Upper and Lower S As Well As Endoscopic Brow Lift, and Revision to my Prior Facelift -Birmingham, MI

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I had a facelift (below the eyes only) last May. (...

I had a facelift (below the eyes only) last May. ( read my facelift review) I have waited for most of the healing to be done, but do need a small revision to the neck. I originally wanted the eyes done too, but I chickened out. I thought, at least if he messes something up, it won't be my eyes too! I went for my 8 month check up where we discussed all of the above. I have never had eyes with a nice high brow, and my eyelids were never "beautiful". Curses to my parents! LOL. the past 2-3years have shown a large change in my looks, you know, continued stress with being a widow, arthritis, not sleeping, etc. I'm going for it! I also had a second opinion from a very respected PS, just for validation that what my PS said was accurate......he concurred 100%. if I get an upper lid only, the weight of the fallen brow and the smaller eye area would only pull the brow down more. I don't want to look like a Neanderthal, so I think this needs to be done! he said I will have some doozy headaches for a while, and would always have numb areas from the brow lift. I still have numbness in front of my ears from my FL, so I am used to that process. As all surgeons do, they say "back to work in 10 days". This is so untrue, I have arranged to have 18 days off, that's all I could swing. I know I would be ready 100 percent, but I feel it'll be enough to get myself back in the world. Excited and scared......especially about the brow lift.

Possible snafu.

My insurance approved the upper bleph, but for a different PS, the one I had the consultation with. I didn't know they were going to get an approval! I don't know if my PS takes any insurance....and if I pay for it, I cannot be reimbursed. Sooo, I may have to wait on the upper bleph, and have the other PS perform it later. I'm so bummed, I wanted it all done at one time. I have a meeting with my PS Wednesday, so I'll see how this plays out. It's always something! I've attached photos so you can see what I'm working with here, in terms of my eyes.

Date moved up

Due to work conflicts, I am now going to have this done on 2/6. And 15 days off, instead of 18. Lord help me! LOL

Precautions about numbness

Had my final consult prior to surgery. I was informed that a risk is permanent numbness, itching and tightness is possible related to brow lift. As I have had a facelift already, and am eight months out from it, I understand it well. I still have a loss of feeling right in front of my ears and realize it may be permanent, although it generally takes a year to resolve, if it does at all. It's not bothersome though, and a good trade off to have a better looking neck! Soon to have the full eye treatment :)

3 days post brow lift

So it's been three days now. Three drains were removed yesterday and 5 neat little rows of staples. Top of head and forehead are numb, and the headache from day one is very minimal. I have more discomfort from the eyelid lift. From what I can see, it's going to look fabulous! I know it will settle down a bit in position, but I have a hunch that it was done perfectly :). Again, I had uppers, lowers, and browlift done....plus a revision to the left side from lower facelift 8 months ago. The first hair washing was not fun as I was scared to touch it. Got Moore goop out today. Maybe to tomorrow it'll be finished!

Six days

Looking good! Numbness on head and forehead, yet creepy crawly sensation at the same time. Last night my forehead, temples, eyebrows were killing me while it's numb. Weirdest sensations. LOL.

Day 7

my advise, don't over do it! I've been super good about resting, no bending, etc. I felt good yesterday so I overdid it. I paid for it last night. Woke up numerous times with sharp pains in cheek, brow area, and forehead. I'm wiped out today, and have to drive myself to get out staples and stitches today. Lord help me. LOL

Day 7 after sutures and staples out

I'm exhausted. My first time out of house since the procedure. Headaches a lot today. Here are photos after having this done today, so glad they are out! Good news, I have eyelids again! So excited to wear eye makeup again :)

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Temp set back

So, I was tired of my recliner, so decided to try to sleep in bed. Woke up on my side with weird swelling, raging headache and my eyelids looking like right after surgery. Groan! Headache has persisted all day, even with Tylenol, ice, and pain meds. Here's hoping tomorrow is better :)

Loving the results

I feel so lucky to have found my PS, I think he did an amazing job on browlift, and the upper and lower lids. He is a genius with scars as well, as evidenced by my lower fl 9 months ago. So so happy with results.

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