62 Years Old. Implant Removal, Replacement and Uplift - Birmingham, GB

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I had silicone breast implants 20+ years ago. I...

I had silicone breast implants 20+ years ago. I loved them and have had no problems until recently the right one started feeling harder, and looking a bit misshapen. I went for a consultation and have been advised, due to the capsule which has formed, I should have the implants removed, replaced with new, safer ones. After discussion I have chosen to have the new ones placed under the muscle, and an uplift.

Getting nervous now, as this is a more complex procedure, than the simple implants I had originally. I have confidence in my surgeon, Mr Mayo. he has done over 1000 of these operations and has good patient feedback.....so fingers crossed!!

I hope to have nice shaped and natural feeling breasts, but accept with the uplift I will have some scars to show. I have been told these should not be too obvious once healing has taken place, and after one year should be very pale.

I am keeping my current size of 34 B

5 days post surgery

Had my op 7th Feb. No serious problems, but the right, misshapen breast had capsular contracture as suspected. The implant had ruptured and lumps of silicone gel were outside the implant. All this had to be removed and washed out, before the new implants were put in, sub-muscular.

The PS could not remove all of the capsule, but most of it is out, and he tells me the small amount left behind should not be a problem . I needed a drain in the right breast for two days because of the amount of surgery I had on that side.

Spent two nights in the clinic and glad to be home now. Feeling tired, as sleeping in an elevated position, wearing a tight bra is not easy. I was amazed to find I gained 5lbs in two days! I thoughtlessly had skinny jeans to go home in. My whole body seemed puffed up, even my face! Water retention I am guessing, as it's dropping off now.

Pain has not been anywhere near as bad as expected. I am just taking 2xTylex 30mg at bed time, as the codeine in it makes me nice and drowsy. Had some mad dreams on it!

Breasts feel quite hard and unnatural right now. I am hoping that since I have quite strong pectoral muscles from going to the gym, that this won't mean they sort of flatten the implants. At the minute they look quite wide and flatter than when I had my last implants over the muscle.

I really don't want to end up with unnaturally firm, high breasts. They fit perfectly in a 34C bra, which is what I asked for. Only time will tell now.

Have my post op check tomorrow am.


ps Having problems uploading pics. Keep getting an error msg. Files are all under 7MB. Will try again later

pics 5 days post op

Finally got these pics to load. Not too uncomfortable but sooooo itchy under the dressings, and feeling very tired. Have my post op check tomorrow.

post op check 6 days

Had the dressings removed and wounds cleaned this morning. Nurse said all was looking fine. My right breast is more swollen and battered looking due to having had the extra surgery to remove the cc and silicone which had migrated out of the implant into the breast tissue. The area where the drain came out on this side is quite sore too.

Given that this complicated my surgery, I think the surgeon has done quite a good job. All the dressings are off except some micro pore to protect the area around the nipples and over the scars. The nurse put some gauze pads over the scar under the bust to protect that area.

I wasn't sore at all this morning, but I am a bit tender now the dressings are off. I think the cleaning of the area disturbed everything a bit. At least the itching had gone.

I have some dissolving stitches, but the long stitch underneath the breast had to stay in for two weeks and then removed, so unless I have problems I won't go back to the clinic till 25th Feb.

today's horror pics

Just took a look at the pics my husband took of my boobs today. The left looks fine with just some swelling under the breast. Right on looks a mess!! I don't like the look of that at all. It's because it took a lot of surgery removing the capsule and silicone which was inside the breast. I don't blame the surgeon for it looking like this. It was difficult surgery, and he had to make sure everything was properly cleaned and debris removed. If anything I only have myself to blame for a) being so vain as to have implants done in the first place, when I had perfectly healthy breasts...just floppy after kids. And b) for not getting the implants changed several years ago as recommended. All the time the looked and felt fine, I just left them alone, but girls, they don't last forever. I would tell anyone embarking on augmentation, remember, a successful boob job is great, but you must be prepared to have further surgery down the line. They WILL need replacing.

Anyway, it's done now, so all I can do is look after everything and hope for the best! Susie

Valentines Day

I never had to wear a fat lady's dress before!!! Where have my abs gone??? All bloated and puffy round my waist..WHY?

Oh well...husband cooking Valentines dinner, so not all bad. Susie

10 days post op

So, it's 10 days on now. Having stitches under the breast removed in a week's time. Pain much better now, but my right is still tender due to the extra surgery removing cc and leaked bits of silicone. PS showed me photos of the ruptured implant, and chunks of silicone he had to tease out. He said he needed to clean it thoroughly, so this is why it was more difficult for him than the left side. If he will let me have the pics I will post them. Rupture or cc are risks we all take when we have BA. My advice....don't keep them in too long. Mine were over 20 years. Implant's don't last forever. I just got blase all the time my original ones were looking ok and still looking nice.

I feel happier, health-wise knowing knowing all the debris is out now, and if my right isn't 100% perfect in looks, well that's life. I was just so relieved to get the ruptured implant out.

My breasts are softer today, and swelling has gone down a bit more now, so feeling a little more comfortable. Tired of trying to sleep on my back, elevated tho!!! I will be soooo glad to be able to sleep normally again.

I think they look a bit 'square' underneath, but others who have had this procedure seem to look the same shape, so I guess this is normal. I will ask on Wed if the shape can be moulded to look more natural. Maybe it's just the swelling.

3 weeks post op

Had a check up last Wed, and stitches/tape removed. Still quite sore, and looking forward to feeling un sore now.

I was a bit concerned when I saw my scars for the first time. My right breast isn't anywhere near as good as my left. The nipple is flatter and the incision around it looks ragged and the nipple shape a bit distorted and puckered. I pointed this out to the nurse, but she said not to worry, as it is very early days still and there is a lot of healing still to go.

As I had a lot more surgery to this breast, due to capsular contracture and rupture, I suppose it will take longer, so I have to be patient.

In any case, I have sent these pics to my surgeon for his comment, as I am not booked in to see him until April.

Just hoping my boobs don't end up looking too different from each other!!

one month post

Unfortunately a bit of a set back. Some of the 'soluble' stitches didn't dissolve, and they set up a bit of inflammation...I have had them removed by the nurse now, and dressed with iodine tape, so it's tapes on again till tomorrow. Hey ho!!....

7 weeks post surgery

nearly 2 years later

Over all I am still pleased with the results, however I would have gone a bit larger and had a highr profile implant if I had known how they would look when place sub muscular compared to over the muscle as my first ones were. Still, they feel soft andnatural and are not too heavy, so I feel ok with them. My right breast isn't quite as good as my left in shape, but I had had a rupture, and CC in that one, so bearing that in mind I think the result is as good as could be expected....cheers
Mr Mayo

At the consultation Mr Mayo was very friendly and sympathetic plus informative. I have been given a lot of information about the procedure, and expected recovery time. Also been given information about aftercare. I didn't feel pressured in any way, and was given several options about how to deal with the encapsulated breast. So far I am happy with my surgeon, but I have not had my procedure yet

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