32 Years Old Mother of 3 Breasts Deflated After Breastfeeding - Birmingham, GB

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I'm 2 days post op and so far pleased with the...

I'm 2 days post op and so far pleased with the results feeling sore and tight but happy! I went with 375cc round high profile mentor implants. I had surgery about 9:30 on Thursday morning.
Before the children I was a 32d and after breastfeeding was left completely deflated and barely a b cup. I just wanted back what I lost!

So far pleased with the results

Today is worse than yesterday, I'm experiencing lots of tightness and discomfort not so much pain it's just uncomfortable. Wasn't easy getting comfortable to sleep do hopefully be able to find a more comfortable position tonight. Iv been taking my arnica but some bruising has appeared today just on my incision site. Hoping every day it gets easier now Iv mostly lay on the sofa today but got up and walked about now again! Frozen peas are very much my friend today haha!

Day 3 post op

Don't know if I mentioned before but I have dual plane technique which is part under, part over the muscle. Again last night was tricky to get comfortable but I took a cushion from the sofa up to bed and would sleep for a few hours then wake and have to find a new position. My back isn't feeling great I think from my sleeping position. My boobs probably feel slightly better than yesterday morning and evenings are the worst. Very tight and heavy finding great comfort in frozen peas! My compression bra is really comfortable will post the design later. My kids are home tonight from my mums hoping each day gets better from now on. Looked at them in the mirror today and although they are very swollen and looking a little silly I cannot wait to put a bikini on. Left boob more swollen and painful than the right and find if I move too much get muscle spasms!

Day 4 post op- feeling much better today!

Day 4 today, woke up feeling much better still heavy and tight but not bad. I slept with my sons beanbag behind my back last night and was much more uncomfortable.
I managed to have a shower this morning and wash my hair and feel much better for it! I'm pretty much off any pain killers just taking a couple of ibuprofen before bed to help with the swelling. Still taking my arnica have nelsons 30 c and will continue until 7 days post op, also drinking lots of pineapple for the bromelain.
Changed my bra today it's so comfortable got my bras from euro surgical and are very comfortable will post the make later!

Day 5

So today i feel a bit groggy, very tired maybe just the anxiety and the sleepless nights catching up with me! Bloated and tummy uncomfortable today.
Boobs are less swollen and less heavy still a bit uncomfortable though. I understand morning boob now as they throb first thing have to get up and walk about a bit and it eases. Nothing unbearable at all just discomfort only taking ibuprofen before bed to help with swelling!
So far very pleased with the results and happy with the size! Initially I couldn't decide on sizing but I definatly think 375cc is right for my frame.

Bras and clinic

I said I'd post a bit about the bras I chose and also the clinic and surgeon I went with!...

Right bras I went with 2 ordered from www.esshop.co.uk very comfy and soft. The first is allysandra 2inch cotton knit bra! The thick band is comfy around incision site and not an unattractive bra at all! I got that in black, also got Yesmina z front which is really comfortable and supportive! I'm hoping I can use them as sports bras afterwards.
Clinic I went with is Aurora in Northampton they come highly recommended after seeing lots of clinics and surgeons I knew straight away Aurora and Anne Dancey were who I was going with! Not at all pushy very friendly and can't do enough for you. Staff are lovely, nurses lovely. Anne Dancey is amazing listened to everything I said put me at ease and knew exactly what I wanted! She has answered every email I have sent to her and replied quickly! Unbelievable surgeon and I am extremely happy I found her :-)

Day 6 and swelling is much better!

Woke up this morning boobs still very heavy and uncomfortable first thing. Feeling much better and am much more mobile now.
I thought I'd try on a few of my pre children 32d bras and they fit! Yay! Although today the boob greed has kicked in and Iv had a few pangs of wishing is gone bigger. I was torn between the 375cc and 400cc and on the morning of surgery decided if rather them be a bit too small than too big and went with 375s.
Still trying to rest on the sofa as much as I can which is hard with children but I find if I do too much I get muscle spasms.
My antibiotics have finished this morning and will finish taking the arnica today- really had minimal bruising whether or not that's the arnica or that I don't bruise badly I'm not too sure. Have my one week post op appointment hoping I will be cleared to have a bath as my back hurts from sleeping position. My surgeon uses waterproof glue so you can shower straight away also no drains.

