270cc Low Profile. Birmingham, AL

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Getting 270cc low profile April 27 34A 120lbs...

Getting 270cc low profile April 27

34A 120lbs
I'm 6 months post bf last of three babies. Dr wanted to wait 6 months. Relieved when he suggested a size lower than 300 in my consult. I don't want attention, just want to fill out a bra. Maybe be a tiny bit bigger than when breastfeeding. Interesting, the nurse asked about how much I could pump when breastfeeding. When I said 6 oz she said that is 190ccs. So I wouldn't have to go up that much more to get the results I'm looking for. Hope this helps anyone looking around this size!

Day of surgery

I was nervous for surgery but they called me right back. Had me get into a gown in a quiet room and had a little heater going and a heating blanket ready. They started an IV (which they gave me a numbing shot first. Um hello! Why is this not offered during child birth?!) then the doctor came in and I felt really so much better after I saw him. Gave me some happy meds and back we went into surgery. Next thing I knew I woke up!

We had decided on 265 low profile implants. My breast width was 13.5 or something like that so low profile worked fine. I wasn't aiming for crazy boobs I just wanted to fill out a bathing suit and sports bra better. I really just wanted what I had while nursing back!

3 days post

Taking meds still for pain and muscle relaxers. Lots of sleep. Somehow I put on this bathing suit! I don't know how I got into it! Pain meds working I guess!

6 days post

No longer taking medications, just Advil. Moving better each day. Having a hard time picking up my small kids. My mom is helping me with that. I absolutely could not be by myself with them yet! (8 month old, 2 year old, 4 year old) Really happy with the size. They're still super high but already look pretty natural I think. I feel very good about going small. I don't want attention for my breasts! I think they've dropped a little or else that's just the swelling going down.

Before picture

I wasn't going to post here originally, but it's so hard to find reviews with this size implant. I hope it's helpful.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

So far, Dr. Grotting has been the best choice. His office staff are super nice. He listened to what I wanted and suggested a size that I feel so good about. I know I could have been talked into a larger size at another office. I left my consult excited!

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