52 Yo, 5'3", 109 Lbs. 250cc Silicone Implants. Lift, a Lift and Smaller Implants or a Lift with Implant Removal? W Bloomfiel, MI

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Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness...

Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness after having twins at 40. I have always felt the implants were too large. I was a small 32B and now am a 32D. Bathing suits are too small and certain style shirts are too tight across my chest. original dr suggested just a lift and said she could remove enough tissue to reduce by a cup. Second dr suggested a lift and replacing with smaller implants and reinforcing on the sides of the breasts. Or should I remove the implants and just have a lift ? I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Revision and Lift scheduled for this week!

I finally decided to schedule my surgery and it will be this coming Thursday, Oct 27. I am excited and nervous. I decided to do an implant exchange for a smaller size and get a lift. Hopefully, this will help me achieve the look I desire. I had my pre-op appt the other day and the dr thinks he will use 150 cc to replace the 250 cc I currently have. Last time, I had a tummy tuck at the same time so it took longer to recover. If I have surgery on Thursday, should I be able to drive the following Monday or Tuesday?

Thursday is the date!

I rescheduled my surgery and this Thursday is the date! I am very nervous and excited. I am nervous about having an "unnecessary" procedure and something going wrong. I am also nervous that there won't be that much of a difference and maybe it is not worth it. I am excited that I will get the exact look I am looking for.

2 days post op - dr appt today

First, thank you everyone who wished me well and asked how I was doing. What a wonderful community this is. The support here is amazing. I have my first post op appt in about 30 minutes. I am scared and nervous to see how everything looks! The surgery went well but it was 5 hours! I can't trust my husband as to why so i will find out this morning from the dr. Dr. S confirmed I did have 250 cc in before. He exchanged for 175 on the right and 150 on the left to help even them out. I went to an out patient facility and the staff was amazing. I could not have asked for a better experience. The first night was a bit rough because I did not eat enough and threw up from the pain relievers. Plus, sleeping on your back is not fun. I really don't know how some people prefer that. I honestly mostly took the pain pills so that I could sleep. I finally was able to wash my face this morning! Hurray! I cannot wait to shower and wash my hair. I normally wash my hair every day so it is looking a bit yucky at this point. I will report back later today after my appt.

3 Days PO

Wow! It is amazing how much better I feel each day! Completely off pain meds, other than Tylenol and I really don't need to ice much either. I can move my arms a lot more, but I want to be careful because Dr. S told me he did a lot of internal stitching so I don't want to mess anything up. I am going to wash my hair in a little bit, but I probably should not attempt to blow it dry :(. I do still feel very, very tired though. I was thinking about going to work tomorrow, but I will wait until Tuesday. One more day of rest, especially when nobody else is home, will be very beneficial. I did watch two good movies so far - The Giver and True Story. I had about 5 hours of much needed solitude today. I am not posting pictures yet because I still have tape on and it makes my breasts look deformed so I thought I would wait.

4 days,PO

Enjoyed my last day at home. Back to work tomorrow.

5 Days post op - Back to work

I went back to my office job today - 5 days post op. It was mostly fine although I am still feeling a little bit light-headed. I am also tired due to the fact that I still cannot make it through the night sleeping on my back.....I just don't know how people do it.

15 days post op

I am now 15 days post surgery and feeling good. Good timing for me! I got away with not having to do much for Thanksgiving (other than eating and enjoying). I have slight discomfort, mostly just on the scars, and a little bit of itching, but no pain. I am still careful not to do to much only because I don't want to do any damage. I am physically able to do pretty much everything at this point. Hopefully, I will get the go ahead to do low impact lower body exercise when I go for my checkup this Wednesday. I have posted a picture I took last Monday when I was 11 days post op. You can see on the outer sides there is some puckering. The Dr said the skin should smooth out over time. I am very concerned about this because it does not look that pretty. I will try to take another picture today. Size-wise I am satisfied. They are still substantially bigger than before I had implants at all, but now all my clothes fit me again!

11 days post op picture

Here is the picture - it did not post before for some reason. Hopefully it will work this time.

3 wks PO dr appt

I had my 3 wk po appt with Dr S last Wednesday and all went well. When he saw me, he asked if I was 5 wks po and thought I was healing and progressing really well. He said the puckering on the sides should resolve itself, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. He said other than that, the size and shape should not change much from this point on. I am happy about that. This is the size I wanted the first time. I also got the go ahead to start low impact exercise so I went to the gym on Thursday and spent 12 min on the recumbent bike and 30 minutes walking on the treadmill first at 3 mph, then at 3.5 mph. I will use the elliptical today. More good news is that I can now sleep on my side! I also can switch to a sports bra at night now and next week I can switch to a sports bra during the day and don't have to wear a bra at night at all if I don't want to! He told me to start scar therapy and I ordered Newgel+ which is scheduled to arrive Monday. Oh - and I ordered some new VS bras, although I really don't know what size I will end up being. My VS sports bra from before which is a 34C still fits somehow. I will try to post some pics later - for some reason the pics I took on my phone are not showing up in Photos.....

New pictures

2'weeks and 3 weeks post up. Still have puckering on sides. Scar treatment will start tomorrow.

Started scar strips

My newgelplus scar strips arrived on Monday and were not exactly what I expected. they were very easy to apply the first time, but it is hard to keep them from sticking to themselves when applying subsequent times. I am really hoping I can get 6 weeks out of them as they are so costly. Hopefully, they will make a difference.

Pics from almost 4 weeks

I am now at 4 wks 2 days but am posting pictures from 3 weeks 5 days. In terms of recovery, I am at 99% at this point. I feel as though I can do everything, but am still trying not to do too much with my arms as I had extensive internal work and don't want to ruin anything. My scars sometimes itch a little, I feel some twinges throughout the day and I sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 am with slight discomfort so I take a tylenol. I have been walking on the treadmill and using the incumbent bike a few days a week and one day on the elliptical. The elliptical involves a bit too much bouncing so I am trying not to use that too much yet. The Dr said I can sleep without a bra at this point, but I feel better using it for now. I am very satisfied with the size. This is exactly what I wanted the first time I had my BA but I don't think I properly verbalized that to the Dr. I feel so much smaller and lighter as a person, like I used to feel! For some reason, this also makes me feel younger. I can wear anything I want now. I am still having some puckering on the sides from the internal stitches, but they seem to be a bit better. They look worse when I flex my muscles. I really hope they completely smooth out over time.

6 weeks post op pics

I am now 6 weeks post. I have been using the scar strips for about 10 days.

New bras

I had fun bra shopping yesterday!

7 months post op

It has been a while since I have been here and I thought I would post a update. I am so glad I took out my old implants and went smaller. 150 cc smooth round moderate plus on the left and 175 cc on the right. I am still basically the same bra size, but because I had a lift and the placement has changed, all of my clothes fit my so much better and I don't feel HUGE anymore. I think I would have liked to have ended up even a little bit smaller, but I am satisfied. My scars have improved a lot, but have not disappeared. I stopped the silicone and instead I use pure vitamin e oil at night and pure cocoa butter during the day. Physically, I feel great.
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