38 DDD to B cup reduction.

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I've wanted a breast reduction for 15 years(or...

I've wanted a breast reduction for 15 years(or more!) Ever since I became a 36DD in high school. Right now I'm currently squeezing in a 38DDD. I've waited until I was done breastfeeding all my children. I'm finally ready to be done with the daily backaches and bad posture. I'm constantly feeling weighed down and im ready to not have to worry about wearing 2 bras everyday! I had my first consult today. It went well. I'm excited. Now I have to wait 4-6 weeks to hear if my insurance will cover it. I'm almost positive that it won't because I have 0 recent documentation, but it's worth a shot. If they deny me then I'll get a low interest loan and pay out of pocket. I don't care, and can't wait to get this surgery! Also I found out it's possible to go down to a B cup,! I am so excited!

Before pics...eek!

OK, so posting these pictures is very hard to do. I'm a modest person, I've never even worn a bikini for crying out loud! But if it helps someone in their journey down the road then I will try to post as much of my journey as possible!

So my nipples are 28 and 29cm from my collarbone. I guess they should be 19-21cm. So it's crazy to think they'll be that high! I've worried about sagging my whole life! I am excited to think about having perky breasts for once! The only time I'm not in a bra is in the shower. I even sleep in one because of all the flopping around! Gravity is not my friend :P My right breast is bigger than my left and I'm self conscious about that. I believe I'll need at least 575 grams from big righty and 485 from the left. My main concerns for this surgery are getting to a B cup, smaller symmetrical areolas and evening up my breasts. Back and shoulder pain are my main concerns, but I am looking forward to the aesthetics as well ;)

I'm told with my breasts the size they are now I'll be getting an anchor incision. The Dr. Feels that will take the most tissue and allow her to give me the size B with the best shape. If I lose weight before surgery and my breasts decrease in size then she may do a lollipop incision. I don't care which she chooses as long as it comes out small, perky, and symmetrical! So that's where I am now, working hard to lose 20lbs before surgery. I'm hoping for a February surgery date, but I can't book it until we know what my insurance is going to do. I'm 95% sure it won't be covered, but it's worth a shot. So now I exercise, eat well, and wait! I'm so excited, I wish I could just book it now!!!


Insurance approved my reduction!!!! I am so happy and shocked! I had no documentation so I thought I'd be denied for sure! Thank you Jesus:) I'm so excited! Eeek! Time to schedule!!!

Surgery booked!

My surgery is officially booked. 3 months! February 2nd. I have less than 3 months to lose as much weight as i can. I want to be as close to my goal weight as possible. My goal weight is 150 lbs, I'm 5'6 1/2". Currently I need to lose 30 lbs to get there, bit I know that's not realistic. But I want to get as close as possible so my results won't change when I do get there! So now the hard work begins! Fingers crossed that my work will approve my month of February off work! Time to submit time off request:D

Wish pics: my future size! (Hopefully;)

My "wish pics" for what I'm looking to get from this surgery. My main goals, without getting nit picky, are:

1. relief of back pain, better posture, avoid becoming kyphotic as I age!
2. Small areolas and breasts. I asked to be a B cup, which my surgeon is sure she can do.
3. Symmetry of breasts and nipples.

All this research has me worrying about technique-anchor vs vertical, central bus inferior pedicled, projection, boxy boobs, too high areolar complexes, under arm fat, being too big afterwards, being too small, sagginess, scaring etc. But I need to shut off my perfectionist personality for now. It won't be perfect, people aren't perfect. My goal is not perfection. I want small breasts with small nipples, that are pretty symmetrical. Everything else I'm choosing not to obsess over. I'm lucky that I have the means to do this. I'm going to sit back, relax, and trust that my surgeon knows what she's doing. I'm admittedly a control freak.

So my new plan is to research recovery tips and not the procedure. Also, don't watch a video of the procedure...you'll regret it! ;)

Pre op appointment

Had my preop appointment today. I did not need blood work, EKG, or a mammogram. I guess I'm young and healthy enough not to need it :) I signed consents and paid my deductible. I got my pain meds and a Zofran script to fill ahead of time. I got a few sheets of instructions and meds/foods not to eat. I will not be having drains or a catheter (thank God!) I will get IV antibiotics during surgery, but not after. We talked size, full B and areola reduction. I lost about 10lbs since my consultation, but not enough for a lollipop incision. So an anchor incision it will be!

