Breast Augmentation Dr. Peter Van Hoy. Birmingham, AL

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So far things have been wonderful. They only...

So far things have been wonderful. They only charge 2900 and you can finance and still get the discount. I couldn't go to dr hedden because if you finance you cannot get a discount????bummer!! I am happy thus far with Premier Plastic Surgery. They have a very nice staff and I love Erin and Mary. Dr. Hoy came in and he allowed me to ask questions and he showed me pictures, etc. He has a sense of humor also. I am 5'7 130 pounds and I wear a 32 B cup. I love sports and I am getting 360 ccs. I didn't want to go to big because I don't want extremely huge boobs. I rather have cute mid size boobs...C cup is good for me. I hope the surgery goes well, my friends loved their experience. I go next Thursday so wish me luck. They even do the labs at their facility which was a plus. They called and gave me lab results and told me about taking iron and vitamins...I've read some bad reviews about him but so far, he has been nice and they have all been wonderful.

Big day tomorrow

I have my surgery in the morning. I am so far the office has really been wonderful. They have called and made sure they reminded me about everything, asked did I have any other questions etc. I'm so nervous and so excited. I hope it all goes smoothly. They called and said my iron was low so I had to get some iron pills 2 weeks ago and have been taking them daily....I give 5 stars so far, let's hope things continue to go well????????

Surgery was a success!!

So I had my surgery this morning around 730. Everything went great. I even woke up singing and talking about Blake Shelton!! FYI I always talk crazy when I wake up from the good stuff lol. Everyone was really nice. I followed all of my instructions. I am in a little pain mostly because the wrap is tight. I ate a little bit earlier but I have been sleep most of the day. I'm so excited to see the 2nd day boob look. I hope pain is a little easier once wrap is off tomorrow. I go see him tomorrow before I head back home. So far I definitely recommend this office. The prices are great for quality work. I will continue to update. I've even rub a little but of the top of my boob and they are soft. I went with saline. I don't know what the rest feel like yet I am not to take off the wrap.

2nd day post op

Well I went for my post op checkup and everything went great. They took off the bandage which relieved a lot of pain. I am relaxing but not in major pain. I am sore more than anything. Sleep was a bit tough last night, I threw up a little bit, due to anethesia but I ate pretty good. Boobs look a little boxy which is normal. Very satisfied with this facility.
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So far I have only had the consultation.

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