Where has a week gone!?

So today is 7 days post op and boobs are looking great! My left one is still more swollen and painful than right and my son has given me a few whacks on it today, ouch!!!
Had my post op appointment today and all good scars healing nicely and minimal bruising! I am covered in a rash on my arms and back and bum which is very annoying but dr thinks Iv had a reaction to the penicillin. Bloating finally subsiding and I'm actually able to do a lot more although tiring very easily. Iv been cleared to have a bath so going to do that now can't wait as my back is a wreck! Actually managed to turn slightly in my sleep into a better position yay! Have found morning boob and sleeping the hardest part of this and not being able to do much. Can't believe a week has flown by so fast! What a journey!...
Boob greed ahh kinda wishing I'd have gone bigger annoying!

My stats and implant size

So just realised I hadn't posted my stats so thought I'd post them with my implant size and before and afters so you can see the comparasion.
I'm 5'11 and weigh 130 ibs, I like to excercise and am super active running after my kids! Before the children and breastfeeding I had decent boobs they were a 32d, afterwards I was left with probably an a cup shape hadn't changed but they were completely flat and deflated! I no longer felt like a woman! I work (very occasionally nowadays) as a model so didn't want them to be too huge and hinder work but likewise didn't want them to be too small! Sizing for me was the biggest drama I really couldn't decide and had nightmares about them being too big or too small! Most importantly I wanted natural looking breasts so decided I'd rather them be too small than too big!
My surgeon recommended for my frame between 350-400ccs I did the rice test and liked the 375cc and thought I'd settle in the middle! When I had another sizing app I tried on the 390ccs and really liked them....
On the day of surgery my surgeon brought with her 400s and I panicked they would be too big and went back to the 375s! I have no doubt that the 375s fit my frame perfectly but the boob greed has kicked in and I'm wishing I'd have gone with the 400s although I know the side difference would've been minimal!
I have round HP mentors 375cc in the dual plane position inflammatory incision- scar not too bad at all!
My doctor was Anne Dancey through Aurora clinics at the BMI Edgbaston! Must say Anne is amazing, aurora amazing and the hospital looked after my well!x

Day 9- Mendor chords!!

Well my boobs are feeling so much better, sleeping is easier, morning boob minimal and generally every day it improves. My left boob is still more swollen and uncomfortable to the touch than the right but fine!
Then this afternoon I started having these shooting pains in my left breast felt like little electric shocks that make me jump then noticed that my ribs just under my bra are really swollen and painful to the touch. I took my bra off to take a closer look and can feel like a vein under the skin when I stretch and it's really sore- panicked thinking it was an infection! Looked at another members review by chance and saw her post on mentor chords well that's what it has to be right- no panic though as sounds like it's an incovinience that improves with time. Any one have any experience of this or any tips on how to improve it? Thanks... Also posted a pic of my incision!

Day 9- feeling emotional

What a journey this has been I think it's really sunk in today, I had a bath looked in the mirror and cried- this has been one of the best things I have done for myself other than children etc! I have my confidence back, if anyone is contemplating this do it! If it's something that bothers you and you think about it everyday then it will make a huge difference to your self esteem! I love my new boobs!...
Recovery wise mendor cord vein is sore and a bit annoying but bearable! Took the kids out today for the first time since the op went ok! I'm really tired seem to tire very easily and my boobs get heavy and sore when I'm on my feet for a long time but much better than last week. Sleep is getting easier I'm able to move around a bit at night and sleep partially on my side. On the road to recovery...
Need to get over the boob greed and stop beating myself up about not getting the 400cc can't imagine the extra 15cc would've even made that much of a difference! I wore a jumper today and I have boobs yay!