It was a pretty easy visit all in all. Just 2 weeks to go!

Surgery today!

I got to the surgery center today and they got a quick history/checked vitals. They gave me leg compressors to take home to prevent blood clots. They numbed my arm then put an IV in. I got saline fluids, antibiotics, and Tylenol. They gave me 2 anti inflammatory pills as well. I was given Versed to help with nerves and it helped a lot, although I wasn't too nervous. The anesthesiologist came in and did a chest nerve block. They used ultrasound to guide the needle into my pectoral muscles and then injected numbing meds. They said it would last for 8-12 hours.that part was kinda scary and hurt on my dominant right side. They also gave me a nausea patch to wear behind my ear. After that my doctor came in and marked me up. She confirmed that I wanted, "as small as possible but with a good shape." After that they wheeled me back to the OR. They gave me O2 and the anesthesiologist asked if I was ready to go to sleep. I said yes and the next thing I know I woke up in my room. I had a bra and gauze on when I woke up.

I was really nauseou and threw up a little. That was the worst part. I was not intubated, I had a small tube to deliver O2 in the back of my throat, but not down it. My throat feels normal. I stayed there until I could move my head and not want to puke???? they wheeled me to the car and off we went.

Now I'm home resting, I haven't taken any meds yet, but I'm getting sore so I'll take my Norco soon. I'm scared it will make me nauseous so I'm procrastinating ???? I had an English muffin and that's it for the past 24 hours. I was advised to follow the BRAT diet for a few days. I'm sore, but not horrible.

I was told I can shower tomorrow! The surgery took 2 hours. I don't believe she took as much as insurance wanted, but that's OK. I feel pretty small! I'll post a pre shower pic tomorrow!

It buttons!!!????

Day 1 post op

Feeling sore today but not too bad. The nausea is gone. Whenever I get up to walk my incions hurt more. My Norcos are spread out I'm trying to take them when I need them. I was told I could remove the dressings and shower today. I did, and that was a mistake! They hurt so bad without a bra on! They are swollen, especially the left side. That's the most uncomfortable part. All in all it hasn't been too bad yet!!!

Day 3 post op

Yesterday and today I've had no pain pills, just ibuprofen here are there for my sore back and period cramps. ???? laying around for days is no joke! I'm so uncomfortable. I try to get up and walk and do leg exercises so I won't get a blood clot. But most of the time I'm in a recliner or sleeping flat on my back. That's the worst part so far. My incisions have moments of itching, but no pain today or yesterday. I took my first shower on day 1 post op and skipped day 2s shower, because I was afraid it would hurt again. I took a shower today and it was OK, didn't hurt. I prefer to keep the bra on, it's more comfortable. I'm using frozen peas in Ziploc bags to ice them. I can't wait for the swelling to go down. I'm able to put on a tee over my head(did this on day1 post) and wash my own hair. I did not have drains or liposuction, so maybe that helps reduce pain. I'll try to post lots of pics and updates for anyone researching! So far so good!

Day 4

Every now and then I reach too far or stretch a bad way. I'm having a hard time not doing too much. Still no pain, but swollen. The left is slightly more swollen still. Occasionally I get weird zaps on the left outer incision area. Also every now and then I get itchiness along the lower incision line.

Day 5

Today is day 5 post op. I'm still tight and swollen. The bruising is very yellow. I've had a shower almost everyday and my steri-strips are starting to fall off. The incisions are itching. There has been no breast pain or discomfort today. I moved around more today. I got up too early and had to much caffeine so I felt pretty crappy in the afternoon. I felt better after a nap. My anxiety is high. I swear I'm a hypochondriac! I'm paranoid of DVT's and pulmonary embolisms. I keep thinking I'm going to get one. I worry about the left being bigger and the nipple position, even though it's way to early to judge the outcome. Rational me knows this. Besides worrying about every condition under the sun, I'm mentally OK. No post op blues. I am happy with the size and recovery so far. Praying for no infections. I'm trying to take it easy. I did some housework today, heck maybe that's why I felt sick! Lol. My mom is here for this week to help with the kids so I have a little more downtime. My first post op doctor appointment is tomorrow.

Day 8

My incisions are bright red. The strips fell off and revealed angry looking incisions. I am hoping it's just from the shower and not infection starting. They don't hurt but they itch like crazy. The whole breast, both of them, itch. I took a benedryl, to no avail. Now I'm trying frozen peas. The nipples are starting to even out in height. I am happy with the size. Just praying for a smooth recovery!

