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Firstly I want to start by saying Dr Ellen's...

Firstly I want to start by saying Dr Ellen's Office, Staff and everything is absolutely amazing. They are really there to work with you and meet your goals. Every phone call was polite and informative. During my consultation it was really great. Meghan the practice manager was funny and she gave me a lot of information. She makes sure you leave with everything you need and she leaves the line of communication open for any questions after you leave. Next another Meghan she was the medical coordinator I believe and she explained the procedures, she made drawings on the screen, she explained the entire process and offered advice. Dr Ellen came in afterwards and she was great as well. I've been to other surgeons for consult and by far Dr Ellen was heaven sent her and her staff. She didn't turn me away she wants what you want and if she can't she will make sure you are satisfied. I talked about goals and reasons why and I just wanted my life back. They all understood. Dr Ellen took measurements and she explained everything and talked to me about having everything done. Once she left I met Sharon the insurance manager. She was so welcoming and people they are all really there to assist you. She made sure I understood how the insurance worked what was covered and what I could do. Bridgette she does the scheduling she will probably be the first contact you have she was great too. She offered me the soonest dates and put them on hold so I had the next day to get finances together. They also offer different finance options other then cash, insurance, they have a selection of different options. I applied and was approved and I called and booked my appointment the very next day. Dr Ellen results are amazing in her previous patients and they also give you an account on this website that lets you see past patients and read their stories. I will keep everyone updated about my surgery. Im excited!

Excited But Also Nervous (Before Pic)

So my surgery is set! 10/17/16 and I couldn't be more happy. I feel almost like it'll be another birthday. To the old me because I don't feel like myself in this body of mine. It's been a rough journey and I don't have a ton of support either. My mom she's gonna be there but she doesn't really think I have to do it, but she has big boobs too. My family I'm sure there will be those who don't agree or who say lose weight, stop being lazy not even knowing underlying issues. At this point I no longer care I'm doing this for me because I want and need it.

Anywho I was told I have Pcos like 2 years ago and that began such a difficult struggle with weight. Now I was always thick/curvy and I had a pouch but it progressively got worse and now I'm here. This site has helped so much with nerves. And knowing what to expect and pointers. I'm now trying to get a list together of things I need, I need to find a vitamin or vitamins that will help and a good compression garment because I don't really like the binder they give that much.


I found some good multi vitamins at Walgreens and they were but one get one free. So that was a plus. I've been getting things little by little. I still need to find a good faja or waist trainer or whatever it is. I'm just super excited and ready for the back problems neck problems to be gone and the weight lifted off my shoulders literally.

30 more Days To the Flat Side!

I have to go out tomorrow shopping for the things I'm going to need and I'm still not sure. I wonder if I can still sleep in my bed just with a bunch of pillows. I still haven't found a good compression garment.

I'm just so ready for this to be here. I go see my PCP on the 30th for all my blood tests and everything. I'm so nervous but so ready. I've been waiting on a reduction since high school so it's been a long time coming. I need to come up with a shopping list.

Excited, Nervous, Anxious

My surgery is October 17th and I really want it to hurry. I think I wanna just hurry up through the recovery part because I'm sick of the back and neck pain from the breast. I really can't wait. I'm still trying to go down a few more pounds before surgery. I'm doing this detox with green tea, eggs, apples and oatmeal for 10 days and it's supposed to help lose 10-20 pounds. It definitely has worked and everyone says they lost so much. So fingers crossed!

I've been taking my multi vitamins and I have to stop my birth control which sucks because it helps with my pcos but I'll be able to start it up again 2 weeks or so after surgery. I still haven't found a good compression garment but hopefully I will by then. I really need to buy things I'll need but I don't even know where to start. I don't know what to buy to wear after surgery either. I'm so stuck, so if anyone can suggest especially if you've had your surgery the things you actually used. I want to hurry and make it to the small breast flat tummy side asap lol

Done with Blood Testing

So I went to my PCP and got a chest X-ray, blood work, and ekg. I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm stressing because I have to get things still for recovery. I'm just gonna find some maxi dresses or skirts, gauze and all kinds of things. Sort of stressing but also so ready to get this over with.

I'm ready to feel like myself. I've went through a traumatic period after a rough heartbreak and I want to be able to feel like me. I've gotten to a good place mentally and I need my body to catch up. Im so ready for this. I'm thinking of maybe adding some lipo to flanks if I can. I'm praying I can.

Almost There/Embarrassing Pics

It's almost time! Not many responses from people but doing this for more of a journal for myself to look back on and be happy with how far I've came. I've been wanting this forever so I can finally feel like myself again. Anywho....

My stomach isn't really much fat because my weight fluctuations over the years dealing with pcos my Surgeon is doing a Tummy tuck and breast reduction on me and I'm so freaking happy! Even when she said you really don't have fat in the stomach area a lot of skin and I would benefit from the tummy tuck and breast reduction.

These photos show before and just how huge my breast are and have become over the years. I honestly don't even know what size I am. Somewhere between JJ and K cup, but it's almost here. Monday is the day and I'm nervous but excited. I still have to buy the things I'll need, I'm a last minute person...I hope for some tips on recovery I pray I don't run into any issues.

Excited, Ready, Nervous, Happy!

Tomorrow is the day and my mind is just all over the place. I just took a Tylenol pm because I know I won't sleep if I don't and I started taking stool softeners today just in case but man I'm gonna pray all night because I'm nervous especially what the pain may be. Yikes! So long goodbye to the huge boobies

The Flat side with swelling

So I was too out of it to write anything the day of but man anesthesia is no joke that was my first time going under and I was nervous as hell. I got there at 6:30am checked in about 7 they took me back to my room got a pee sample, took my blood pressure and put my IV in.

Then the anesthesiologist came in to put some numbing in my stomach using ultrasound that was uncomfortable but he was great they all were. My mom came back and sat with me before they wheeled me off to the OR and all I can remember is him saying I'm gonna put the medicine in and I was out.

In recovery they gave me cheese it's, apple sauce and pop and started the discharge routine once I was ok. But man I got home and was knocked out. My breast I don't feel any pain at all my stomach there's pain anytime I sit down or lay and get up.!other then that I'm fine. I really wanna go to the doctors office sooner and have her replace the tape but that's fine it's Tuesday anyway.

I'm so happy with my results so far and once the swelling goes down I'm sure I'll be even more happy!

Okay Kinda Day

So I'm not on any heavy meds just Tylenol if needed and take the PM at night so I can sleep good. This binder is becoming annoying it kinda starts to hurt my incisions. My stomach is so numb it feels weird I'll be glad when that goes away.

My breast were kind of hurting today I think the tightness of the surgical bra so I took it off and took a nap they feel better now. Yesterday my left nipple was kind of stinging a little not really painful just annoying. The areas like the muscle on the side under arm and the bruises are what hurt a lot. I know it's TMI but using the bathroom it's because the tummy tuck that was hard I had to have my mom help.(Thank God for Moms...You guys rock!!!) but right now I have the numbness in my stomach from the tummy tuck I hope that goes away soon because it feels weird but my breast feel good they really don't hurt at all.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ellen was amazing, knowledgeable and informed me of all the risks, procedure, time of surgery. She helped me feel at ease and happy that I will finally feel like me again.

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