I haven't liked my nose since I was 12 - rhinoplasty - Birmingham, AL

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I haven't liked my nose since I was 12. I finally...

I haven't liked my nose since I was 12. I finally went to my first consultation today! I found out I also have a deviated septum & im going to get that fixed. Would like my nose to not stick out so much, and I want the small bump removed. I would like a more feminine nose and something that fits my face more.

Noses I like

Anxious for a new nose.

Modest surgeon

I feel like my current surgeon is a little modest with my nose. I want it be exactly how I want it.


I really want to go through with my rhinoplasty. Even though I am not 100% satisfied with the before and after simulation, I really just want to go ahead with it anyway. I'm tired of this nose and the way I look right now. What is everyone's opinions of the simulation? Its just a simulation right? I mean it might look better in person?

Rhinoplasty! still deciding :)

So 6 months have gone by, I've been to 4 different consultations, and I think I found the one! The surgeon anyway. This one is probably the best doctor that I've ever encountered so far. I love love love my digital imaging but, it still isn't quite as small as I would like. So maybe I just wasn't mean to have a tiny button nose? I do have a very strong nose now so getting it down to the size of kendall jenners might not be a good idea. Lol. I wouldn't mind getting another rhinoplasty later on in life, but for the price im paying that is such a pain. any comments??

18 & ready for new nose

I went to my 4th consultation a little over a month ago. I'm pretty certain that this is the surgeon i'm going to use! I love the morphed photos, except I still wish my nose could be a littttle smaller. Is this possible?
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