37 with 3 Kids. Deflated Boobs After 45 Lb Weight Loss - Birmingham, AL

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I went in May 2015 and booked on the spot after...

I went in May 2015 and booked on the spot after having 2 other consultations. I lost weight very quickly and I went from 'thick' to a fit and trim lean yoga body in 4 months. My boobs went faster than I could blink! My pec muscles are bigger than my boobs at this point. I'm a tall girl and this isn't cute.

Pre op today

What I thought I'd like turned out to be too big to fit without massive side boob. We are going with the new Natrelle Insprira implants. 485R and 450L with a nipple lift on the left. These will go under the muscle. My husband, poor thing, just didn't know what to make of it all. He likes things as they are. I had originally settled on 530R and 492L, but the diameter was too wide for my 14cm width. Instead of the moderate profile, I'm getting a full.

I've done it!!

I went into the surgery center at 7am. They immediately took we back and started IV and went over anesthesia and reconfirmed the plans for the day.
I actually kept our original plans for Allegran Inspira 485/450cc. Everything went pretty quick and I was actually at home at 10am. The pain was rough! If I just thought about moving my muscles were in pain. It was pretty bad. I took a Percocet after 3 hrs and have been feeling much better ever since, only taking the ibuprofen every 5 hrs. I'm taking the advice of the other ladies and have set an alarm for 2 am to take a scheduled dose and stay ahead of pain. The Dr called me about 7 to check in with me and freely said to call him if I need him. I'm scheduled for a follow up first thing tomorrow morning.

Post Op Day 1

I had a nipple lift and crease lowering on the left side. These are looking high, tight, and deformed lol. Thanks to all the reviews and pics on this site I understand this is all quite normal. I feel so good today. I was out of the house for 8 straight hrs. This is going great.

My daughter got me this

Here's an 18 year old for you

Post Op Week 1

My stitches came out today for the inframammary incisions. The one for the nipple lift had a new bandage tape applied to it for another week. I was given the ok to go brakes less if I wanted as well as shown how to massage the implants so they can start getting away from my collarbone.

Ouuuuch! Skin Adjusting

So today I noticed something very prickly on my left boob. My clothes touching it is uncomfortable. It really came up as I was about to wind down so I've rehabilitation moisturized and applied Bio Oil. The way I would describe this is similar to a carpet burn. I didn't think my size was that big to stretch the skin like this. I've given birth 3 times and I was just over 40 lbs heavier. But nope, skin stretching and trying to get used to these new fun bags.

12 Days Post... Back at yoga

I have a pretty active yoga practice. Going into this, I knew to pay attention to my body, not just a standard timeline for what I should do. On my one week checkup I did ask Dr Van Hoy about exercise. His answer further confirmed why I chose him. He told me to use common sense and don't push beyond where my body is. Perfect!!
I told the instructor when I went in and she even gave me a few alternatives to poses. Her class was a flow but she flowed slow and I was able to stay with the class... I was only going there for the energy and planned to sit on my map after the warm up. Things felt amazing and I just kept going. I stay aware of arm stretching because there were a couple of things I wasn't quite ready for. Side angle pose was one of them.
I have had a great experience so for and I truly believe the physical condition I was in prior to doing this had a lot to do with it.

Post Op Week 2

Slowly but surely muscles are relaxing. I've been doing the exercises are 3 times a day. They are also starting to soften and I can feel some slight movement in them. They are still high up and haven't fluffed out much either. I think there is some good progress.

Bra Fitting

I decided to get two bras for everyday wear right now. I have full projection boobs but don't think I realized I would be in these numbers lol.

Post Op Week 3

I think I am just going to take much longer than others to soften and settle. Much improvement this week with them get much softer, but that upper fullness is so very real, they still are far from pretty. I have to think so much about not using my muscles. Upper body strength was there, I had no idea it was this strong. Massages are 3 times a day and I am starting to get just a little more aggressive with them.

Post Op Week 4

Pretty big improvement this week. Nipples are still quite sensitive. They are really starting to soften.

No wonder people are in the wrong sized bra

Post Op Week 5

Lots of dropping and softening now. Too bad they now look smaller than last week.

Pic recap Week 1-5

Post Op Week 6

They are settling down quite nicely. It's funny how they start to look smaller to you when they are yours. I'm really happy with how they look on my frame. Had me slightly worried for a minute. That's why I have been updating every week for women who might be out there who take a bit longer to soften around the implant.

Bra Fitting...again

I kept measuring myself and knew the bras they gave me the last time were not right. With the size of my rib cage I couldn't understand this adding 4-5 inches to that to come up with a band size. Why are we still using such a caveman system when Brad today are made with stretch material? Made no sense. Sure enough, this new person is talking the correct language about how they should fit. She measures me a 30F. European sizes and bras are the best. The band is true to rib cage size. As it should be. The bras looked amazing and they for beautifully. No gaps, spillage, bulging.. Perfection

Love my new UK sized bras!

I see now the 'sister size' thing doesn't work for me. The 32 DDD and 34 DD are supposed to all interchange, but I really needed the smaller one. The F cup fits like a glove. The 30 bands don't come in US sizes so I'll be getting UK or European ones. Found great dealers on EBay! Much less cost than the lingerie stores here.

Post Op Week 7

3 Months Post Op

I'm still in a 30F. After about week 7, they have settled in very nicely. These are just fine for me but if I ever have to get them redone, you know I'd go bigger since I'm stretched out more. Lol!

It's been a year

My boobs have settled in nicely. I am so pleased with them. They are the perfect size for me. I am a 32E and I have adjusted to them well.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is laid back , off the cuff, and a little quirky. I felt he was quite genuine and that was important. His staff, however, was the selling point. I cannot say enough great things about his office manager Mary! The other ladies have been great too! I'm very excited .

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