Day 15

Can't believe I'm over the 2 mark I am really happy with my new boobs so far! I'm getting over the boob greed too, they are natural and not huge which is what I wanted!
Recovery wise left breast hasn't caught up with the right yet, it's still swollen and heavy with lots of numbness where as the right feels like my own. They are squishing up nicely and getting softer. Mendor cords are annoying have them on both sides now uncomfortable but not painful. My left breast the implant almost sounds like it's creaking sometimes when I move my arm, I'm hoping it will catch up soon.

Morning boob- ouch!!!

Ok so I'm day 17 today and morning boob in my left breast especially is killing! My left boob is playing up a bit not caught up with my right yet, it's still very uncomfortable and I get lots of muscle spasms. How long did everyone find it took for morning boob to stop completely?

3 weeks post op

All is well, able to do pretty much everything now! My boobs still feel like rocks in the morning and I'm having muscle spasms still. Mondors are still annoying me and I keep having really sharp electric shock type pains that travel right into my left boob, ouch! Hope it resolves soon. Otherwise I'm really happy with my new boobs left hasn't caught up with the right but hopefully it will soon!

4 weeks post- yesterday was the worst :-(

Hi everyone- apologies no pictures will post some later when I'm feeling better!
I woke up on Tuesday morning and my left incision was very sore and oozing I went to see the GP to get some antibiotics and because I had such a nasty rash after taking penicillin post op they have me another one called ' erythrocrim' ( sorry if spelt incorrectly they are in the bin). 4am after taking 2 doses I woke up heaving felt a little better took 2 more doses and I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt so Ill! Constantly throwing up, hideous stomach cramps going all the way up to my chest, hot and cold, bad cystitus due to dehydration pretty awful with 3 children to take care of.
Iv woken up today and didn't sleep well due to cystitus but I feel so much better than yesterday, my head is pounding but hopefully they will be out my system completely soon! Gosh who knew antibiotics could make you so poorly!
Boob wise all ok the oozing has stopped and I'm on different antibiotics so hoping I caught it in time. My boobs generally are ok still have lots of muscle spasms and they garden up especially when I lie down, left worse than right. I still have an awful lot of numbness my left nipple and I'd say a good 50% of my left breast is completely numb I'm hoping at least some of that comes back. Size wise I am completely over the boob greed now. Will add pictures later on when feeling a little more with it!

4 weeks post op pictures

Managed to take a few pictures... Feeling rubbish but happy with my results! Hope everyone else is healing well and getting there! Yesterday was the only day I thought what have I done!? I'm over that today now I'm feeling a bit better x

6 weeks today!

Well today marks 6 weeks post op, it's flown and I can't remember life without my new boobies!
Everything is settling nicely boobs are still really veiny like when I was breastfeeding, hope that goes and I have a slight issue with my left nipple it's settled slightly off centre it's mild but enough to annoy me as I feel my right breast is a perfect shape! My left has always caused the problems, it's still really numb, maybe slightly less than before my right is virtually back to normal! Mondors are still there but rarely cause me annoyance. Sleeping is back to normal I'm back to sleeping on my side with no discomfort and no backache.
I have my 6 week check on Monday and hoping to get measured in the next week or 2 yay!

7 weeks

Not much to report really, getting frustrated with no exercising though ! My left boob still feels like the implant is shifting when I run and it doesn't feel very comfortable so going to give it a few more weeks, anyone else experienced that? Other than that all is good right boob is completely alive left still have a dead nipple and underneath of breast but hopefully it will come back a bit!

Nearly 4 months!

It's been a while since my last update... All is well my left boob still not caught up with the right. My right boob I feel has dropped the scars right in the crease and feels normal, the left not dropped completely yet and still a little uncomfortable at times but generally good now!
I got measured at a 30ff!!! But also wear a 32e as that's comfy! Still get muscle spasms especially during exercise! Otherwise all good and like iv always had them!

Updated pics

Here's my results nearly 4 months post op x
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Anne dancey is amazing can highly recommend her, she listened and completely understood what I wanted! So far very happy! I annoyed her post op with lots of emails and questions and she always replied quickly! Went with Aurora clinics in Northampton Lovely staff, very helpful always on hand to help and answer questions. Would highly recommend both Anne and Aurora!

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