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Finally got a date for my surgery booked for...

Finally got a date for my surgery booked for august ive wanted thid for so long, 3 months away but im so nervous and excited ! Surgeon will be transferring 600ml into each bum cheek i just hope it will be alot bigger and rounder, has anyone else had this amount? Would appreciate pictures :) thankyou

Me from behind

This is me from behind before my surgery in August, I really think when i have my back fat and hips liposuctioned it will make a massive difference even if I wasn't having the fat transferred as i think its my hips make my bum look alot smaller as there quite big, i have used the plastic surgery app to show a example of what i mean without changing anything to the bum area and it really does make a big difference to the size of my bum! Im so excited! Roll on August ????

BBL update!

I finally had my bbl 2 days ago, and im so so happy, Dr Hassan is the best surgeon! I thought i was having 600ml then i woke up to hear he had transferred 1000ml into each side I thought i was dreaming! Never in my wildest dreams did i think I would get that amount. He really gets what you want as i felt i had the width with no projection and omg i got what i wanted certainly! The pain is tolerable with the pain killers but the tummy hurts the most but i think thats where i had the most lipo, my figure has completely changed aswell i look a lot smaller even though I'm swollen still, excited to see the results after the swelling has gone.. He's such a caring lovely understanding surgeon i am SO greatful i found him! He's given me something i always dreamed of, if your thinking of the procedure and you live in the uk then definitely choose him! I will add more pictures soon

New pictures

My fave picture! I love my surgeon!!!

Results are getting better day by day

Im on my 5th day now and the pain is literally so minimal! Had my first massage yesterday and that took alot of swelling down.. Everyone that sees my new bum ans waist are gob smacked! I am so happy I just pray I don't loose much fat I haven't sat on my bum once!

My waist

Happy happy happy

BBL update

Im 8 days post op now, not in pain atall! I finish my antibiotics tomorrow which im really glad about as they have made me feel abit nauseous

Im driving everybody insane because I keep asking if it's gone down atall haha but seeing from this picture today it's clear it hasn't but god it worries me so much! I know you can to loose upto 30 percent I just hope I don't loose much :( hope im lucky and keep it all hehe

Im still really itchy but that's obviously a good sign so I'm not worried about that

My bruises around my back and stomach have practically gone! Must be the iron tablets they really help, the worst bruises are on my thighs there literally black but painless..

Ive had 2 lymphatic drainage massages so far and they hurt but get better as time goes on and after you have them you really do feel less in pain and less stiff xx

New photo

Peach comes to mind..

Bbl update

Without my compression garment! Im nearly 3 weeks post op now and have seen a huge difference in swelling and bruising mostly in my legs and tummy, they where very swollen. Thank god my itchiness has gone down that was seriously annoying, im seeing no difference in bums shape and size atall everyone says it's still as big as the day i came home :D still haven't sat on my bum once I guess it just becomes a way of life when you pay all that money I don't understand how you could contemplate sitting on it ! I have the booty I've always wanted hehe :) Mr Hassan is a genius i will never understand how he did it ! Its asif he just knew what i wanted from the word go, I can't wait to see him on my check up next month and thank him in person

one month post op

flexing the peach! loveeeeeeeeee it

Bbl update

I really think this comparison picture speaks for itself.. for one the complete difference in my hips i used to hate how big they where as they gave me dints where my bum used to go in.. i HATED the dints !! And now there isn't a dint in sight it's just so smooth and rounded exactly what i wanted ! Im still in awe of how perfect my results have turned out 5 weeks down the line.. im shocked as myself and all my friends and family say they can't see any loss of fat in my bum atall from when i had it done, just lost the swelling! Fingers crossed I keep it now as ive been very good and not sat down yet.. thank god for the booty buddy as it has allowed me to go for meals, sit in cars and public transport in my recovery process I seriously recommend them!! I will forever be grateful to Mr Sultan Hassan and always hold him in high regard! He's truly amazing.

My tummy 5 weeks post op

My tummy 5 weeks post op :) ive been holding back to post one as my tummy was very swollen for weeks but now it's going down after having my lymphatic drainage massages i feel alot better about sharing a picture, I love it

cells definitely expanding

Literally think its getting bigger as ive not dieted atall i think the food is just going to my bum now because the fat cells are expanding! not complaining :D


Still loving my results

I love Dr Hassan so much !

Still in shock every day

Just cant believe its my bum still i love it so much!! A few months ago this was a dream and dr hassan has made it reality just can not thank him enough he's amazing!!!!!

Love it


I have been getting back into the gym the past 2 months and so far i have lost 9 pounds as i put a stone on after surgery with not attending the gym also.. i have been having personal training sessions for 5 weeks so far and working really hard to get my waist slimmer and it has made a difference already I think its happened quickly because i have had liposuction in that area.. i was really worried about my bum shrinking with working hard in the gym but as you can see its not changed atall haha! I think the fat just loves being there i feel so lucky to have kept it.. of course the credit goes to Mr Hassan and his amazing technique and skills


Today During my personal training session

Haven't updated for a while..

Im over 3 months into my personal training sessions and all together Ive lost 33cm in my waist and hips and gained over a stone in muscle! Ive never felt better with my surgery results and my pt results.. and because ive been squatting alot with weights my bum has gone bigger and more lifted, everyone that knows me knows i love having a bigg booty, big thighs and being curvy ! Ive never felt more confident and i know it sounds silly but I feel asif im free now, Free from that insecurity i had over my flat bum i felt so strongly every day.. I don't worry anymore I just love life so much more! If you are thinking about this surgery I strongly suggest you have it if possible! The best thing Ive done xx

Happy girl

Even better

found a picture of me from the back in November 3 months after surgery in the same top in exactly the same place & compared them.. I started personal training in December.. left was November right was may so it just show's even after surgery you can make your results even better! Safe to say i feel good, squats and lunges are everything :)

Nearly a year on and still so happy

I have literally retained all my fat id say and obviously doing squats and lunges and working out has definitely helped! I love it my surgery journey couldn't have gone better and i never imagined when i set out to do my surgery that id get the exact look I wanted in one go! I owe it all to the amazing Mr hassan

Forgot to show pic from the front :)

I love the small waist, big thigh big bum look and im so happy i have that now x
London Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, caring, very skilled, informative, humorous, brilliant surgeon who makes you feel comfortable the second you meet him! thankyou so much you have gave me exactly what i wanted!

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