29 Year Old Female, in Need of Revision Rhinoplasty - Birmingham, AL

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Going in for a revision rhinoplasty on August...

Going in for a revision rhinoplasty on August 13th, 2014. So far my experience with Dr. Core and his staff has been absolutely pleasant from the initial consultation to the second visit, where we addressed last some minute concerns. He spent as much time explaining the procedure and the possible outcome as necessary. He even has a great sense of humor, something most doctors lack. So far I feel comfortable and ready for the procedure.

revision rhinoplasty

The surgery is over as can be assumed. Upon consultation, Dr. Core had quoted me an approximate lapse of time of 2 hrs ( +/-). The actual length of time of my surgery was a bit over 7 hrs. However, my nose was severely damaged by a previous surgeon. So Dr. Core took his time to make sure the outcome is absolutely positive and from what I am being told by my mother and sister, it looks great, just swollen. I stayed the night in the hospital after surgery and I was provided the best care possible. The room was accommodating to me and to my sister, she was given sheets, pillow, and a blanket. The morning after, Dr. Core came to check on me and discharged me soon after his visit.
This is the 4th night after my surgery and I have not had much bruising just some swelling.
I will eventually post some pre and post pictures and in the meantime, I will keep updating.

11 days after revision rhinoplasty

This is the 11th day after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Core and I feel great. I had my splints removed on the 7th day but the cast remained on my face for another week. I hope it will come off at the end of the second week. As stated this surgery was a revision rhinoplasty and some major work was performed to fix my nose. At first my nose was very swollen and it looked abnormally large and I didn't not think I would like it. Well of course it was swollen after the doctor worked on it for over 7 hrs. Well I lack patience so I was scared I would end up with a huge nose. Now the swelling has receded significantly and even though I still have the cast on my nose and cannot really see it, I can see an enormous improvement in the shape of my tip and have received many compliments from individuals that know me very well. The swelling will continue to go down for the next 6 to 8 months and I will keep posting updates in the meantime and I will also post some before and after pictures as soon as possible.

2 weeks post op

Today is the 2 week anniversary of my surgery. I had an apt with Dr. Core yesterday for a follow up and he saw that there is still some swelling in the tip and on the sides of my nose. Naturally since it has only been 2 weeks. Well even with all the swelling we all realized that the nose is not exactly straight. It veers to the left slightly as it did before. We discussed that my nose was a 2 before (on a scale from 1 to 10) he said a minus 2 (potato potato), either way it was bad. It is now an 8. Not perfectly happy but it is a huge improvement. Not highly noticeable unless someone stared straight at me for a good second. As stated I am still swollen and the final results are not settled yet. The man did a lot of work on my nose internally so I am actually glad he is the surgeon that worked on my nose. He has a good reputation in the town where I reside and he is very pleasant. I am still anxiously waiting for the final results and hopefully the slight tilt to the left will decrease as the swelling will continue to subside. Will keep updating as changes occur and I will eventually post pictures.

After healing for almost 3 months

Results of my 2nd rhinoplasty
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