Tummy Tuck With Second PS - Birmingham, AL

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Hello my TT friends, I am on my second PS. Let me...

Hello my TT friends, I am on my second PS. Let me give you the run down, two weeks ago I called to schedule abdominoplasty with one of the local PS in Birmingham Al. but was turned away because he said I was overweight. I am 5"6 AA and weighs 190, Dr. J. representative stated physician would not schedule a consult with me until I lose 30 pounds. Today I meet with Dr. Beckenstein and my consultation was great.
I have one more visit which is October 30, and hope to be on the flat side by November 7th.

Second Consultation

Hello my real self family just to give you and update, I'm finally going to have surgery on Monday ( October 14th 2013) . I went for my marking today, will post pre pics soon as I can.

Pre pics

Two Days Before Surgery

Hello everyone had to leave work today because I feel that I'm coming down with the flu. My surgery is in two days and my doc gave instructions not to take any medication that has ASA (aspirin) in it. I keep flipping from realself to youtube trying to compare my body frame to others. I don't know why I'm doing this knowing every PS doc does things differently. My thoughts r driving me crazy and one particular is will my PS contour my shape or just repair muscle without liposuction. I have seen his work but every shape is different, my arrival time is schedule at 0500 and was told I'm the first case. Very anxious at the moment, I haven't purchase anything but a raised toilet so far. I've had 2 c-section in the past so kinda know what to expect. Will keep u updated with my preparation.

Only 15 Hours Before Surgery

Hello everyone I only had to purchase some camisole tops and 2 pillow for surgery. My prescription included Keflex and Percocet did not have to pay for Keflex because Its part of some type of antibiotic program, as for Percocet had some left from a previous surgery. I'm ready so I will update you in the morning.

Surgery Day

Hello real self friends, I got up this morning around 0400 and had to check in at 0500. My husband was running late so I arrived at admission at 0506. The clerk swiftly checked me in and re-routed us to the four floor. I arrived to unit and I was not greeted appropriately . The nurse guided me to room 6 and told me to change into gown and she needed a urine sample for a pregnancy test. My thoughts was this should have already been verified before surgery date. I stayed in room 6 for 30 minutes and another nurse entered and provided her name and title. Soon after a gentleman from escort arrived to take me back to PACU. Once arriving to PACU the anesthesiology Dr. D. introduced himself and informed me that the Nurse Anes. will start a IV. Dr. Beckenstein arrived later . I was rolled to surgery and didn't remember anything until the surgery was done. After surgery I arrived back to PACU where I had abnormal breath sounds and was given a nebulizer treatment. I arrived in my room at 1010 and my pain level was off the chart. I was having muscle spasms and did not receive any pain medication until 1 hour 15 minutes later. The nurses were not attentive to my needs. No one checked my dressing nor jp drains, i felt something wet underneath me and was able to move to let my husband take a look to see if it was blood. His assessment proved that it was blood and as a nurse myself I knew at this time it was going to be a long night. I stayed in pain until 2300 that night with no relief. I had one of my colleague to come stay with me so she could monitor me because the nurses was not going to do it. One of my many nurses stated " We are short staff " this is all I needed to hear.

Post OP Day !

PCT came in room around 0500 to remove my catheter, I got up around 0600 and brushed my teeth and gave myself a sponge bath. I was not able to eat at all but made myself eat some jello so I can take my medication. My colleague walked with me down the hall, pain level still remains a 10 on a scale of 1-10 . The doctor started me on Percocet 20 mg this seem like a lot but this was not touching my pain. I had to push myself because I did not want to end up with pneumonia or blood clots . Dr. Beckenstein rounded and told me I would be going home later that afternoon, all I can think of my pain is not manage what I'm going to do when I get home. I stayed until around 1500 and my pain level was down and I felt that I could manage and tolerate this level. The surgery went fine but the nursing care is unacceptable, will not ever go back to this hospital again for treatment .

Post Op Day 5

Hello Friends I'm feel great and I can't believe how he transform my body, my hat goes off to Dr. B. he has mad skills. I have little pain right now I take one pill in the morning and one at night , my drains has decreased a lot I will find out Monday if they will stay or go. Ladies please to not hesitate to have a consult with Dr. B you will love your results. I took of the binder to take a shower and I started to cry because I can't believe how I look. Even though I didn't have the best hospital experience this does not reflect on the quality of work he provides. My friends asked me over and over will you do it again and my answer is "YES". Next year I will have my breast done Dr. B. is the man , I will be posting more pics soon.

Postop Pics

Post op pics

I found out about Dr. Beckenstein from a co-worker.

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