65 and ready to do this!

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I'm a 65 yr. old grandma that thinks young. I've...

I'm a 65 yr. old grandma that thinks young. I've thought about this for a long time, but could never justify such an expensive personal indulgence, considering I'm on a fixed income and not optimistic that Medicare and/or my secondary insurance will approve me. Im not really large (38DD/E) but I am quite "lopsided" with about a 2 cup size difference.

I've been doing a lot of research and have 2 consultations scheduled. After making my appointments, I asked my family doctor for a referral. How happy was I when he referred my first choice? Made me feel so much better in my selection. Everyone I've talked to this about think I'm nuts. "You're too old. You're perfect like you are. I'd give anything to have your boobs." Well, I'm doing this for ME and I'm ready.

Hopefully, things will move forward with no glitches. Wish me luck.

Consult done. Now waiting on insurance approval.

Consult went good. I've done so much research I had few questions and feel comfortable in my ps choice. My secondary insurance needs pre approval, so it's a waiting game. I had thought there would be a several month gap in approval and surgery, but it could be as few as 4 weeks. I'm so anxious to get this done.

It's a date!

Bad news, insurance denied. Good news, still gonna do this! Surgery date ??. Pre op ?? Now I wait!

May 5th it is!

So, I'm 3 weeks out and starting to get excited. Hubby and I are out of town for all of April, so I'm not just sitting around anticipating. But, You know guys, hubby still isnt convinced less boobs is a good thing, so I've been showing him lots of before and after pictures. Hopefully perky is better than saggy.

My only concern is that I have been trying to lose some weight and want to continue. Anyone have comments on weight lose post surgery? I'd rather stay heavier than get saggy boobs again.

Down to the wire

3 days, 18 hours, but who's counting? Pre op done and I'm ready. Post op stuff ready: front close bras, soft foods, meals for hubby in freezer and nurse-mom on notice. Not nervous, not anxious, not worried. I have realistic expectations. I know ta tas won't be perfect, but I KNOW they will be smaller; therefore, less or no shoulder, neck or back pain. More updates on Friday.

Bye bye boobies

Surgery ay 9:00 this morning and other than being tired, absolutely no pain - so far. I had a chest nerve block, so I'm sure that is helping. I'm already bruised from the sides lipo. No drains, but the bandages are pretty icky. I can remove them tomorrow and take a shower.

I had never had a general anesthesia, so I had no idea what to expect. I remember having the mask put on - then hearing the nurses say I'd returned to room at 11:38 am. I was home by 1:30. Moms homemade chicken soup at 3:30 and a light dinner at 6:00.

I. Know I'm lucky everything is going smoothly. I expect a rough night cuz I'm not used to sleeping sitting up. I could kick my self for waiting. New boobs at 65 is OUTSTANDING!

Day 4 post op

Days 2-4 were a bit rough. Nerve blocks have worn off. Incisions are good, drainage has almost stopped. The bruising from the lipo is intense and very tender. It's improving every day, so I feel good about that. Breasts are solid and tender and starting to itch. That's a good sign, right? That means they are healing.

Honestly, I had prepped myself for so much worse. Very little pain. I have taken 1 pain pill each night, mainly as a sleep aid, not because of pain. I'm not a back sleeper and that was a concern. I have taken 2 Tylenol during the day. Keeping myself settled and not doing too much has also been an issue.

Overal, I'd do it again. I'm very pleased. My PS post op visit is in 2 days and I'm anticipating only good results.

Sorry that the pics are sideways, couldn't figure how to fix them.

1 week post op

One week down. Bruising is considerably better each day. Some breast swelling, but not bad. Frozen peas offer some relief. Completely off pain meds, although I was only taking 1 each night, but I really couldn't say they worked better than Tylenol.

Dr. Post op visit went well. Glad to get the surgical strips off and a thinner strip put on. These can fall off and won't be replaced. Can't wait to show the incisions, they are almost invisible and healing well.

2 weeks post op :)

Pretty good 2 weeks. Stopped pain pills (1 taken each night) after first week. Only an occasional Tylenol now. Breasts are softening, tape all off and incisions look good. Yesterday I stretched too high and pulled open a stitch and oozing started again, but stopped by morning. The only real discomfort is because of healing and tightness of incisions. I have tried wearing a sports bra and the overall stretch material has offered some relief on my sides from the lipo tenderness.

I'm very happy with my recovery and the results so far have exceeded my expectations. I didn't tell many folks about my surgery, but now I Want to show everyone that an old lady can have young boobs. I'm a happy grandma!

3 weeks post op. SO HAPPY

Everything is great. Only a little snag....a de solvable stitch worked its way to the surface and had to be removed 2 days ago. Already healed.

No more bra at night, yippee! And next week back in regular bras, but no underwire. I've always worn under wires for support, so im not looking forward to spending much for only a few weeks. I have always liked sports bras, so I'm sticking with them. I did try on a couple to see what my new size is. I'm still swollen, but I think I got my ideal, a full C (from a E/DD).

5 weeks post op

Well. The past 5 weeks have flown by. I consider myself so lucky that my healing and recovery has been uneventful. I kept waiting for a problem, expecting issues. Nothing. I'm not sure why the bruising isn't going away faster. The lipo issues have gone away.

Overall, I'm happy that I did this for myself.

I have to admit that I'm still a bit lopsided and I'm trying to talk myself into accepting it. If you have a similar situation, be clear to your ps to take this into consideration before completing the surgery. Seems mine took out too much from the small side and not enough from the larger. My niece had a reduction several years ago and has tried to ease my mind by explaining she underwent changes for up to 6 months. I'm trying to be positive, but still looking into possible remedies.

I go for my 6 week check up in 5 days and expect to be cleared for regular activity.

My best suggestions to anyone considering reduction is to do thorough research, have multiple ps consultations, prepare yourself for possible complications, have a positive attitude. The #1 reason to do this is for YOU.
Dr. Ellen Janetzke

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