38 DDD to B cup hopefully! Waited 15 Years for This!

I've wanted a breast reduction for 15 years(or...

I've wanted a breast reduction for 15 years(or more!) Ever since I became a 36DD in high school. Right now I'm currently squeezing in a 38DDD. I've waited until I was done breastfeeding all my children. I'm finally ready to be done with the daily backaches and bad posture. I'm constantly feeling weighed down and im ready to not have to worry about wearing 2 bras everyday! I had my first consult today. It went well. I'm excited. Now I have to wait 4-6 weeks to hear if my insurance will cover it. I'm almost positive that it won't because I have 0 recent documentation, but it's worth a shot. If they deny me then I'll get a low interest loan and pay out of pocket. I don't care, and can't wait to get this surgery! Also I found out it's possible to go down to a B cup,! I am so excited!

Before pics...eek!

OK, so posting these pictures is very hard to do. I'm a modest person, I've never even worn a bikini for crying out loud! But if it helps someone in their journey down the road then I will try to post as much of my journey as possible!

So my nipples are 28 and 29cm from my collarbone. I guess they should be 19-21cm. So it's crazy to think they'll be that high! I've worried about sagging my whole life! I am excited to think about having perky breasts for once! The only time I'm not in a bra is in the shower. I even sleep in one because of all the flopping around! Gravity is not my friend :P My right breast is bigger than my left and I'm self conscious about that. I believe I'll need at least 575 grams from big righty and 485 from the left. My main concerns for this surgery are getting to a B cup, smaller symmetrical areolas and evening up my breasts. Back and shoulder pain are my main concerns, but I am looking forward to the aesthetics as well ;)

I'm told with my breasts the size they are now I'll be getting an anchor incision. The Dr. Feels that will take the most tissue and allow her to give me the size B with the best shape. If I lose weight before surgery and my breasts decrease in size then she may do a lollipop incision. I don't care which she chooses as long as it comes out small, perky, and symmetrical! So that's where I am now, working hard to lose 20lbs before surgery. I'm hoping for a February surgery date, but I can't book it until we know what my insurance is going to do. I'm 95% sure it won't be covered, but it's worth a shot. So now I exercise, eat well, and wait! I'm so excited, I wish I could just book it now!!!


Insurance approved my reduction!!!! I am so happy and shocked! I had no documentation so I thought I'd be denied for sure! Thank you Jesus:) I'm so excited! Eeek! Time to schedule!!!

Surgery booked!

My surgery is officially booked. 3 months! February 2nd. I have less than 3 months to lose as much weight as i can. I want to be as close to my goal weight as possible. My goal weight is 150 lbs, I'm 5'6 1/2". Currently I need to lose 30 lbs to get there, bit I know that's not realistic. But I want to get as close as possible so my results won't change when I do get there! So now the hard work begins! Fingers crossed that my work will approve my month of February off work! Time to submit time off request:D

Wish pics: my future size! (Hopefully;)

My "wish pics" for what I'm looking to get from this surgery. My main goals, without getting nit picky, are:

1. relief of back pain, better posture, avoid becoming kyphotic as I age!
2. Small areolas and breasts. I asked to be a B cup, which my surgeon is sure she can do.
3. Symmetry of breasts and nipples.

All this research has me worrying about technique-anchor vs vertical, central bus inferior pedicled, projection, boxy boobs, too high areolar complexes, under arm fat, being too big afterwards, being too small, sagginess, scaring etc. But I need to shut off my perfectionist personality for now. It won't be perfect, people aren't perfect. My goal is not perfection. I want small breasts with small nipples, that are pretty symmetrical. Everything else I'm choosing not to obsess over. I'm lucky that I have the means to do this. I'm going to sit back, relax, and trust that my surgeon knows what she's doing. I'm admittedly a control freak.

So my new plan is to research recovery tips and not the procedure. Also, don't watch a video of the procedure...you'll regret it! ;)

Pre op appointment

Had my preop appointment today. I did not need blood work, EKG, or a mammogram. I guess I'm young and healthy enough not to need it :) I signed consents and paid my deductible. I got my pain meds and a Zofran script to fill ahead of time. I got a few sheets of instructions and meds/foods not to eat. I will not be having drains or a catheter (thank God!) I will get IV antibiotics during surgery, but not after. We talked size, full B and areola reduction. I lost about 10lbs since my consultation, but not enough for a lollipop incision. So an anchor incision it will be!

It was a pretty easy visit all in all. Just 2 weeks to go!
Dr. Ellen Janetzke

We've only met once, but she listens and is very good at explaining everything. Everything was great at my first consultation. The staff is awesome and timely. I'll provide a more comprehensive review after.

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