Day 9

I'm still swollen, the left is a lot more swollen and bruised than the right. The itching is better today than yesterday. They aren't very sore still. No complaints so far.thought I'd share some fresh incisions.

Day 10

My incisions are ridged, bumpy, and red. The nipples are slightly discolored, I suspect due to the bruising. Just keeping an eye on everything! Although since the steri strips came off I don't like looking at my breasts. It gives me anxiety:'(

Healing well

These pics are yesterday's. I'm concerned that my left is noticeably larger than the right, the nipple too. It feels more sore and bruised/swollen. So I'm hoping it's just more swollen still or healing slower. I don't even want to think of a revision yet, I'll be too broke, lol. But...I do want my nipples even. I didn't pay this much, go through all this to still be unhappy. I'm not sure yet want it'll end up like because I feel like the left is more swollen and it definitely could match after all's healed. So I'm gonna try to not worry so much! I'm feeling okay, not doing much still. Still washing with antibacterial soap everyday. Using dressings in my bra, it's more comfortable that having the band on my incisions. Itching is better. Still no pain. I slept kinda towards my side propped up last night. The incisions sometimes get a little sore, but not much. All in all it's going good! Glad I did it!

15 days- milestone?

Zero itching today!!!!! ???????????? I just realized this is the first day I've had no itching or soreness! The swelling seems a little better too. I didn't need to ice! ????

17 days p.o.

I've done a lot more the past few days. I cleaned yesterday, including vacuming and moving chairs, sweeping, etc. Today my left breast is a lot more bruised, or seems to be. It doesn't hurt more, but it looks pretty knarly! The itching is still gone. I'm feeling pretty good, except for the weird bruising! I have an appointment in 2 days so we'll see then.

3 week post op appointment today

Had my 3 week checkup today! The left breast swelling and bruising is ok and my body will absorb it. She felt them and said there's nothing to do to help it, but time. My incisions are sealed I don't have to use triple antibiotic ointment anymore. They brown spot is just a scab, no wound separation. She said I'm pretty much past that stage. I can workout, but not bounce my breasts. Stationary bike or elliptical. I only have a treadmill, so inclined walking it will be. In 1 week I can move to a real (wireless) bra. I'm supposed to use moisturizer and massage my incisions and the swollen breast. I will use coconut oil for now until I buy something else. It's weird to think about massaging them. I'm so scared to break them open, but I guess their pretty closed:) We talked about the assymety. She said it's early and I'm swollen, which I know already, so we'll keep an eye on it. Everything went great!
I feel so flabby, like I gained 10lbs! Ugh. Besides that I'm happy!

Day 20

Started massaging the incisions today! Left still swollen:(


Still feeling better and better! My breasts are a little itchy today, which they haven't been for 5 days, so that's weird. They are a little swollen, but getting better. The bruising is getting a little better. Still yellow. All in all recovery is going great!

T incision

T incision scarring at 3 weeks.the internal stitches have not dissolved fully and there's still some puckering. The Dr says they look good. I'm starting to massage with coconut oil.

23 days post op: Zaps!

OK, so I know what the nerves reconnecting feels like now! Stabbing pain in my right breast tonight. This side must be healing faster. Also I slept on my side for a while last night for the first time. Gonna try again tonight. That's all to report for today.

25 days post op: scar treatment

Left side swelling more today and a little itchy. I taped the incisions today, I'll keep that on till it falls off. Not sure if it'll help keep the incisions tight or not:/ not much else to report! Anyone have any scar advice?


Going back to work tomorrow at 5 weeks. I have a teeny hole where a stitch is poking through. Other than that I'm healing well. 38B is my current size!

Stitch poking out

Tiny hole from stitch poking out!

Out damn spot!

My spot is still there, don't know if the stitch is still in there or not. Just keeping an eye on it. It doesn't hurt and it's not open, so idk. Also Ive gained weight like no one's business on my 5 weeks off! Time to shape up!

6 weeks post op

I am now off all restrictions and cleared for all activities! I can wear an underwire bra now too finally. I am in no pain, no holes or open spots, no complications. There's no pain and they feel like normal. I'm in a 38B now.

