any kind of garment on last night. It's not uncomfortable, it just feels weird since parts of my stomach are still a little numb. I wonder how long it takes for that to go away?

Ooh la la

4 months

We did it!


4.5 months

I bought shorts the other day. I used to be a snug 8,these were a 6 and are too loose!!

Day 2 of no Spanx or cg

It's not as bad as I had feared. I had depended on my Spanx and cg to keep all swelling at bay, but really it's very minimal swelling without it

Size 6

I think I need a different size!

Belly button

Five months

I never wear Spanx or a binder now, swelling only if I over do something (long car rides!) . Most days, I hardly remember that I even had surgery!

Doing well!

Everything is great! I'm really enjoying my new figure!

Scar and belly button pictures

Update.. Better now or a few months ago?

A few photos

Before and after a

One more


The first is now.. The second is months ago. I like the changes!!


I'm starting to get abs!! Woo-hoo!!

Side note.. My husband wants a baby... So... Revision surgery at some point :/

3 way mirrors

Dear lord why

Weight loss

I have lost ten lbs in two weeks, all because I had my iud removed. Apparently it was making weight loss difficult


In less than a month after my iud has been out, I went down two pant sizes. These are a 27 (4)

Sad news

So in the beginning of November, we found out we were pregnant. We had a six week ultrasound and there was a strong heartbeat. At nine weeks on Dec 19, we found out the heart and baby stopped at six weeks and two days. I had a D and C on Dec 22.


Just a little update
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Freedland. He was so informative, so kind for my breast augmentation. He didn't push for additional procedures during my consultation for either the implants or the tummy tuck but did give me helpful info about lipo and a breast lift. He never made me feel like I had to do either of those.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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