23, 3 Pregnancies, 550/520cc HP Under the Muscle

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I'm 13 hours from my surgery and finally decided...

I'm 13 hours from my surgery and finally decided to stop creeping and post my own "review". Probably because I'm too nervous to sleep. I'll be traveling 4.5 hours for my surgery so I'll actually be getting up and ready to head out in about 4 hours or so. Anyway, I'm currently a 36C but not full at all. I don't think I look like a C cup at all, but as I've learned from this site - cup sizes can be decieving. I'll be getting 550cc on my right side and a little lower on the left. I can't remember what they said the difference was but I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I'm very nervous about the procedure and having to recover in a hotel for the first day. I'm hoping to sleep most of the drive back so it won't be painful. Will post pics when I'm on "the other side" I took a few before pics earlier and I'm hoping I'll remember to take a couple more before the procedure.

1 day post op.

The surgery went well, but they did say that I bled a lot more than expected. Thankfully, everything is ok though. The staff at Premier Plastic Surgery were amazing. They made me so comfortable before the surgery. I was still nervous though. They put my IV in and then took me back to the operating room. I laid down and they started the anesthesia and was out. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to go back to sleep. They put the surgical bra on me and wrapped me up tight in the ace bandage then helped me up and walked me to my car. The 10 minute ride to the hotel felt like forever and I whined at my husband the whole time. The poor guy. We got to the hotel and I took some pain meds and slept on and off for the rest of the day just waking up to take more meds and to eat once. The dr said to only take the percocet when needed and to try to just take ibuprofen. He said you're just treating a muscle pull. It felt like much more than just a muscle pull to me though and of course it's like the worst muscle to pull bc you use those muscles for so much. Ive been taking the percocets about every 4 or 5 hours so far. I went back to the surgery center at 9 this morning for my first check up and they said everything looks fine and to come back in a week. 5 hours later and I'm finally home and in bed (my surgeon was 4.5 hours from where I live).
I've been in constant pain since this morning probably bc of the long bumpy drive. I'm feeling better now that I'm in bed and cam finally relax.
I got 550cc and 520cc. I already feel like they're not as big as I had hoped, but hopefully after they settle and look more normal I will like them more. I'll post a pic of them without the bra when I'm less sore and feel like taking it off. I'm gonna try to sleep as much as I can until they feel better.

1.5 days post op pic

I'm 1.5 days post op this morning. I woke up very sore because I took an ambien last night and slept through the night with out any pain meds. It was nice to be able to sleep all night, but I definitely paid for it when I woke up and hadn't taken any meds in almost 12 hours. I tool an oxycodone though and now I'm feeling better. Still sore of course, but as long as I don't move too much I'm fine. I took a pic with the bra unhooked and figured I would share how they are looking so far. Still very swollen and tight. Very high up. I am not liking the size so far. I was hoping they would be bigger. Maybe after they drop I will like them more. Fingers crossed.

A couple more after pics 1.5 days post op

3 days post op

Still very high and tight. Also very sore and if I lift my arms or put pressure on the it feels like the muscle is tearing. It is better than the first day though. I hope the soreness will go away before I have to go back to work next week. Washing my hair was hard and I had to blow dry the tape on my incisions after getting out of the shower. I'm not sure if I got them completely dry or not, but hopefully it was enough.

6 days post

Today makes 6 days since my surgery. Tomorrow will be a full week! They are still sore, but not as much as before. I was able to walk around the mall all day without any pain meds other than a Norco that I took early this morning. No change in looks though. Still very high and tight. I can't wait until they feel normal again and don't hurt at all. I really can't wait for them to drop. I like them and they are much more than I had before, but not as big as I initially expected. Still hoping that they will look bigger when they drop.

8 days post

Had my week check up today. Dr said everything looks great. They removed the tape and stitches so I've been more sore today. It could also be bc I went back to work today or that I wore a regular bra (no underwire) instead of the surgical bra. Probably everything together. Hopefully it feels better by morning bc I have to go back to work. My incisions are so sore that I don't want to wear a bra tonight. I think I'll take a pain pill and go to bed soon.

A little over 2 months post op

It's been a little over 2 months since my surgery and I'm not sore at all anymore. When I lift things that are heavier than my 2 year old, my boobs feel a little weird though. Not really painful, just like they aren't completely done healing. It's no big deal though. They have dropped more, but not completely and one is dropping faster than the other and it makes them look uneven. I already have plans of a second surgery in about a year. I wanted much bigger than I got and trying on the sizers was a little bit misleading. I guess since I went under the muscle.

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