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I think the hardest thing I faced regarding my...

I think the hardest thing I faced regarding my facelift was trying to find surgeon reviews and determine who really was "the best" in Birmingham, AL. I googled and found, Angies list and other assorted doctor review websites. I discovered many self-proclaimed "best" plastic surgeons in my area at the top of the search results. I decided to go to what I hoped were the top 6 for consults - some free - some fee based. I knew of course to make sure the surgeon was board certified. I do admit I wanted the biggest bang for the buck and wasn't quite sure what I really needed done.

I had a couple interesting experiences. I really did not want a browlift quite frankly after reading so many horror stories and side-effects like "a thousand fleas running across your forehead". My consults included the mid-face lift, brow-lift and other suggestions for dermabrasion, lip plumbing, fat transfer, eyelid surgery and even free lipo as much as I wanted sucked out of my tummy to be used in the lips! The surgeon I finally did select was actually based more on the referral of a friend of a friend and said the price would be the same with or without a browlift so I decided to get one as surely he knew best. He informed me I needed the trichophytic browlift and not the endoscopic so I did a little research on it but quite frankly didn't realize I was going to be cut clear across the top of my forehead. Ouch. Included in my price for a facelift tuck/brow lift my surgeon reduced my elongated ear lobes from a previous facelift, did chin lipo, and scar revision also from a previous facelift years ago. I got a deal. I think.

The other thing I found interesting in my research was the overnight hospital stay versus twilight sleep or local anesthetic. I was rather concerned about this. What if I woke up during surgery because that had happened to me years ago - I totally remember being wide awake and squirming and the surgeon telling me to keep still so he could finish. Well I had the twilight sleep and this time all I can say is I remember getting on the table and being told I would feel a small sting. The next thing I knew 3 hours had passed and my surgery was over. I was not in pain and I was somewhat talkative and wide-awake and very alert. My friend then drove me to the required hotel stay by the clinic. That night she applied cold compresses to my face and gave me the meds as required. The next morning she drove me to the clinic - I had my tubes removed which was surprisingly painless and my husband drove me home.

Here is what I have experienced in the almost 2 weeks since my surgery - bruising, swelling, tightness, numbness and a bit of depression I think from the pain pills. My neck has hurt but pain pills took care of that dull throbbing ache. As I am almost 2 weeks post-op I will post this today with pictures and update probably in a week or two. My forehead was numb but after one week most of the feeling had returned. No pain or tingling. The top of my head is still a little numb. I had 70 staples removed after 1 week and this did not hurt - just a few of them were a bit ouchy and stung. My eyes blacked in the corners by the nose - the bruising otherwise was not too bad except on my neck. But the bruises are taking a long time to fade and are assorted colors now mostly yellow. I bought some Dermablend and it seems I guessed correctly on the color and tried it on one eye to cover a still blackened area - wow coverss great.

My advice is do not eat solid foods and try not to chew much for several days after surgery. Take pain meds whether you need them or not as a preventative if nothing else. I have never taken a sleeping pill in my life. What I discovered was if you take one you will sleep longer - the second morning I woke up at 3 a.m. and stayed up. Better to sleep in. The hardest part is not turning your head - which I kept doing - you are are supposed to turn your body when you look at someone and talk to them. Most important of all don't read too many horror stories on hematomas especially the ones posted here but I must admit I couldn't stop reading! I think I have read everything that could possibly go wrong on every possible procedure ever performed. At this point I am nervous as I have a stapled area in the back of my neck that is not healing properly - looks like a little hole but I am seeing the doc tomorrow. I did not expect the jaw/neck aching so much. I thought after almost 2 weeks the swelling would have gone down more. I know it is too soon to judge my looks but I'm still a bit misshapen. I have actually been sleeping on the couch sitting up. I tried sleeping in bed this way and found myself laying down in bed sleeping on the side of my face - not good.

I am uploading 4 pictures thus far. The first two pictures were actually the before pictures from 2 local surgeons. Picture 3 is my own before picture. These 3 pictures look different but it is still me none-the-less. Picture 4 was take 10 days after surgery. I hope I look more like myself in a week or two. Thanks to all who have posted on this website thus far - I read everything you wrote. If anyone reading this has had a facelift from a Birmingham, AL surgeon I would love to hear from you privately.

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post-op. I think I look...

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post-op. I think I look pretty good for a 66 year old senior citizen! This is the last picture I will post. I am still numb at the top of my head. My scars are very noticable especially the ones on the back of my neck. My hair appears thinner on top. The side burns hair may grow back - not sure - there is some hair there. I have no jaw or neck pain - no bruising - very little tightness and maybe some very minor swelling. It is still a bit uncomfortable to sleep on side - especially on ears which are still tender. This face lift did not resolve the wrinkles over the mouth (which I knew it wouldn't) but the crows feet look better and the vertical line between the eyes is not as deep. Sometimes my forehead feels like I am lifting my eyebrows in surprise it but I'm not. Bottom line everything is more/less to be expected. I would absolutely recommend my surgeon for you all in the B'ham area.
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