Before and afters

Scar Away silicone strips

Starting the strips today. I'm supposed to wear them 12-24 hrs per day. I've been doing the gel, but I'm too lazy to apply 2x a day like I'm supposed to! So maybe this will work better! They are supposedly washable and last over a week...I think?

This dang spot...

So I pulled my silicone strips off and it took the thin layer of skin off my problem spot. Looking back I shouldn't have covered it in the first place. Some clear fluid and other crap came out, looks like fat?! Not much. No pain or smell. I just covered it with bacitracin and covered it. Thought I was out of the woods at almost 7 weeks!

7 weeks post op

Today is 7 weeks! I have the one tiny hole that I ripped open from my Scar Away silicone sheets ???? but that's the only complication I've had. *Fingers crossed* my left side is getting better I think. The nipples seem more even to me. In this pic it looks like they've dropped a little, the nipples seem higher! I'd be happy if they stay like this picture! Work is fine, I'm less winded, getting back in shape maybe? Lol. No pain. I do plan on losing weight, I'll Definitely post pics of the girls when I do finally drop the extra pounds! Overall I'm happy with them. If I'm being not picky I'd make the nipples smaller and the left breast a little smaller. But I'm still very happy with how they are:) This experience has been so easy, I can't even believe it! I feel very blessed that it's gone so smoothly!

Update on insurance: looks like I was overcharged by $2,000! So it will end up being around $3,100 total, so less than I expected!

Different shapes?!

I'm about 9 weeks post op now. The tiny hole I had closed in about 4 days, didn't get worse. My only concern is the size difference and shape differences. One is more deflated and dropped. It hangs over on the bottom. The other side is bigger, perky, and full. I don't care which they turned out like, but I wish they were the same! I'm hoping they'll still adjust, but I'm getting nervous! Anyone had this happen? How much more did they change after 9 weeks?

And... The spot is back >:(

10 weeks post op and...This hole just popped back open! I'm so annoyed, when is it going to just heal?! ????????????

????????downer alert????????

Scars. Holes. Assymety. I'm glad they are smaller but I wish they were equal. Maybe I'm being nit picky, but having one perky and one dropped sucks, unless they will eventually even out. Im just scared they will stay different forever. I'm tired of the hole that keeps popping open. It doesn't want to heal. Also my cleavage scars are ropey and dark. Again if they eventually get better I don't mind them, but I'm impatient! Lol. My nipple scar became more pronounced this week too. I think I'm just ready to see the final results at 10 weeks and it's not happening. I'm using scar away gel 1 time per day and the strips just over the cleavage area...Most days. I'm tired of scar treatment too:( so I don't keep up with it like I should. I'm just concerned. I see so many perfect breasts and I shouldn't care, but I want mine even:/ I'm grateful for everything, but I just want them to both drop and settle! Ok vent over, also I may be pms-ing...?????????

3 months post op

At my 3 months post op appointment now! Found out they took 574 (right) and 478 (left) grams out. I still have a little swelling. My left could still settle more, the rights been ahead this whole time. Overall I'm happy and like them. I'm not nit picking anymore. The nipples re higher and evening out. That was my big concern in the beginning, but I'm happy with them now! This experience has been stressful, mostly due to my anxiety, impatience, and my own mind. But it's been pretty easy, minimally painful, and complication free. I'm thankful for that:)

4 months update

Everything is still settling. I'm still putting on scar gel...kinda. and I put silicone strips on my cleavage scars daily. I admit I'm lazy about scar ???? but I'm happy with them. I'm massaging the scars hoping they'll smooth out, but no complaints right now! Still in a 38B!

4.5 months

I gained 10lbs since surgery ???? my bras still fit the same, so my boobs are still small, so that's great. I was scared they'd get bigger with weight gain. On the flip side, if I lose weight they will probably stay this size. Not much to update, just that they don't seem to be changing with weight fluctuations. The bump I was concerned about has smoothed out a lot. I do have a small dog ear, but that's an easy fix. I've seen a lot worse so I'm glad it's so small! If you're on fence my advice is go for it. I waited so long because of money. But it's worth it to make it work! I wish I did it sooner!
Dr. Ellen Janetzke

Dr. Ellen is great! Very friendly and easy going. She did a great job on my reduction. I have no complaints. She took me to literally the exact size I asked for (pretty impressive). I had no infections, hardly any pain, her incision lines are neat and the nipples are nicely shaped. One breast has slightly less volume, but I'm not looking for perfection. She did an awesome job! I'm pleased. ❤

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