37 Year Old, 3 Kids All Breastfed, Weight Loss, Crossfit - Birmingham, GB

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Excited! Had a fantastic consultation with Dr...

Excited! Had a fantastic consultation with Dr Sultan Hassan - as soon as I put the 315 spacers in I looked like my old self! However he did say they are a bit smaller once in, so I am wondering whether to go for the next size up? Don't want to look chunky though so would love to hear your thoughts :)

Ladies help!!!

I have to decide on size by the end of the day!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they will be about 10% smaller from the sizers as going under the muscle.
What do you think? High profile or high profile plus? Want a natural look full C or D

It's tomorrow!

This time tomorrow I will be on the other side! Having 380cc anatomical under the muscle implants. Hoping for a full natural look. Scared and excited in equal measures!

The other side!

Mr Hassan and his team are amazing, this hospital is great - staff lovely and really put at ease this morning!
Glad I listened to advice and went for the 380cc as even swollen they don't look too big - feel as tho my girls are back!
Have one bigger sorer one at the moment but that's normal and they are soft so all good.
Pain wise, Mr Hassan does a nerve block thing so only had one codeine - lasts about 10 hours so when it wears off I will have some more.
Weird not using arms to move it bed but not a problem.
Can't wait to have a proper look.

Few hours after..

The nerve block mr Hassan uses is amazing, gives you enough comfort to eat/wee and get yourself settled before it wears off. My sister had hers done before he started doing this and she was much more uncomfortable so this is great. Photos didn't add earlier so will add them now, left one more swollen

Pre photos!

34 B max - pretty symmetrical not dropping just lost volume

Less than 24 hours old! Very happy!

So at 6am this morning I braved a glimpse - obviously they are swollen and firm but I am so happy with the shape! Needed codeine over night and paracetamol but got some sleep and am able to walk around etc
Sent hubby the photos so he had something nice to wake up to seen as though his work has gone crazy and he has our three excited crazy loons to look after!
Just ordered a new swimming costume off Sweaty Betty - these new assets could get expensive hehe! So what do you think ladies?

Sleepy me

Can't keep my eyes open today! Pain ok though with paracetamol and codeine. New swim suit has come, going to try it on when less bloated and will share photos then :)

Feel a bit like melons! :)

Feeling fine today about from my massive tummy! Pesky codeine! Bit worried they are going to be far apart and low but I 100% trust Mr Hassan so just need to chill. Managed to have a shower and wash my own hair- small things :) everyone who has seen them has said how natural they look and they are beginning to soften so fingers crossed this all continues :):)

Boobies looking fab! But they are FREEZING ???? anyone else find this!

The saying 'freezing your tits off' has come to life! I think I may get little hand warmers to put in my bra!
That aside, I have had them out for a few friends and they have been so impressed at how natural they look they are considering getting their's done!
Defo got fatter over Christmas with resting (and eating so much!) planning to get ready for bikini body and back on the healthy eating.
Had to lift my 2 year old in / out car seat and carry him asleep today - was ok actually no pain so really hoping this is ok ?? Will try and do a few better photos tomorrow.

No review post op until 3 months

Found out today I don't get a review until 3 months. Must admit I am a bit disappointed as have so many questions. I have a really physical job, and some worries over hypersensitivity but Mr Hassan is so lovely and I have 100% confidence I am hoping he will answer an email. I would have preferred a quick face to face tho as emails make me feel needy.
Anyway. All good, back to work today, no one batted an eyelid. Have an event in a week and need to dress 'elegant' so wondering whether I can free the girls ;)

Old bra back FULL!!!! Buzzing!

Found this tatty old 34D and it fits a treat! Yay! Only another 9 weeks until I can get some pretty bras! :)

I am bad at these photos! Bare boobs

Excuse the skin color it's cold in the U.K.! Not a lot of change - I don't think they change much if you get the polytech implants really happy with them. Wanted the natural look and that's what I got :) possibly would look better a bit higher /closer together but that isn't my natural boob shape, never had a cleavage even when I was a natural DD.
Desparate to exercise though I feel obese! Hope photos are helping - they help me to see everyone's so am paying it back xx

Tape just off! Week 3 scars :)

Literally just pulled the tape off ready for my 9 week regime set by Mr Hassan. My sister did it to the letter and her scars look as thin as a pencil and flat - you literally can't see them so hoping mine go the same way :) pretty good so far!

Mr Hassan is a genius :)

Pre, with 380 cc sizers, and now 3 weeks old

Looking forward to toning up again!

Did these photos to kick me up the butt with healthy eating again.
However the last time I put this bikini on I took it straight off as looked completely flat chested! Chucked it in the cupboard and forgot about it!'
So even though now I haven't got my abs, I couldn't really care as check out my lady lumps ????????????????????

Happy 5 week old boobies!

I love my new boobs! They look better in the flesh too :) have full range of movement in my arms and am looking forward to starting to exercise again next week.

Been looking after my scars with bio~oil, then silicon gel and micro tape - that seem fine. I still have the dangly bit of the stitch out of one - not sure if that's normal at five weeks. Will message them tomorrow and see.

Tried on another bra - 34D. Perfect!

Sleep! Or lack of!

As a physio, I am acutely aware of the postural changes I have had.. e.g. I am stiff as a board. My ribs are so sore during the night- luckily I know the reason ( largely being pretty sedentary compared to my normal) so am trying to stretch but it's so painful over night. Need some yoga in my life :)

Better in the flesh :)

I am having photo issues! In the flesh my new boobs look epic hehe! They are very slightly asymmetrical but they were before (from a position not a size point of view) but you can only see it on photos, can't see it in real life I don't think, can't wait to wear some pretty bras. Scars looking good x

Great shopping trip with hubby to VS

Feeling much more like myself! Because I have put weight on these boobies are 34DD's - slowly getting my half a stone back off so will see once that is done.
Feels good to have them back!

34D right / 34 DD left

Yay! Back to running and modified exercise. Not back to crossfit yet tho - my sister has a fantastic result with no problems 4 years in, she avoided upper limb stuff for a year :) I probably will do weights before then however makes you think,
Also I have one boob a full size bigger than the other, I put weight on (I am a bit of an all or nothing person - so put 6lb on recovering over Christmas ) so maybe more went on one boob? It's quite noticeable. Anyway, getting the extra weight off this month then I will see Mr Hassan so I am sure all will be good.
London Plastic Surgeon

Explained everything really well, totally understood where I was coming from. I feel in very safe hands

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