Breast Reduction & Full Tummy Tuck with 2 Areas of Lipo:consultations with Differing Opinions - Birmingham, MI

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So far, I have gone to 4 different consultations...

So far, I have gone to 4 different consultations for a breast reduction and full tummy tuck. I live in the metro Detroit area in Michigan. I am a size 40f/g (40" around underbust, 48" at fullest point). I am 5'7" and 185 lbs. The first consultation I went to was Star plastic surgery in Novi. They just asked me a bunch of questions and gave me prices which were very high compared to all of my other consultations. It was like a drive-thru operation. I crossed that one off my list immediately. My second consultation was with Dr. Andrew Lofman in Birmingham, MI. He had a very good bedside manner, was thorough in explaining everything. In order for my insurance to cover my breast reduction, I would need to have about 575 grams taken from each breast. He assured me that this would still leave me with womanly curves. I told him that I would prefer to be a D cup, he said that he is not able to predict size. I then told him that if I would end up smaller than a C cup, then I think I would die. He assured me that I would definitely not be smaller than a C. My third opinion was from Dr. Ellen Janetzke in Birmingham, MI. My consultation with Dr Ellen was the best out of the 4 I have gone to so far. She spent the most time with me, had the most pictures to view, and seemed concerned not only about the procedure aspect of it, but understood my fears of coming out with no breasts. Her staff was very knowledgeable about the requirements and coverage of the insurance. The staff also assured me that they would take care of any and all paperwork I would need for my employer as well. She said that removing the amount needed for insurance would probably leave me with a full C cup. My fourth consultation was with Dr. Stefani at Renaissance plastic surgery in Troy. Although the doctor had a really good bedside manner, I didn't really care for this place. He had said that removing that amount of tissue from my breast would leave me with flat shapeless breasts. The office staff was not familiar with the requirements of my insurance which is blue cross, so it is a very well known insurance. She even argued with me about it. The ladies in the office were very snooty. Neither the doctor or the consultant took enough time with me to express my questions and concerns and I didn't even get a chance to go over the other areas that I wanted liposuction on. The lady who gave me the prices and went over the insurance requirements with me made me feel like a fat cow. She also gave me the impression that insurance was a pain in the butt for them to deal with. I am just very confused now because I am scared that removing 575 grams will leave me flat chested. despite my height and weight, I only wear a size 10 in jeans. I have a more athletic build besides my giant boobs and apple shape.

Decisions, decisions...

I feel like Dr. Janetzke is going to be the one to do my surgery. I remember the feeling when I got done with my consult with her just knowing that she is the one. I am just waiting to pay my down payment because my work owes me over a thousand dollars. There is a $1000 deposit required to schedule surgery. I have plenty of time though, because I want my surgery at the end of November.

Four more months!

So, i have my surgery scheduled now for Dec 2nd. I am excited but it is still far away. I have to quit smoking a month before surgery and lose 20 lbs (not required, but want great results). Let the countdown slowly begin!

losing weight!

So i gained a little weight due to stress and got up to 200 lbs. I've been dieting for 2 weeks now and i am down to 193! My goal is to be between 170 & 175 by my pre surgery appt November 13th. Also, i took a bra size measurement last night and i am measuring a 40 band size and 48 1/2 at fullest part of breast. According to size charts i think i am actually a size g. That is huge! I am going to ask my surgeon to make me a full D because i have a larger build.

Two months to go!!

So, I have 2 months to go now. I still am needing to lose weight so that the surgeon doesn't have to take too much due to the schnur scale. I don't want to end up a B cup. I would really prefer to be a full D or a C at the absolute smallest. I have a larger build and broad shoulders, so I think anything smaller than that would be disproportionate. My quit smoking date is November 1st at the absolute latest. She said two weeks before, but I would rather play it safe. Any tips as to what supplies I should start looking for? I am also having a tummy tuck at the same time. I just want the most bang for my buck.

Time is flying by!

Only 7 more weeks to go! I can't believe how fast this is flying by. I have been working out at least 5 times a week for 45 mins and i am down 4 lbs in the past 2 weeks. Recently started on phentermine so that I can maximize my losses because I still need to lose 21 lb by my surgery date of 12/2. Dr said 3-4 lbs a week should be fine and to exercise at least 30 mins per day. I just want the best results. I am currently 193 with a goal of 172. This is for a lesser amount required to be removed for the reduction. I have been yo-yo ing for the past few months but bow it is crunch time, so I have my game face on.

before pics

These are my before pics. 5'7" 193 lbs. Size 10 jeans, xl top, 40 ddd or f bras.

going down

I am down to 191! 19 more to go before surgery in 36 days. Wish me luck!

Feeling panicked

I am 4 weeks out from surgery today and all of a sudden, I feel terrified. I am having a heck of a time getting this weight off. I am worried about my breasts being made too small, the pain, and the recovery. I started having a panic attack last night! I have my pre op on November 13th.

point of no return

Last cigarette. Only been having 1-3 per day for 2 Wks now. I am facing the fact that I have to hit the gym hard. Been stuck at 188 for a week. Making appointment for thyroid biopsy tomorrow. Hope everything turns out good. What it will be, it will be. Going to the flat and smaller boobie side. Xoxo.

Stressed to the max

So it has been really helpful the way my family has been being. Busted my 20 yo stepdaughter with drugs and have to throw her outta the house again to protect my 3 yo son, had to spend $2500 for new furnace for my rental house, had our tree at rental house fall on neighbors house putting several holes in his roof and pulling his electric line down, son won't sleep in his own bed so I can't get any sleep. I seriously need a stress leave from work being run around like crazy. So tired of everything. Can't wait to be put under and not care about anything and finally get a decent sleep in. Can't wait for pain killers that make me not care about anything. I am looking forward to spending night in hospital so I can finally have some alone time. Pretty pathetic, huh?

counting down

The countdown begins! I've got my hospital bed, shower chair, and walker all set up. Organized most of my meds, and gotta get my clothes laid out and organized. Just gotta get my homework done before midnight on Sunday. It's getting very real very fast!

some post op pics.

day 3

My butt is really flat. Is this normal? I am really not feeling it today. Just feel really tired and run down.

9 days post op pics

Got drainage tube and steri strips removed yesterday. Didnt hurt one bit. Got some blood blisters from steri strips, so I have to use ointment on them but no biggie. Cant wait til my boobs start to drop! Have infection around navel and draining through sutures, so they left a couple sutures in. I go. Back next week to get them out.

Almost 6 months post op

Well, I am almost 6 months post op and everything has been going very well! My navel has healed very well except for some bad scarring. My Dr gave me some injections and it has softened up very well! I started tanning about 2 months ago but I keep my scars covered and use high spf sun screen. I do still swell and I see quite a difference between morning and evening. It also doesn't help that I have gained 10 lbs since my lowest after surgery weight (about 2 weeks post op) due to our long and extremely cold and snowy winter. I am slowly getting back into running and plan to run. A half marathon in October. I have included some pics. Some are with me sucking in and some are me relaxed. They are from first thing in the morning. My t.t. scar is a little darker than my breast reduction scars. Don't know why. ..
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