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Been on a journey for a while and am ready to have...

Been on a journey for a while and am ready to have an arm lift and possible breast augmentation. Just had my second consult and this one was with Dr. Ellen Janetzske, and all I can say is I absolutely love her. She is wonderful, caring and the list goes on and on. Her staff is extremely nice and very warm. I am going to be scheduling my arm lift and breast augmentation/lift with her to have may.

Paid my deposit and have a date

Just put my deposit down on my surgery and set to go for May 12th. I have all different kinds of emotions going on as well. Lol. I also have decided to go a little bigger with my implants also. Read a lot of women on here saying they wished they would have gone bigger so I'm looking at going to the mentor high profile silicone round 550 cc. I will be posting before pics shortly.

Pre op appt is right around the corner.

My pre op is set for April 26th and I can honestly say that I'm nervous as hell but wishing I was post op right now. I'm going to go and get the necessary vitamins to start taking to help with the different things my body is going to go thru. I'm so excited to be able to wear a tank top after 20 yrs. along with some nice big breasts. Lol


So today I went and got my vitamins that I've seen that have been recommended to take before and after surgery to help with the healing. I got vitamin A, it's actually a vitamin A and D combo, a good probiotic, QBC Plex, which is quercetin, bromelain, and vitamin c complex, zinc, and vitamin B-50 with complex c. I also bought arnica but won't take that until after surgery because it's supposed to help with swelling and healing.

Its all a go now!!!

Today I had my pre op, my Dr is going to have mentor hp 550 and 600 cc implants and will decide once she can get a good look inside. I'm all paid and have the Green light for May 12. No drain tubes or compression sleeves for my arm lift either. She said they've been seeing too many seromas from using compression. I'm nervous as he'll that's for sure. Lol

2 days to go until surgery. YIKES!!!

Well today is May 10 and I am 2 days away from surgery. Lots of anxiety going on, lol, more so because 2 weeks ago I had a knee cap replacement surgery and even though I can walk ok with the assistance of 1 crutch I'm still nervous because I don't want it to affect any results. Hopefully I'll lose that crutch within the next week here.
Tomorrow I have to take 2 muscle relaxers to help to start to loosen up the breast muscle and then 2 days after surgery twice a day as well. Dr days surgery for both my arms and breast will take between 4-5 hours which sounds scary being down that long. Yikes. So today I'm going to go buy more pillows for my arms to keep them propped up and straws because I've seen some ladies talk about the easeness of drinking from straws to help with the arms. Good Lord I hope my arms aren't that bad where I have to use a straw. Gonna try to find some of those older type ice bags where u can put the ice in yourself. Any tips or ideas of things that I might need would be a great help.

Night before surgery

Well this is it. Its the night before my surgery and I am nervous as hell. I have to be at the surgery center at 730 am. I will be posting tomorrow. Wish me luck n good prayers.

The day has arrived. Its surgery day.

Well there's no turning back now and not that I would. Lol
I have to be to the surgery center in a couple of hours, didn't sleep the greatest so I hope my blood pressure isn't too elevated from this along with my nerves.
Time to shower and get my things ready so I will post again after, this time I'll have bigger boobs and no Angel wings. Lol

Quick update from surgery

Surgery went well this morning. Took about 3.5 hours. My Dr ended up putting 600cc's in because she said they looked good n fit well.
I don't have much pain in my arms n so far the hook very nice from what I can see with this gauze wrap.
My breasts are a little different story. Lol. They gave me a nerve block in the chest prior to surgery. Swollen n tight feeling with a whole lot of pressure. They feel extremely sore. Painwise it's probably around a 6 right now. I've been icing them like crazy so hopefully it will b just a little better. I am icing my arms as well and they are propped up on pillows to help with swelling.
She also removed the bra line far that hangs over for me so that area is a little tender also.
I'm taking Norco for pain and drinking lots of water. I'll be sleeping in the recliner probably for the first 5-7 days. Its a struggle to get up from the recliner to go to the bathroom because of all the pressure and soreness.
I'm glad this is over though. But to me this is all worth it!! Thank you for the prayers for today. :)


Here are some pictures from surgery.

Lovin my arms

I'm 2 days post op and I'm loving what I'm seeing so far even with them being swollen n bruised.

4 days post op

I'm 4 days post op. Steristrips on my left arm came off, Dr said it's ok. Scar is ugly but not even close as ugly as those wings I had. Will be starting my embrace scar treatment in another week. I think Dr said had to wait to weeks to start. Arms feel little tight but not unbearable. I have no compression sleeves and no drains. Dr doesn't like them due to an increase in seroma's. If this is what my arms look like now then omg their gonna be fabulous in about 5 weeks. ????????????????

4 days post op boobs

I'm 4 days post op for my breast lift,augmentation and they're high,tight n swollen of course. Have a feeling in the arm pit that feels like a serious pulled muscle. Day 3 was kinda rough, today is a little better. Can't wait till they drop n fluff.

Some before arm pics

I forgot to post these before pics of arms to sides. Yuck!!!

Would greatly appreciate responses

Ladies who have had implants behind the muscle, when did you really notice when they started to drop and soften up? How long after surgery? Mine are still riding up by the collarbone and very hard. I know our bodies are all different and I'm only 5 days post op, but I was just wondering what the average is for all the ladies. I have 600cc mentor hp behind the muscle.

Quick update

I am 2 days shy of 2 weeks post op. No issues with my arms at all, breasts still need to drop and fluff, Dr says with having a lift that is why they haven't dropped but within next 2 weeks I will start to see changes. Still a bit swollen but I've been icing as well.
I'm able to wash my hair and style it a lot better now reaching at my head level and a tad bit over. Here's a few pics to show my progression.

Just a quick before and right now pic, side by side

Just looking thru some pictures and I wanted to do a side by side picture of my Boobs before and now being 3 weeks post op. Even though they need to drop and come in closer together, I'm in love. Glad me and my Dr went with the 600's. I would have regretted going smaller.

2nd treatment with embrace scar strips

I have started using the embrace scar strip therapy. This is my second session and all I can say is WOW!!! They have flattened and lightened up so much that by my 6th session they should be hardly noticable. I will say embrace is not cheap by no means, if you can somehow swing it, you will be glad you did. I'm the pictures you will see how after having them on, the glue on the edges collects everything. Lol. Its not dirt. Haha
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr Ellen and her staff!!

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